Dan Keeton to join Florida Boys

Dan Keeton confirmed that he would be joining the New Florida Boys in this Singing News forums post. His announcement stated:

I am leaving DMB, but not real soon. The plan was to leave the first of October, but the new man will not be here yet. So, I will be here till he is ready and I will be there in Hillsboro, OH.

There was a mention that the announcement of me joining the Florida Boys would happen on saturday night at NQC. But since DMB was to perform two groups later, I didn’t feel that it was respectful to Mr O’Neal. Ed has been so good to me and it is a bitter-sweet decision.

My mother has been diagnosed with “congestive heart failure” and our families miss us alot. I am starting a multi-media studio and publishing co at home and will begin with the New Florida Boys in January.

I believe this is also the first mention of the fact that the New Florida Boys will take a couple of months to get their act together, and will start in January. That’s both encouraging, since it should help them get their act together (pun not intended) before facing the public, and surprising, since the timing of the announcement led many fans to believe that there was some rush to get the news out. As it stands, if they won’t be starting for three or four months, it really wouldn’t have hurt anything to delay the announcement until after NQC.

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  1. Although I don’t agree with the whole “New” Florida Boys thing, making the announcement at NQC was a good move on Waller’s part. It goes without saying that NQC is the largest event of the year, where else would be a better venue to announce this? Also to do it in front of the retiring group showed that the new lineup had their blessing…or their money…whichever.

  2. Nate is right. The NQC announcement was perfect. I would not even be surprised (although I have no first hand information so this is all speculation) that this announcement was part of “the deal”.

  3. Thanks for the link Daniel.

    Maybe I’m missing something but will the older guys not be part of this group.

  4. Neither the older guys nor (as of now) the younger Florida Boys members will be a part of the group. It will be a new group under the management of Charlie Waller, who leased the name from Les Beasley.

  5. I still feel the timing of the announcement was way off. And, it really made a mess of the farewell for the “original” quartet.

  6. Paul, that’s my main objection to the announcement timing. Of course, it helped Waller, but in my opinion it did not permit Les, Glen, Darrell, and for that matter Josh to go out as they deserved.

  7. But, Dan Keeton is a good tenor…maybe this will allow him more time with family and his business.

  8. I certainly hope that it does allow him that time, and in fact the fact that he is going to be with them will be one of the biggest reasons why I’ll give the new group a chance to win me over. 🙂

    My comment was solely in relation to the timing of the announcement.

  9. I agree, the timing took away from the special moment for the 3 guys but it benefited Waller and the new group. The whole thing is tacky IMO.

  10. I agree with that Daniel…that gives me reason to check them out too.

  11. As a response to your response to what I said I figured that our after I said it.

  12. …and somehow, I understood you! 😆

  13. I too am disturbed at the timing of the announcement of this “new” Florida Boys Quartet, but as I said in my own blog, until I hear and learn more about this group, my judgment on them and their formation will be suspended.

    Except for the fact that I feel that hiring Dan Keeton to sing tenor is a good move.

  14. Dan’s the best tenor on the road today. Certainly this is a great asset to the new Flordia Boys.
    As said elsewhere, Waller is probably the most dedicated person in SG when it comes to perserving the traditions and heritage of our music: one can easily see that with his production of the GOGR and the SGMA Hall of Fame. Although I don’t agree with the concept or the timing, if anyone can make this a sucess, I feel that it’s Waller. Let’s pray for him and the group.

  15. Amen brother Quaid!

  16. I have said both to his face and to anyone i talked to, Dan Keeton is the best tenor in southern gospel music. He and I sung together in the beginning of the mysterymen and he may be the best i have ever heard, including david phelps. I wish the very best for the new group. They also hired the long term bass singer from the mystery men Chip Cooper. He has without a doubt, one of the smoothest bass voices in the business and will be a trmendous asset to the new group. We hated to see him go but we wish him the very best. Good luck guys!


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