CD Review: “You Gotta Love It” (Triumphant Quartet)

You Gotta Love It - Triumphant QuartetSong list:

  1. Giver, Creator, Savior (Rodney Griffin) – **** – This is a strong opening cut to kick the project off.
  2. You Gotta Love It (Marty Funderburk, Jerry Kelso) – ***
  3. Smack Dab in the Middle of His Will (Chris Binion, Scott Inman) – **** – This track has a country feel, a rather interesting effect, but one that Triumphant pulls off well.
  4. He Will Be (Dianne Wilkinson, Ann Downing) – **** – A nice slow ballad featuring tenor David Sutton.
  5. Let it Be Me (Ronny Hinson) – **
  6. The Great I Am Still Is (Phil Cross, Twila LeBar) – **** – A nice big ballad featuring baritone Scotty Inman.
  7. The Old White Flag (Dianne Wilkinson) – ***** – This is Triumphant’s first bluegrass song; they pull it off well.
  8. He Rescued Me (Chris Binion) – ***** – A fast-paced quartet song that was a good choice for Triumphant’s first single.
  9. Delivered Again (Dianne Wilkinson, Ann Downing) – **** – Another nice ballad featuring tenor David Sutton.
  10. The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me (Dottie Rambo) – **** – A well-done rendition featuring Clayton Inman. Both the Perrys and Triumphant released renditions of the song this year, and I think the Perrys rendition has a slight edge over this one. But both are well-done.
  11. I Know I’m Going Home (Jeff Stice) – ***** – This song could potentially define Triumphant’s sound, could be a sugar stick for them in upcoming years. If they send it to radio, they do need to cut the encore out; while it goes over well live, it would seem just a bit repetitious on radio.

Triumphant inserted some variety, in the form of a country track and a bluegrass track, while still remaining true to their sound. This project is probably Triumphant’s best yet–and considering the consistently high caliber of their projects, that is no small feat.

Rating: Highly Recommended.

***** Somewhat related: Does anyone have any idea why Triumphant’s website still prominently proclaims on the front page that Triumphant is “Southern Gospel’s newest quartet”?

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  1. I agree with you – I think this is Triumphant’s best work yet. I got to see Let It Be Me in person for the first time, and it is just a really fun song. I think it has to grow on you and I think it helps to visualize Eric singing it to really appreciate it!

    By the way, the tenor for Triumphant is David Sutton who is featured on He Will Be. Scotty is the baritone.

    They need to make several updates on their website. Maybe they’ll get around to that pretty soon.

  2. Duh. I knew that; it was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Oops – that’s Scotty Inman on The Great I Am Still Is. Sorry I missed that on the first read.

  4. Boy, I was having an off morning! 😳

  5. Good review, but I disagree with your analysis on Track 11. Since there is only one verse to the song, to me, it keeps the song from being too short.

    But on the other hand, the song is 3:10 without the turnaround at the end. The song might get more play from stations because of the shorter track.

  6. Precisely. I do personally like the turnaround, but I feel it would do better without it on radio.

  7. “The Great I AM Still Is” is much more than a nice ballad… That is a tremendously powerful song that we could hear choirs singing one day. I think Phil Cross and Twila Lebar wrote the song – and it was definitely annointed. I could easily see this being the song of the year if promoted a little to radio.

    Great message & fabulous singing.


  8. I agree with you Ed. It is very, very strong. I’d love for it to be up for song of the year.

  9. I Know I’m Going Home was a hit at NQC this year.

  10. Great review Daniel.

  11. This is the strongest effort from Triumphant since “Home Free” way back when. I thought that was one of the best sg albums i’d heard in a long time and have been waiting for a follow-up since. This just isn’t it, but it’s way better than the last album.

    As for “I know I’m Going Home,” it’s just a great quartet song and should be released as a single. With or without the turnaround, it will be a great radio song..

  12. I just got this album this week … as a die-hard L5 fan, it took about 3 listens for this one to get a hold of me!

    Whoever said on the SN forums that they heard it as “He saw me in this dress and rescued me” has ruined a good song for me…. 🙁 lol

  13. It was probably Kerr.

    I still feel bad about the time I ruined a Cathedrals song for you. (Remember? 😕 )

  14. I think so, but my version is the Kingsmen song (if our minds are on the same track) with “labors” plural, so you can stop feeling bad. 😀

  15. OK. I do feel better now.

    And yes, we were thinking about the same track. That was somewhat memorable… ;? 😆

  16. It was weird; I was just listening to that song the other day – it’s not on my most frequently played list – and of course remembered that.

  17. I’m not even sure I’d remember my original thought there if it wasn’t for your reaction! 😆