Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet disbands

The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet announced this morning that they are disbanding. Lead Singer Wyatt Wilson, the only original member remaining, stated: [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

God is leading me in a different direction after 31 years of singing. The group had a wonderful ministry for eight years. We saw hundreds of people accept Christ and many more be called to ministry. In the past two years alone we saw over 500 people accept Jesus as their personal savior. Gospel music is a special calling and reaches people that other ministries may never reach. I will always be thankful for God s hand on the Old time Gospel Hour Quartet. It was a wonderful experience to have been a part of a tremendous ministry with such outstanding men. We have enjoyed the support of the best fans and friends in the world. There are not sufficient words to truly express our thankfulness to the people who supported us throughout the years.

When founder Robbie Hiner left a few years ago, it was a loss for the group. Although the stated reason for the group’s retirement was Tony Jarman’s departure last month, Dr. Jerry Falwell’s recent death was probably also a factor, since the OTGHQ was the home quartet at his home church.

Their original lineup–Robbie Hinner, Wyatt Wilson, Jeff Stanley, and Christian Davis–had one of the best blends in Southern Gospel music. Each of the lineups since brought other things to the table as well, but I will remember the original one particularly warmly.

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  1. That’s sortof shocking to me!

  2. Aw man.. that’s a huge disappointment…

  3. I’m glad that I have some of the otghq cds I thought they had a great sound. I liked Christian Davis as bass but I think Jeff Pearles also was a good bass with them.

  4. Congratulations are in order for these guys, for touching so many with HIS love and The Mighty Gospel!

    PJ / The Prophets

  5. You could try forums.singingnews.com … There are a lot of folks on there who might know how to find them.

  6. Please help me to find some of Robbi Hiner’s albums
    I been unsuccessful in locating any sources.
    I do love his singing (SOLO)
    Thank you so much,
    Chuck Damato

  7. I am looking for robbie hiner’s music….specifically a song titled: IN THE VALLEY HE RESTORETH MY SOUL”

    I bought the vinyl album in the early 70s…I need a new one…preferably a CD….any ideas where I can find any of his CDs?



  8. It was a heartbreaker to hear the OTGH Quartet was disbanding. Equally heartbreaking was Robbie Hiner’s departure from the group. Ribbie was an inspiration to me and I admired him greatly. He is such a talented and gifted man. I pray that he will always use his gift of musical talent for the glory of God. This quartet is and will forever be second to none. Thank you my brothers for the encouragement and joy that each one of you brought to me and to the count numbers of listeners. God Bless you and your fammilies always.



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