Artists Staffing NQC Booths

There’s an interesting thread on the Singing News forums about artists not being at their booths at the National Quartet Convention. jchaz and dbmurray have some worthwhile suggestions:

  • “I think ALL the groups should plan to (at least once a night) have a set time when they could all be at their booth at the same time.” – jchaz
  • The Dove Brothers’ policy was for all the members to be in the booth from 4-6 every night, and then for the rest of each evening, they did shifts…seemed like a good policy that all groups should adopt. Of course, I’m sure there were times when they had to make exceptions to do interviews, etc., and McCray had to be in the dunking booth at one point.” – dbmurray

Having announced times when the group will be at the booth should be good both for the fans and the artists (by driving sales when they will be there).

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  1. I like the idea of announced “appearance” times. I think it would make it easier on the artists and less frustrating for the fans that want to see them.

  2. I agree with Dinana.

  3. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that is almost impossible. NQC week is full of scheduled meetings, interviews, liners, unscheduled performances, meet-and-greets, etc.

    It’s probably the single busiest week for an SG artist. Most of the a-level artists out there are kept very busy for their time at NQC.

  4. I imagine so–I went by Sunday Edition’s booth several times hoping to meet you in person, but nobody from the group was there during any of those times. Maybe next year!

  5. Actually – we were all discussing that – and realized that we have so many irons in the fire at NQC – that it’s absolutely impossible to have someone (at least an Unthank) stationed at the booth the whole week.

    We are working to remedy that situation for next year.

  6. All the Dove Brothers at their booth from4-6 and then in shifts, that’s why the are tops in the field. Thats the way they are, very people oriented and friendly. I’ve seen them about 5 times now and they are a great bunch of guys.

  7. I go to five days of Fan Festival every year to get my Unthank fix.

  8. God bless those Dove Brothers!