Do you listen to (traditional) radio?

There is sometimes discussion about radio not reaching as many Southern Gospel fans as it used to ten years agoβ€”and with half as many stations now as then, there is reason to lend credence to that.

Do you listen to (traditional) Southern Gospel radio? (By traditional, I mean radio over the airwaves, not Internet streaming radio.)

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If not, what do you listen to?

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  1. I’m like Bryan in that I listen to CDs or mpg player most of the time. But I still have XM radio and I do listen to enLighten when I’m in the car. The one station that I can pick up isn’t entirely southern gospel and they don’t really play what I like to listen to.

  2. I have no SG radio station in my area. It’s CDs when I’m in the car, iTunes when I’m at home. I had XM radio for a short time and enjoyed enLighten, but I found that I’d rather listen to my CDs and not pay the monthly fee.

  3. There isn’t a SG station that I can pick up clearly. The one about 50 miles away only comes in intermittently, so it’s basically unlistenable. I mainly rely on my iPod and load new CDs onto it as soon as I get them.

  4. I have to rely on my own music. Fortunately, I have enough that I don’t get bored any more. I lost my iPod proper as it was nearing the end of its useful life, so I got a refurbished Shuffle. To be honest, I think I get more good out of my music that way, because it plays stuff I wouldn’t think of. But I sure wish for an iPod Touch. πŸ™ I have a radio transmitter for my car; indoors I run my laptop through the stereo.

    The only SG station here (southern KS), which wasn’t the best,went off the air several years ago, the week before the tribute to George Younce on the Gospel Greats. (As you can see, I haven’t gotten over that yet!)

  5. We are blessed with 3 Christian radio stations here in Cape Town, one of which CCFM is linked with ‘Focus on the Family’ and streams 2 programmes a day from the US on the airwaves, a sort of Christian combo! There is no such luxury as a SGM station, and we have had to leave off streaming ‘Gospel Hiway’ as we have capped bandwidth and Otis Dyson et al ate it up! Pity. we used to be able to stream the gospel music live on 3 computers round the house and if I was away from home we still could listen to the same song at the same time. sigh!

    You folks sure should appreciate the priveleges of so much wall to wall gospel in the southern states; ariwaves, concerts and all.

    Sorry, the short answer was; Yes! But we have to listen to CCM too, not so good!

  6. I listen to ESPN radio all day. πŸ™‚ We do have a SG radio station and it’s awful. If they played good music, I’d probably listen to it. During long commercials, I listen to a CCM station… or Rush Limbaugh.

  7. My local SG station currently broadcasts for about 3 hours a day… they’re going to extend their air time soon though. Before, after and between the 11am and 3pm shows, they broacast SolidGospel105… so there’s always somethin’ good playin πŸ˜‰ They are starting a new show where they showcase an artist each evening by playing their latest music and having live phone interviews with them etc.. I’m hoping they will have a schedule pretty soon so I can post it on southerngospelforums(for all of the internet listeners πŸ˜‰ ) . They’ve already had the Old Paths, the Nelons and several others. I think they already have Legacy Five and the Booth Brothers in the works πŸ˜‰ . I’ll try to post more as I hear it.

  8. As far as I know, there’s no SG station in my area. Believe me, if there were, I’d be tuning into that any day over the local CCM station! I discovered and fell in love with SG when I realized that all the CCM songs were starting to sound the same…

    Then again, I can practically create my own SG channel from my iPod, so I suppose it’s not such a dreadful misfortune as all that not to have a local SG station. πŸ™‚

  9. I wonder why this blog excludes internet radio as a traditional radio station? I own an internet station and will soon be launching a second. FM and AM radio are on their way out so why be concerned with them. I pay royalties far in excess of any terrestrial station (thanks to our wonderful government) and internet radio and is growing much faster than “traditional” radio.

    • Daniel – quite simple. I didn’t include you as “traditional” radio because you’re in another category, “cutting edge.” πŸ™‚

      What are your stations?

      • For the sake of not being banned or something i didn’t include them. The station is Heir Wave Internet Radio at . The new station will be a specialty station helping songwriters get their music to industry ears. Hopefully this will launch this summer.

      • Cool!

        I suppose it was probably best that you didn’t include the link in the initial comment, since that could have just come off wrong. But now that you know I’m rooting for you guys, it’s another story. πŸ™‚

        (Not that I’m rooting for traditional radio to go away. But too many traditional radio stations have, and those are just the plain and unfortunate facts.)

      • Hey Daniel, have you ever heard of Rejoice Radio? It’s not technically an SG station. In fact, they play a pretty wide variety of stuff (some of it instrumental). But there’s a lot of gospel in the mix. Plenty of quartet singing and Gaither tunes in general. I never know who any of the artists are since they don’t announce them ahead of time. But it’s a really classy station. Based in Florida, but streams online as well. (I don’t live anywhere near Florida and I can still catch it sometimes, but only sometimes. So it’s cool that they’re online too.)

      • No, I haven’t. What is their domain name?

      • It’s called the Rejoice Broadcast Network. Their website is

      • Thanks!

      • Thanks. I guess I had misunderstood the meaning of traditional in your initial post. Our format is quite traditional in nature meaning that I play a wide variety of classics, instrumental, and current hits. There is a local station here that is OK, but falls into the cookie mold of playing the same 40 artists over and over. Not that I dont like the top 40 groups, but there is so much great
        music out there that gets ignored by “traditional” radio these days.

      • Got it. I meant traditional in the sense of delivery method, not traditional in the sense of playlist or quality.

  10. Live in California, no so.gospel.Have xm in the car and house


  12. Honestly, I don’t listen to a lot of music during the day. I sit at a desk for many hours a day but if I have music going it’s pretty much an old school P&W station in Tyler, TX that broadcasts on the internet.

    We don’t have any SG radio here in this area except for a station in Jacksonville, TX that plays SG on Saturday afternoons. If I happen to be in the car during that time I’ll check it out for a bit if it’s good but otherwise it’s Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, old school P@W or CD’s

    • Yeah… KTXJ in Jasper misses you guys by about 60 miles! Figures πŸ˜›

  13. I listen to CDs in the car and at home…but they are not exclusively SG. The SG I do hear is music I have purchased, or, very rarely, on the radio if I’m randomly scanning on a long car drive and I happen to find an SG station without very much static.

  14. We have a really good SG station here in the Houston, TX area. I listen to SG music on my PC most all day long. I even listen to our local station through an internet feed, just because it’s more convenient for me as I work from home. After listening to a lot of SG stations across the nation(both internet stations and local stations that offer feeds via internet), I realize how blessed we are to have a station in our local area that plays great SG music 24-hours a day. It’s getting more and more difficult to find good stations that have a full-time SG format, which as an artist, disturbs me greatly! I also have XM in my car and love it!

  15. There is no station in my area that plays southern gospel music. I listen to JoyFM online about 95% of the time. It plays a great variety of music & not a lot of commercials. When I’m in my car I listen to CD’s. Never turn on the radio as I only want to hear southern gospel music. I do download my CD’s onto my MP3 player & use it outside & when I’m away. Love my CD’s.

  16. Podcasts and MP3 via Ipod is all I listen to.

  17. A Meridian, MS, country station does 8 hrs. of Southern gospel on Sundays (my own show airs there from 6-8AM). There’s a Solid Gospel AM station in town that sadly can’t be picked up out of town. And then there’s WFCA in French Camp, MS, that I’m just on the cusp of, reception-wise.

    Long story short, it’s mostly iPod for me.