Ernie Haase sings at Rex Humbard’s funeral

Pioneer televangelist Rex Humbard passed away about a week ago. Media coverage mentioned that the Gatlin Brothers provided music for Humbard’s funeral last Sunday. One thing they did not mention–but can be clearly seen in this AP photo–was that two other singers were also on stage, Bill Gaither singing bass and Ernie Haase singing tenor. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.]

Of course, Haase has the geographic advantage of being the only former Cathedrals member still living in Stowe. (Note: I think 1970s pianist Lorne Matthews might still live in northern Ohio as well.) But, geographic advantage or no geographic advantage, I find it interesting that he was apparently the only former Cathedral involved in the funeral service of the man who put the Cathedrals together in the first place.

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  1. Thanks for showing the picture Daniel.

  2. Other than Danny Koker, Bobby Clark, George Amon Webster, or Mack Taunton, I don’t know of any other Cathedral who really has an affiliation with Humbard. They left Humbard in the late 60s.

  3. PQ, did you mean Cathedral members other than, obviously, Glen and George?
    Yes, Lorne Matthews is in that area.
    George Webster joined the Toney Brothers a while back. Isn’t the group absed around Toledo?

  4. Re: “George Webster joined the Toney Brothers a while back. Isn’t the group absed around Toledo?”

    The Toney Brothers are currently based in Gallatin, TN. Years ago they were based in Detroit, MI.

  5. Thanks for that picture, Daniel. I too, am somewhat surprised that there were no other former Cathedrals in attendance. I understand, as PQ said, that they left their affiliation with Humbard long ago, but they owe him a lot for the start and widespread exposure that he provided.

    I wasn’t alive in the 60’s, but to me the name Rex Humbard is synomous with the Cathedral Trio/Quartet.

  6. I did attend the funeral in Akron and saw Ernie along with his wife and sister-in-law (both daughter’s of the late George Younce). Also present was Glen Payne’s widow Van and Glen’s brother Kenneth. I also saw and spoke with Loren Matthews who was present on Saturday for the viewing at the former Catherdral of Tomorrow with his wife Jimmie Ruth. And my understanding is that Danny Koker is ill or he and his family would have been there. I understand that several other well know names in southern gospel had paid there respects directly to the Humbard family.