Scott Allen hired by Mercy’s Mark

Kyle Boering mentioned on his blog that Scott Allen has been officially hired as Mercy’s Mark Quartet’s new lead singer. His regional group did a concert with the group over the weekend, and to say the least, he was quite impressed:

Scot[t] has a very modern sound to his voice. It’s extremely smooth, blends wonderfully with Garry and Brent, and has a great resonance, but I dare you to listen to “Sheltered In The Arms Of God” and not shed a tear. He also does a DEAD ON impression of Guy Penrod (close your eyes and you wont’ be able to tell the difference!).

With the addition of Scot[t] to the lineup, I can see a lot of good things in the future for MM. They have the power and ability right now to take SG by storm.

I couldn’t help but be amused by noticed that my term “Mercy’s Mark 2.0” has caught on; David Bruce Murray used it at Musicscribe to describe the new lineup. (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.) I used it here to express how impressed I was by the group with Shane Dunlap filling in. I don’t know if any readers heard them both with Dunlap and Allen, but I do know that those who have heard Allen have been extremely impressed. His rendition of “I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy” in a Saturday showcase was one of the things I heard the most buzz about at NQC, almost enough to make me wish I’d skipped the Hoppers’ 50th Anniversary Celebration to hear it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have any Ohio dates on their schedule for the rest of the year (though I note that they are touring, of all places, Norway at the end of the month). (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.) So while it looks like it will be a while before I have a chance to see them, when I do I’ll post my thoughts here.

(Hat tip to DB for catching the misspelling of Scott‘s name.)

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  1. Well, I’m just thrilled. After hearing them together several times both at NQC and at two other concerts since then, I love their sound and I know that Scott will be a wonderful addition in every way!

  2. I’m just guessing at the spelling of Scott Allen’s name. It may actually be spelled Zka Dalling for all I know! :o)

    Also, I didn’t mean to sub-consciously rip off your usage of 2.0, but I guess that’s what the sub-conscious mind is primarily there for…plagiarism. Please don’t sue! HAHA! :o)

  3. Oh, I’m not going to sue–don’t worry about that!

    I’m sure I’ve gotten plenty of ideas for posts from your blog before, as well as from other blogs (e.g., SGMBLOG for the 12 Days of Christmas series).

  4. What regional group was Scott Allen with?

  5. Or just maybe it was Kyle Boering’s regional group that did a concert with Mercy’s Mark . . . crazy language, this English!

  6. It was Kyle’s regional group that was singing at the concert with Mercy’s Mark last Friday. Scott and Brent Mitchell had previously sung together in a regional group but I don’t know the name of the group. Maybe the press announcement will mention it.

  7. Doesn’t Scott’s hair remind you of the guy from Valor?

  8. I saw them the weekend after NQC in North Carolina. Scott did a wonderful job. Really impressive on “‘Til The Storm Passes By.” Great interpretation of the lyrics. The guys seemed very comfortable with one another, too. Probably helps that he has sung with Brent before. The blend was very nice and will obviously only improve with time singing together. Scott was pretty funny, too. He threw in some comments that worked well with Garry’s emceeing. Garry had previously joked with the church pianist that he’d give her ten dollars to come up and play. During one of Garry’s longer solos, Scott said, “I’ll give you $20.”. All in all, I hope this lineup endures and I can’t wait to hear their next project.

  9. Daniel,

    I think you meant my blog for the 12 Days of Christmas… 😀

    Not a problem though. Truth be told, we all “borrow”!

  10. Yes, that’s what I meant. My apologies, Quartet Fan! 😥


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