Paul Jackson live-blogs recording session

Paul Jackson is live-blogging a Prophets recording session today here. (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed). I cannot recall any previous instance where a member of a professional group has live-blogged a recording session, so this is providing an interesting read for its novelty if for no other reason.

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  1. Interesting stuff.

    I could not get free to read the posts as they happened yesterday…but went on there a minute ago and read the comments. pretty cool, or as you said, novel. The neatest thing on there is ED HILL making a personal post, at the end of the comments. I think it’s about #44.

    Thanks Daniel for letting your readers know about this.
    Why do you think that other artist are not doing this?
    Do you think that The Prophets are breaking new ground here, and
    that others will follow?

  2. Yes, the Prophets are definitely breaking new ground. May others follow.

  3. Yes Daniel!
    Thank you for the link.

    Posting from the studio, as we recorded, was fun, though hectic. Fortunately, my son Matt kept things going when I had to actually be singing or making some other direct contribution to the recording effort.

    FYI: Comments are now pushing 50 in number. We had two surprise comments from none other than Mr Prophet himself (our founder),
    Mr Ed Hill! pretty cool. He actually comments on the session ans the songs.
    Feel free to visit again and check out Mr Hill’s slant on things!

    Paul Jackson / The Prophets Qt

    PS…thanks for your inspiration and help on “One Thing”