NQC considers move to Summer

Yesterday, the National Quartet Convention sent out an email to those on their mailing list. The first two questions asked if they had attended the convention within the last 5 and the last 10 years. The final three questions, however, were the heart of the survey, and are of particular interest. They asked if fans would be more likely or less likely to attend if the convention was held in late June, mid-July, or kept at the week following Labor Day.

Because of traveling related to my job, I indicated that my current personal preference is to keep it where it is. (Also, I don’t personally have a great tolerance for heat, and the thought of adding 90 degree temperatures to 16-hour days is not particularly pleasant!)

That said, moving NQC to June or July could definitely play a role in freeing up a younger audience to be able to attend.

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  1. 90 degree heat? I thought NQC was indoors and not an All Day Singin’ and Dinner on the grounds.

  2. But there’s the other side of the coin: will parents of school aged children be not able to go because of having to either 1) pay extra during the week to bring them 2) having to arrange for accomidations to keep them home with relatives/ect.?
    I understand the logic of them doing this because most families vacation in mid summer. But, will they go to their usuall vacation spots? Also, most of the churched population is participating in Vacation Bible school or something similar.
    If NQC is considering moving the date because of lost finances and lower attendance (I assume that’s the reason), then I don’t see how they will benefit during a time when families have even more activities pulling for their attention.

  3. I voted like you did, Daniel. Keep it the same.

  4. Well I hope that they do change it to Summer. This last year was the first year I could go because my schooling always was in the way. And the only reason I was able to make it this year was because my new college is on a different time schedule.

  5. Quaid is right on target!

  6. I hope they do at least consider moving to a summer month…I can’t go with my family in Sept. and probably wouldn’t go without them.

  7. if there is a change for nqc, i doubt it would be this coming year because i know most of the “big” groups book a year in advance (and even some of the lesser known groups 🙂 )…so having said that i wouldn’t look for a change for the 2008 nqc, however i could be way wrong

  8. I don’t see how a move to summer will really help, now that so many schools are a year-round schedule. NQC is going to conflict with something no matter when it is and the board will never please everyone, so leave it alone!

  9. I’d have no problem with it; this year was my first to go, I missed two days of school, and even two days’ worth of work was a pain to make up. So I’d like it if they changed it, but I like it where it is now too.

  10. I’ve never been.

    I do think it would beeasier for kids who would want to go to go in the Summer.

  11. I’ve never been able to go to NQC ’cause it falls pretty much at the beginning of the school year. Students and teachers (I have been both)not within the immediate vicinity of Louisville have very few chances to make it without taking off school. Personally, I would really enjoy a switch to the summer.

  12. I really like having it when it is for several reasons mentioned above – weather, not conflicting with summer plans, etc., but I totally agree with the high school/college-aged population who want it during the summer! A number of years ago, my sister and her friend set a date that they would attend NQC in 2009. Now they’re both going to be in college and unable to go if it is held in September.