Gaither Vocal Band CD cover art, song list released

Gaither Vocal Band - Greatly Blessed

Gaither Vocal Band - Greatly Blessed

The cover art and song list for the Gaither Vocal Band’s August 10 release, Greatly Blessed, have been posted.

  1. Better Day
  2. When He Blest My Soul
  3. Love Like I’m Leavin’
  4. You Are My All In All
  5. Please Forgive Me
  6. Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored
  7. He’s Alive
  8. Ain’t Nobody
  9. Clean
  10. Muddy Water
  11. That Sounds Like Home To Me
  12. I Know How To Say Thank You
  13. He Is Here

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  1. Hey David, how’s that Shirley Temple tribute coming?

    Hey Michael…get a haircut!

    Hey Mark, dude, you been welding recently? Dig those glasses!

    Hey Wes, where’s your light-saber? No Jedi should be without a light-saber…

    Hey Bill…you look great.

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    • Just havin’ a little fun. πŸ˜‰ Besides, they said themselves on the DVD that Wes is “the only one in the bunch with a Christ-honoring haircut” (actually not technically true since Mark and Bill are fine, but they had to get that in there for David and Michael…) Actually, I think Wes looks great, I just think he looks kind of like Luke Skywalker on this particular cover with the black suit and all…come to think of it, the height would be about right too! πŸ˜†

      • which dvd is a haircut comment mentioned? i’d like to hear that πŸ™‚

      • It’s a comedy routine that was done as a bonus feature on the new DVD Better Day. Guitarist Kevin Williams gets a “call from Mom” where he basically starts teasing all the guys while supposedly talking to his mother. It’s drop-dead hilarious. Here’s a link to the complete routine on Youtube:

  2. Hey, New SoGo Fan, post a pic so we can critique your looks! πŸ™‚

    Any word on who they’re featuring on “That Sounds Like Home To Me” or “He Is Here”?

    • Wes is on “He is Here”

      Clarence – Why don’t you take your own advice? Go to; they make it pretty easy. And then your picture will be on a bunch of sites when you comment.

      • Do you know if the “He’s Alive” on here is the same as the Talley Trio/Don Francisco tune? I know David’s sang it before. But I was just wondering if this were the same.

      • I was wondering the same thing. It would be incredible if it was.

      • …just imagine a five-part wall of sound once the chorus kicks in!

      • Because I’m ugly as homemade sin? πŸ˜‰

        If anyone is interested, they can do a search with my name on Facebook or Myspace. Not sure why anybody would be interested in such a thing. LOL

    • I believe I remember David Phelps singing “That Sounds Like Home to Me,” on one of guy’s (I think it was Wes) youtube channels’.

  3. I’ll really looking forward to this. It’s been way too long since we’ve heard a GVB recording of new material featuring English and Lowry. Having Phelps and Hampton in the mix with those two is great.

    • I agree. It’s taken me a while to get over Marsh Hall leaving, but if there’s anything Southern Gospel has taught me it’s that changes are inevitable.

  4. My random observations, for what they’re worth.

    Do we think the He Is Here is the song penned by Kirk Talley?

    What about You Are My All in All? The only song by that title I know is a more modern Praise and Worship song. Do we think they would really go there?

    Here’s a link to it:

    Please Forgive Me – Are they actually recording a Gerald Crabb song? Have they done that before? And moreover, one the Crabb Family made popular? I think it would be a perfect Michael English feature though, or even Wes.

    • Yes that is the same Kirk Talley tune… It will feature Wes Hampton… And “Please Forgive” is most definetly the Gerald Crabb tune… It will feature Michael English… And I believe “You Are My All In All” is indeed the modern P&W song…

      • I don’t know on “You are My All in All,” but the other two are definitely as Meagan guessed.

    • Actually, I think they could do a really classy version of “You Are My All In All.” It’s one of the better P & W songs I’ve come across in my time. Granted, it’s not exactly SG, but it could be a nice detour.

      • I think it is more a case of making “You Are My All in All” a southern gospel style song, rather than shifting towards P&W.

      • So perhaps the question isn’t so much “could they sing it well” as “could they sing it as an SG song?”

      • I’ve never thought that the GVB really adhered to strict “SG-ness” anyway.

      • Yup, bend it towards the SG style. In saying that, as Brian points out, the GVB were/aren’t strictly SG!

        It has been the mix of styles that has made them very popular!

      • I agree. It has been the wide variety of musical styles that make the GVB what they are.

        I personally hope they feature Mark on He is Here. It is a very dear song to me and his sincere, honest delivery would be wonderful on it.

        I can’t wait to hear Michael’s lead on Please Forgive Me. Great song choice for him!

        As for the You Are My All In All, I am very much looking forward to seeing what they do with this one. Personally, I like the song. It’s is one of the few P&W songs I can say that about. I’ve always thought it begged for an a capella rendition. If I were arranging it, I would start with Wes on lead taking the first verse. Then I’d up the tempo and transition up a few steps and let David take the second verse and for the final chorus, Wes on lead and David ad libing as only he can.

        I think this is the song I’m most anticipating hearing about.

      • Meagan – As Nate and I said above, Wes has the feature on “He is Here.” Sorry!

    • Phil Boles over on said that during a David Phelps solo concert in Northern Ireland, the aforementioned curly-haired tenor included the popular P&W song, “You Are My All In All” in his set list, presumably the same arrangement as what will be released in August.

  5. On a side note, is this what you talked about in the Saturday news roundup, Daniel? What GVB fans should tune in for Monday?

    • Yes, this is the post. I noticed someone who commented on another post had talked about the same thing, so I decided word was getting out and I’d better bump it up.

      Booth Brothers fans still want to check back Tuesday! πŸ™‚

      • Gotcha. I figured as much. Just wanted to be sure.

  6. When I first looked, I thought the album art was from an older project for some reason.

    • It does have a classic (and classy) look, but there are 5 guys on the cover. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m intrigued about the song “Ain’t Nobody.” Could it possibly be the song that Matt Rankin wrote and Soul’d Out recorded? I’d love it!

    • That’s what I was wondering as well. If it is, that would be way cool!

  8. Looks and sounds cool. Glad to see it early. Can’t wait to get it.

  9. I wonder if the song “I Know How to Say Thank You” will be on the Thanksgiving project. Don’t know the song, but the title looks appropriate, and I heard they did four from the upcoming record.

  10. I can’t wait to get this CD too. It looks like it will be a good one!

  11. I’m loving the songlist for this CD I just wonder “Muddy Water” thats a song by Country Artist Trace Adkins a really good song, but will Bill sing the bass part? hmmm interesting and I hope that Michael sings “Please Forgive Me” it only seems fitting. “That Sounds Like Home to Me” thats Johnny & Vestal’s song who will take that one I wonder? I’m very excited about this album can’t wait to hear it!!!! =)

  12. Hooray! Thanks for sharing, Daniel!

  13. Is Marshall Hall still filling in or is ME back on the road?

  14. Marsh is still filling in for Michael, but they’re hoping he will be back within a month or so.

  15. This is exiting! I know that people were upset last year when they heard this line-up, that the “glory days” of the the GVB were behind, but so far the all-star line-up is delivering! The Talley Trio was at my church not long ago, and you could sense the holy spirit working when they sang I’m Alive. Not trash talking, but I know the Gaithers will do an even BETTER job performing that one! Can’t wait!

  16. Wes Hampton posted on his blog a list of who will be featured on each song:

    Better Day (features Michael)
    When He Blest My Soul (features Michael)
    Love Like I’m Leavin’ (various solos)
    You Are My All In All (features David)
    Please Forgive Me (features Michael)
    Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored (features Wes)
    He’s Alive (features David)
    Ain’t Nobody (features Michael)
    Clean (features David)
    Muddy Water (features Michael)
    That Sounds Like Home To Me (features Michael, Mark, and David)
    I Know How To Say Thank You (features Mark)
    He Is Here (features Wes)

    • Thanks for that list Josh! Do you know if “He’s Alive” is the Don Francisco number made popular by the Talley Trio. I’m really excited about it if so. David could do a great job with it.

      • Only thing about that song though is that it takes sooooo long to unfold. Once the chorus hits, it’s really cool, but the first three minutes or so is all verse.

  17. Samples of Greatly Blessed:

    [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.]

  18. Looks GREAT!! What a great group of singers! It gets better and better. No one is irreplacable …

    • Oh yeah? I’m sorry, but look: Just compare the version of “These Are They” from the Together video with the Reunited version. Granted, one could say that the Reunited version puts things back the way they were, since David generally sang the climax when he was with the group. But frankly, I don’t think there’s any comparison between him and Guy on this one.

      And even more obvious, compare the two versions of “Worthy the Lamb.” With Guy:

      Without Guy:

      Any questions?

      • But Worthy the Lamb is Guy’s song. πŸ™‚

        It would be like taking “Let Freedom Ring” with David and with Wes! Wes is a great tenor, but it’s David’s song.

      • Well…but that’s kind of my point. Guy was the lead singer before. Michael’s the lead singer now. Of course he’s going to be singing Guy’s parts and Guy’s songs at this point. The question is, can he fill Guy’s shoes? I think not.

      • Not on this song, anyhow.

      • On which one, then? πŸ˜‰

      • Satisfied? I’m Free?

        There are a few that he sang before Guy, that Guy continued to sing, and that he’s singing again.

        Overall, I’d prefer Guy, no doubt, but English does a decent job.

      • Let me say that Guy is an amazing talent and won me over first on Count On Me. However, Guy didn’t fill Michael’s shoes on many, many songs. Michael didn’t fill Gary’s on some. Undoubtedly there are some that Guy did that Michael wouldn’t (but there are some Guy originated that Michael did even better.) The point being, although overall Michael is my favorite, each person has their own gifts, signature songs, style, type of voice, etc.

      • BTW, that wasn’t a typo, I meant Gary McSpadden who preceded Michael on lead. I started listening to the GVB in 1987, but New Point of View was the first I bought and then the preceding two (probably in reverse order if I didn’t get them all at the same time.) I didn’t get One X 1 until later (it wasn’t in the store), but I was fortunate to get a CD and later a cassette or two before they were no longer available. I had tried to get another CD or two and it was already out of print, so I got tapes.

      • Daniel, could you do a contest of the most words, or longest post? πŸ˜‰

      • I’d have to have an impartial observer with the time to count words! I barely had the time to count comments!

      • Interesting you bring up Wes and David. My sister refuses to listen to Wes sing “There Is A River because it’s ‘David’s song.’

      • Technically as far as the GVB is concerned, it was Terry Franklin’s. πŸ™‚

        I admit that sometimes it seems odd to me to hear Wes sing leads David originated (or for that matter Mark sing the first solo on I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary as well) or Wes singing baritone on Where Could I Go when Mark originally did it, or David sing leads Michael had. I understand though it is trying to split things up some depending on whatever other songs are going on or in the latter case, probably trying to cover Michael losing some of his high notes from his first time. For that matter, same deal on Daystar with Jason on lead and Wes on baritone.

        Although I would prefer keeping as much of the originals as possible, I understand that Wes is a utility musician in some ways and should have some features although he does cover some of Guy’s leads, has his own from the past several years and could cover some of the preceding members ones (before David). I guess though once again, it might depend on what other songs are going on that night, maybe who is vocally tired or in bad voice, or has a lot of leads etc. The five member group does give them some coverage in this regard and I realize that they aren’t doing a lot of songs from the past several years (say post Phelps), so Wes does need some stuff to do, I just wish they would stick more to who made a name of a particular song if the member is present, or who became known for it during their own reign. This isn’t anti Wes, I am only using him more as an example because he is SO flexible and moved around so much, he seems to be used more in this regard.

        Maybe as they do more new material, some of this will be taken care of to some degree and it sure helps to have the flexibility in an extra voice that can cover the top three parts, and English being able to sing lead or baritone (although I prefer Mark on baritone and English on lead where he belongs. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ )
        I admit that English’s voice has changed since his first time. The high notes probably don’t come as easy and he has probably lost some, but man alive he can still wail away at the Bb’s, has soul and power to burn, has a more weighty voice than even his Singing American days, and it seems the change in his life and heart gives his singing even more passion and emotive.

        I want to reiterate, it might seem I was picking on Wes. I want to say that he besides being a super guy, and able to do pretty much what they need to have done as far as harmony, has qualities in his tenor voice that has parts of several of their tenors (Phelps, Pierce and Franklin I think.) I don’t so much hear Murray, Larnelle or Green in him, but one man couldn’t have qualities of that many very different voices. I also think it is cool that they gave him both Guy’s lead and his own on Journey to the Sky. That shows his flexibility and I dare say people who didn’t already know him would really be surprised that he did both.

        One more thing, once Michael is back and his voice back, I really wish the GVB would do their own tour by themselves or more like the recent videos with very few songs by others (just a couple or so other acts with a few songs, no choir, and the GVB for the rest. I would think with their being able to trade off, their limited tour schedule, and I think the demand, they could do so and not wear their voices out, but maybe not. A full reunion tour would be cool too, but probably not realistic.

  19. Hey, I just noticed that Wes said Steve Green was making a guest appearance on one of the songs. Wahoo!

    • I thought Steve was making a guest appearance on Wes’s solo CD. (If there was any doubt as to whether that CD was on my must-have list instead of my maybe-have list, that doubt is now removed!)

      • Yep! I’ll be interested to see what it sounds like. I’m picturing a pretty low-key, traditional gospel sound with a bit of a contemporary twist.

    • Whoops, wait a minute, he was actually referring to his solo album. Shucks, for a moment there I thought we were gonna have a really good song on the GVB album. Ah well. I am looking forward to that arrangement of “You Are My All in All.”

      • Same here! Oh, and did you notice that Wes Hamption himself noticed your comment and mentioned it in his blog?

      • Yes I did. I think that’s very funny!

      • However, it also made me glad that you keep such a nice blog…if the artists themselves are reading it!

      • You might be astonished if I (tried to) list the artists who have told me they visit my site – some occasionally, some daily. So since I know they are here, reading, I know my responsibility to keep things presentable at all times!

      • I could probably list a few…Ernie Haase wouldn’t chance to be one of them, would he? πŸ˜‰

      • I’d probably better avoid discussing specifics here . . . πŸ˜‰

      • Understood. And I’ll keep my guesses to myself…

      • Who’s this new Hamption guy?

        Does he sing with Lowrey and Gaiter by any chance?

        Or Engleesh & Whelps?

  20. I’ve always liked Guy and the others very much and still do.Since,however, I’ve heard and seen Michael I just love him.He has tremendous talent and his sincerety and depth of feeling is beyond words.He is the favourite of my one brother and I while my other brother prefers Mark and my sister’s favourite is Wes.Past and present members of the GVB like and respect each other.So these cattish and spiteful comments by Christian listeners are beyond me.Does Guy have to ask permission before he wants to make a change and does Bill first have to ask who should be in HIS Vocal Band

  21. Daniel, I was joking referring to my long post, but somehow my long comment is posted afterward. Nonetheless, I would guess mine above would be in the running thus far. πŸ˜€

  22. if you don’t like Michael keep it to yourself Guy is not in the Gaither Vocal Band anymore as to some previous comments i agree whole heartedly agree that Guy did some songs of Michaels that he could not do justice but anything I have heard Michael do I have liked may be they should have gave Wes the last verse worthy the lamb and josh tell your sister to listen to the album cut of there is a river Terry Franklin and Wes sounded a lot alike especially with Michael singing lead now

    • I thought Guy did a pretty awesome job with “Daystar” on Live in Indiana…

  23. yeah guys version of Daystar is great but to me Michael can do what very little lead singers can do as far as harmony listen to the Lowry English Franklin version of GVB the harmony is so tight only a lead singer of Michaels ability can do what he does I love Guy but I felt like on Michael signature songs like the king is coming and I bowed on my knees and cried holy he could not sing them as good as Michael only person that did a Michael song justice when David sang these are they and like i said i love Guy but he was straining on that last verse on that song on together and i have heard them do it with David like they did on together and it sounded amazing

  24. David sang the whole song when he was with the group the only reason they changed it for reuntied was because Michael had sang the song on the a few good men album you also think Michael has sang from his throat for a long time so his voice is not strong as used to be but listen to the original cut of Michael singing these are they its amazing

    • “Reuntied?” How can you untie something again when it’s already been untied? Maybe somebody came along and retied it after the first time…

  25. Its amazing how comparing artists can bring out so much animosity among fans.

    • I think we’re disagreeing pretty equably all in all…if you think this is animosity, head on over to Avery’s!

      • Fully agree, but was you not a wee bit heavy on the ‘reuntied’ dig??

        BTW, Guy & Mike – different strenghts and different voices too. Mike much more soul and soulfull nowadays, much more contemplative singer, BUT, agree Guy left a big hole. He was the heart and soul of GVB, in a way that Mike or David have never been,

        soloists singing in a quintet, I still think. Wes is overshadowed and subsequently under-rated I feel.

        Guy-Wes-Marsh were 3 of the best combination GVB alumni ever, IMHO.

      • “Reuntied” was all in good fun and not even related to artist disagreements. I’m just saying that you never get the truly mean-spirited stuff on this blog, which is thanks in large part to Daniel and his standard-setting in that area.

        Yes, Wes is kind of underrated and is, I feel, getting less of a chance to shine now than he did with the last lineup. I’m glad that Bill is giving him a couple features on the new project though. More people need to realize just how good he is.

  26. New blog up on Hampton Happenings:

    [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.]

    Wes reveals a little more info about his solo project. It’s going to be called A Man Like Me, and the release date is tentatively set for September 14th, with pre-ordering enabled about a month from now. Rock on, Wes!

  27. thats pretty funny it was 3:00 in the morning cute comment though new sogo fan but if you have been a Gaither Vocal Band fan very long it took everybody realizing Wes was not David but i love Wes he is amazing vocalist but David did leave a big hole when he left GVB

    • πŸ™‚ I think David might have more natural power, but I find Wes’s voice easier to listen to. Just my opinion.

  28. David Michael Mark and Wes are all good I will agree i do like Wes voice all around but as far as i am concerned they need one person from that previous group hint not penrod Marshall would be amazing in this group period i like to see Mark go to the low part that Bill sings and put Marsh back in there with Michael David and Wes now thats a supergroup

  29. I’ve got the new album in the mail today….now the only thing i need is some time to listen to it…


  30. I have to say that Wes really shines on ‘He is Here’ simply beautiful….this is the first time you will hear Wes amazing quality….Wes is here too…and he’s here to stay! I will write a full review of the album on my GC blog tonite.

    • Hey Auke, I know that Gaither music is streaming four full-length songs as a preview—will they be streaming more throughout the week for those of us who don’t have access to the radio special?