John Bowman joins The Boxcars

I am probably a few weeks or months late to this story, but better late than never. Rebecca Isaacs Bowman’s husband, John Bowman, recently joined a new, highly acclaimed bluegrass group called The Boxcars. [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]

Before joining the Isaacs, where he spent twelve years, he spent about a year and a half each with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (1991-1992) and Allison Krauss (1992-1994). After leaving the Isaacs, he toured with J.D. Crowe and the New South before joining this group.

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  1. Good for John…he’s very talented and truly one of the “good guys”.

  2. Cool. I see Adam Steffey is in the group as well. He also was with Alison Krauss and later The Isaacs like Bowman was.

  3. Definitely a bit late, haha! But better late than never. John is such a great talent. It’s great seeing him with this group.

  4. why did he leave the Isaacs?

    • He’s been gone from the Issacs for a few years now. He decided to pursue his passion for teaching and do music as a sideline instead of traveling full-time.

      • According to his website, John teaches elementary classes at a Christian school in the Knoxville area. He left The Isaacs’ full-time ministry so that he could purse his “passion,” teaching. JD Crowe & The New South and The Boxcars are both relatively slow in terms of touring, which affords him the opportunity to teach as well as play. Of course, he is also an evangelist.

      • The Boxcars’ schedule has picked up quite a bit, actually. They are huge in bluegrass right now.

      • Hugh, indeed. I was able to see them about two weeks ago, and they were truly even better than I would have imaged, even gearing myself up for a lineup with such considerable talent.

        As far as their schedule goes, however, the pickin’s are still pretty slim. They are currently listing only five dates for September, two dates for October, three dates for November and four dates for December. That wouldn’t be what I called “burning up the roads.”

      • Success in other genres doesn’t necessarily equal 200 dates per year. 🙂 They could have as many dates as they wanted!

        They’re working on a new album, and one of the members is expecting a baby some time this fall.

      • Totally agree and understand. I think the debated comment I made was that The Boxcars’ touring schedule was relatively light. I would say that 14 dates over four months (Sept.-Dec.) would still constitute as such.

      • Fair enough!

      • 🙂


    • Yes, according to the Isaacs’ website.

    • Yes, he sure is.

  6. I would love to buy The CD. It took your blood. Does anyone know where I can find it?