Dove Brothers post complete preview of Unshakeable

The Dove Brothers just finished the mix on their next project, Unshakeable. They are doing the same thing they did for their last recording, Hold On: The entire album (full songs) can be previewed in the footer of their website.

They posted a poll on their home page asking their fans’ favorite song from the recording; they will keep it in mind when picking their next single. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

Since I was in the studio while they were working on vocals, I can’t exactly offer an unbiased review. So I’ll just make a few brief points here:

  1. Fans have been commenting that this is album has more of a straight-ahead country sound. The reason is quite simple: Now that they have a live three-piece band, they’re intentionally using arrangements that would sound good reproduced by the band, without tracks.
  2. David Hester is an unbelievable talent. He nailed a number of his solos here in the first take. The other singers are right there with him, of course, but I was impressed at a number of his first takes in the studio (and so was the producer, evidently!)
  3. Six or seven of the songs have been previously recorded. Many of these come from the ’70s. This again ties back to this being their first album with a live band; songs in the 70s were written and arranged to be performed with a live band, so these were a natural fit for their new sound.

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  1. I really admire the work that the Dove Brothers are doing…they seem to be leading the way back to a very special time in Gospel music.

  2. I didn’t realize they had a band. Who is in it?

  3. Why would you being in the studio when they were recording some make your opinion any less valid?

    • It’s hard to offer an opinion when you know. When you see them discuss whether or not to go with a certain vocal arrangement on the chorus of “Hey Lazarus,” it’s a lot harder to speculate whether they considered the alternative voicing. 🙂

  4. What do others think about the progression of the Dove Brothers career?

    • I think their original lineup was totally unmatchable for what they did then, and it’s virtually unheard of for a 3 or 4 year old quartet to win traditional quartet of the year. You know they have something special going when that happens.

      Unfortunately, Burman and John left. Part for part, they have singers as good or better now, but they don’t have that same blend that was just perfect for the traditional songs.

      So . . . given a different cast of characters and voices, they’re doing what works for those voices. And while I miss the original lineup in a way, this is good, too, and it seems to work well for them.

      • I agree with you Daniel… The first lineup was pretty incredible… I however actually like this lineup better…
        And for the Unheard of thing for a 3 or 4 year old group winning Quartet of the year… L5 did it in their 4th year as well… 🙂 It is interesting to see the path that those two quartets have taken from their beginnings… What makes the Dove Brothers winning that award in such a short time more impressive than L5 winning it,is the fact that they did not have a Roger Bennett or Scott Fowler in the group… Those two guys were immensely popular with SG fans…

      • Well, yes, Legacy Five had two long-time Fan Award winners – that makes a huge difference.

        Sure, some people knew who McCray was from his DMB days, but not enough for him to win fan awards on that alone! It was the charisma of that lineup, and picking the perfect songs for that lineup, that took them to the top.