Paul Jackson live-blogs another recording session

Prophets Quartet lead singer Paul Jackson will be live-blogging another vocal session today at his blog, here. (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed). The Prophets have definitely done a great job keeping up a buzz online, despite what is approaching a year-long delay in the release of their debut project.

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  1. You’re right, Daniel. The buzz has been here, but I’ve been very disappointed in the delay in having this project out to their fans. I hope they won’t become a victim of their fan bass missing out on the excitement by them not “hitting while the iron is hot”.

    The tremendous hoopla surrounding the newly formed Prophets created a great deal of excitement to those of us that appreciated their grand heritage. The lag between the group forming and the release of their initial recording can either create anticipation or it can grow toward apathy. I truly hope for the former rather than the latter.

    I think most fans of the Prophets really expected this project would be available at NQC. I hope the delay doesn’t discourage their prospective fan base.

  2. Well if they’re still just recording they’ve still got quite a bit of work to do.

    They have to mix, master, and finish producing the album. They have to square away all their copyrights (unless they’ve done them already), and then they have to complete the graphic design. Here’s hoping they’ve at least shot their pics already. After all that’s done, then they have to send the project to the reproduction facility and wait for thousands of them to be copied. It’ll be a few months.

  3. Thanks for the link Daniel. I will address the “delay” issue over at my blog, as we chat…your readers are making some very interesting comments.

    Paul Jackson / The Prophets