Chip Cooper to join Waller’s New Florida Boys

A few weeks back, I posted that Dan Keeton was joining Charlie Waller’s New Florida Boys. This afternoon, Ed Crawford of the Mystery Men Quartet stopped by the post and commented. It’s worth promoting to the main page, since the Keeton post is old enough that few will notice it:

I have said both to his face and to anyone i talked to, Dan Keeton is the best tenor in southern gospel music. He and I sung together in the beginning of the mysterymen and he may be the best i have ever heard, including david phelps. I wish the very best for the new group. They also hired the long term bass singer from the mystery men Chip Cooper. He has without a doubt, one of the smoothest bass voices in the business and will be a trmendous asset to the new group. We hated to see him go but we wish him the very best. Good luck guys!

Here’s a bio on Cooper, and here’s are some sound clips that appear to feature him. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

(There’s no word yet on what happened to Buddy Burton, the original intended bass singer.) [EDIT: John, below, points out that Buddy Burton was actually set to be the baritone. So with Ed Crawford’s post yesterday, and John’s post below, the complete lineup is now public.]

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  1. The “new” Florida Boys will be Dan Keeton – Tenor, Charlie Waller – Lead, Buddy Burton – Baritone, Chris Cooper – Bass, and Joshua Pope – Piano.

    Buddy can do a lot of things musically speaking, but he’s never claimed to be a bass singer.

  2. Never heard Charlie sing, but from the rest of the quartet…sounds like a good group.

  3. When you said Chris Cooper, in my mind I was thinking of Chirs Collins. Hiring a tenor to sing bass would be a mistake!
    By the way, where is Chris Collins now? Isn’t he the tenor on the Kingsmen’s cut of “I Will Rise Up From The Grave”, and “You’re Not Alone” ?

  4. I’m looking forward to hearing them.

  5. Hi! I’m Del Hughes, Host of “Down The Gospel Road” on KWCK 99.9 FM, Searcy, AR. I’m on the air each Sunday morning from 6am ’til 12 noon, playing Southern Style Gospel Music. Our station is 50,000 Watts of power, covering over 9 counties in central Arkansas. I don’t know if this should be the right place to make the request. But, I would really like to have a cd of the New Florida Boys to play on my show. The address at the station is as follows: KWCK 99.9 FM, 111 North Spring St., Searcy, AR 72143 % Del Hughes. Thanks! The clip sounded very good.

  6. Feb. 4, 2009, I posted a comment about how nice it would be to have a CD of the New Florida Boys to play on my show. However, to date I haven’t received any project from your group. I would really appreciate you sending me a CD to the address posted on the previous request. Our website is as follows:
    Thanks, Del Hughes, “Down The Gospel Road” KWCK 99.9 FM, Searcy, AR 72143.