The Eddie Awards

Southern Spin recently sent out a press release announcing that “Morning Star Records recording artist Rod Burton has received two nominations in the Eddie Crook Company’s inaugural Eddie Awards.” The two nominations were for Newcomer of the Year and Male Soloist of the Year.

Now Morning Star Records is operated by the Eddie Crook Company, so I wondered what was up. Fortunately, the press release explains: “The Eddie Awards were designed to recognize outstanding achievement for artists, ministries and writers associated with the Eddie Crook Company, as well as support personnel and suppliers to the Company. …  All award winners are voted upon by the Eddie Crook Company roster of artists.”

I believe this is the first time I have ever heard of a label setting up an awards ceremony for its artists, so its artists can vote for the best artist on the label. I’m not sure just what will be said about this, but at the very least, on the positive side, I suppose it can be said that this is thinking outside the box.

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  1. Well in a way it sounds like artists awarding themselves…

    In another way it sounds like the artists can recognize the top artists on their label…

    (I would lean towards the former)

  2. I suppose this would only make sense with a company that has a blue million affiliated artists. :o)

  3. Another “award” a group can add to their bio. YAWN!