Crossroads moves into the digital era

Crossroads, one of Southern Gospel’s major labels, recently launched their redesigned website. They are still working on adding more titles, but this is a promising start.

One item in their press release particularly caught my attention:

Also in the coming months be looking for special “online only” specials. We are looking at bringing back “out of print” items to be available only on our site as well as for digital downloads. Please stay tuned.

Many Southern Gospel labels have quite a back catalog, some of which is difficult to find used. So this move is commendable and promising, and shows the kind of outside-the-box thinking that will move Southern Gospel forward.

Improving digital download selection was one of the items discussed in the Bloggers’ Conference earlier this year, the one in the spring which Crossroads hosted (not the fall conference hosted by NQC). It’s nice to see them acting on this suggestion.

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