Greater Vision Kids to Record CD

In Greater Vision’s most recent email newsletter, they announced that the Griffin, Waldroup, and Wolfe children would be recording a CD:

Over the next several months, the Greater Vision Kids will be recording their very first CD!  Rodney has written ten new songs for this “Journey Through The Bible” recording that will feature Ben, Avery, Reagan, Riley, Abbie, Casey, and Jonathon.  We are hoping to have the CD finished by late Spring 2008.  Keep watching our Email Updates for more information about this new recording for kids of ALL ages!

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  1. Thanks for the info Daniel.

  2. I always thought it would be cool if a quartet produced and album that had kids songs on it in 4-part harmony. Sort of like the Cathedrals “Family Album”, but just the quartet singing for kids (and parents). What a great way to get your kids introduced into SG! Not to mention your favorite artist!

    For example, I’d love to have a cd of kids songs by Gold City, that way both my daughter and I would be happy with what would be playing in the car. Not to mention that it would be cool to hear their renditions of kids songs I grew up hearing/singing.

  3. Matt, I believe Triumphant recorded a project just like that.

  4. The Triumphant members and the Triumphant kids both sang quite a bit on that CD, which a younger member of my family has.

  5. Thanks for the info, Daniel. I had never seen any mention of the kids participation. Kind of makes me glad I didn’t buy it….

  6. I think the GV Kids CD sounds like fun. 🙂

  7. Didn’t Perfect Heart do a kid’s album in the early 90’s.

  8. that’s really specialllll…

  9. sorry for the misquote…should be, “now isn’t that special!!!”