NQC 2007: Another follow-up suggestion

In this post a few days ago, I made a few follow-up suggestions on how next year’s NQC could be improved. Upon further reflection, I think one suggestion went a little too far. I think dropping the vendors’ hall on Saturday would have more bad side effects than good ones, including spurring some vendors to tear down early Friday instead of Saturday.

It would probably work far better if the vendor’s hall was open from 2 PM through 6 PM on Saturday. That would give vendors time to tear down at a reasonable hour and still slip in to catch some of the groups on the last night.

One commenter rightly observed that some people only come for Saturday. Having the Vendor’s Hall open for 4 hours should give them plenty of time to make the purchases they really want to make–since chances are the sort of fans who would have more than 4 hours worth of booths would find some way to be there for several days.

Having the Vendor’s Hall open for limited hours on Saturday would probably be the best of both worlds, giving some a final chance (or an only chance) to make some purchases, but also allowing for plenty of tear-down time.

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  1. That’s a good idea Daniel.

  2. That is a good idea Daniel. I appreciate that you thought about the comments made from your viewers.

  3. Thanks! I always carefully consider my viewers’ comments, even on the occasions when I don’t agree.