Saturday News Roundup #52

I will be out most of the day, playing piano for a friend’s wedding—so no major posts today. But here are a couple of stories I didn’t get to over this past week:

  • Marshall Hall signed with Daywind and the Tana Lonon (booking) Agency.
  • Legacy Five, the Booth Brothers, and Greater Vision have been in the studio this week working on Jubilee 2.
  • Via Burke’s Brainwork, a partial song list for the next Gold City CD.
  • Worth Reading: a detailed Homecoming concert review by Nate Stainbrook.
  • Bill Traylor’s The Mansion Entertainment is adding a new division, Manor House Music. While the press release isn’t the easiest to interpret, it appears as though the division primarily focuses on publicity: “‘Manor House is that place for Artists who are progressing in their careers and need to take a major step forward in production, radio, press, advertising, distribution, and most importantly, Television. . . . By utilizing Mansion Entertainment’s assets such as a world-class studio, two major theaters, an in-place radio/advertising/press department and distribution system, and 2 TV Trucks with a total of 26 cameras, artists that need the assistance to make a major step forward, will be able to achieve their goals.” The division will be headed up by former Cathedrals / Goffs member Bill Dykes.

Upcoming Posts

  • Gaither Vocal Band fans will want to check out Monday’s post.
  • Fans of the Booth Brothers – and Lari Goss – will want to stop by on Tuesday, when a mega review of their new CD, Declaration, goes up. We timed the review to go up the same day as the official release date of the CD.

Video of the Week

Jacob Kitson’s Statement of Faith trio posted a video of their first night on stage:

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  1. so, statment of faith…kind of surprised they didn’t go with greater visions…or greater vision part 2…lead singer plays the piano, tall skinny baritone…and they shake hands after the big song ending

  2. They kind of have a “greater vision” sound…don’t they?

  3. Jubilee 2! Jubilee 2!!!!!

  4. I love Greater Vision but one is enough. If you’re gonna make a splash about being new don’t do what’s already being done.

  5. Statment of faith get a bass singer you will then have a different sound. Don’t need another Gerald that sound is getting old, do something different.

  6. Here’s the thing: They are brand new, don’t have a CD, and don’t have tracks. Jacob mentioned the names of some of the writers they were cutting songs from, and I have this distinct feeling they will have some high-quality material soon.

    Oh, and they don’t have another Gerald – both Joe Kitson and Jonathan Epley have a different sound. They don’t have the big vibrato baritone voice that Gerald has.

    • Amen Brother! Cut the boys some slack. They’re just starting out… and I couldn’t think of a better trio to mold a ministry after. With that said, I think they’ll do a wonderful job!

  7. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is down and has been deleted.]

    “Southern Illinois Singer Hits Lowest Note”

    Anybody know how low this is? Or heard of the guy, or anything?

    • Nope. I believe the previous record was held by Tim Storms.

      Personally, I’m amazed that they can actually figure out what note is being hit when it’s that low. I find it impossible to detect a clear pitch at a certain point, but then I don’t have the right equipment.

    • Just how low is a “very low” F sharp? Is it flat? Completely off of the keyboard? 😉

      • Kinda what I wondered. OK. Let’s do some research (e.g. Google it).

        The piano’s bottom note is 27.5 Hz, as opposed to this guy’s .393. The human voice range is 80 – 1100 Hz, according to Wikipedia.

        That still doesn’t make me feel like I know what this note sounded like! At what point does it stop being singing and become growling?

      • Here’s the video:

        Seemed like growling to me from the beginning! But what do I know…