The Best Lineup that Never Was, Honorary Mention: Signature Sound

This isn’t a lineup I came up with, and so this isn’t an official entry in the series. But an honorable mention needs to go to this comment on my surprisingly popular Dove Brothers post.

Comment by: josatchmo


Bass: Mike Holcomb
Mike can do the low notes on “Stand By Me” a lot like Tim can, so I’d assume that he’d be perfect for them.
Baritone: Jason Crabb
You know where Doug hit those “soulful” notes on “Happy Rhythm”? I guess Jason would fit right in.
Lead: Scotty Inman
Scotty’s tall just like Ryan Seaton, so he’s a natural!
Tenor: Jodi Hosterman
Well…..I mean, there just shouldn’t be any need for an explanation here. He’s perfect.

If I was doing a Signature Sound lineup–which I’m not intending to do in this series–I must say that I would never have come up with this particular lineup.

But, why not? I think this group would sound nice. And I can’t help but smile at the thought of Mike Holcomb doing Stand By Me.

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  1. I can’t help but smile (or laugh) at the thought of an Inspiration and a Crabb in the same group 🙂

    • No the Gaither vocal band

  2. Oh. My. Word.

    That would be priceless.

    Then, of course, the middle part of the spectrum is represented with Scotty Inman from Triumphant.

    Put David Phelps or Steve Green in the tenor slot, to represent Inspirational/CCM, and then you would have perhaps the most diverse quartet in Gospel Music history.

    • David Phelps is owesome

  3. Maybe they could consider Rayburn Lane for bass. I’ve heard him do a very interesting version of “Stand By Me” . . .

  4. This lineup makes as much sense as all the (ad infinitum) others.

  5. I like this lineup for Gold City:

    Tenor: Eric Phillips
    Lead: Bill Shivers
    Baritone: Nick Trammell
    Bass: Jeff Chapman

  6. Mike Holcomb did do “Stand By Me” with the Inspirations, on their 1992 album “The Country Needs The Cross”.

  7. It’s the choreography part that gets me smiling!

  8. hmmm….Mike dancing and Jason singing a Jack Laws classic. 🙂

  9. That’s a good line up Daniel.

  10. Oh my, this is hilarious!
    What would they sing? “If You Only Knew”, “He Came Looking For Me” , “Terrible Time Down There”?
    I could understand Scott and Jason moving around, perhaps dancing. But Mike? Oh my.
    I love this, I’m still laughing!

  11. I’ve seen Holcomb do something very similar to a duck walk on stage. 🙂

  12. There are times that I just love visiting this website. Makes me laugh.

  13. Don’t laugh, josatchmo. Please realize the solemnity and dignity of this site!

    I got an extra can of silly string…do ya want it? 🙂

  14. Although many of my posts are serious, every now and then I do want to make you smile. 🙂