CD Review: “Know So Salvation” (Legacy Five)

Based on the promotional efforts put into this project, I was expecting it to be a major (Daywind) release. While I was inclined to be slightly disappointed on first listen, it turns out the group released it as a table project. Once I found that out, I was pleasantly surprised at the project’s quality. While this project isn’t everything that a major-label release would be, it is well above average for a table project. Like most table projects, it contains several familiar songs in familiar arrangements, but it also contains several new songs.

  • “Know So Salvation.” The title track was written by Dianne Wilkinson and Scott Inman. It is reminiscent of the Cathedrals’ “Can He Could He Would He”–a tongue-twister that has so many similar-sounding phrases that it would appear to be hopelessly confusing, except for the little fact that it actually works.
  • “O! Say But I’m Glad.” This rendition of the song features bass singer Glenn Dustin, and reminds me of today’s Blackwood Brothers’ rendition, featuring their bass singer Randy Byrd. Both arrangements have the bass solo in E-flat, and have a similar tempo and feel.
  • “I’m Glad that I Know Him.” Lead singer Scott Fowler is featured on this new Squire Parsons song.
  • “Go Right Out.” This fast-paced convention song was a good pick for a table project and should also go over well in live concerts.
  • “There is Hope.” Scott Fowler is featured on the song. Since the album–regrettably–has no songwriter/publishing information, I don’t know who wrote it.
  • “I Go to the Rock.” The group’s rendition of this Squire Parsons [EDIT: not Dottie Rambo] song features baritone Scott Howard, lead singer Scott Fowler, and tenor Frank Seamans through the fast-paced modulations. This song should really shine live.
  • “Why.” This arrangement bears a striking similarity to Southern Sound’s original (2004) rendition of the song. The song was written by Neal Travis of Princeton, KY.
  • “Heaven’s Jubilee.” Legacy Five’s fast-paced rendition of this Speer Family classic fits in nicely at this point in the CD, between several mid-tempo songs.
  • “I’m So Glad I Found Jesus.” Scott Howard is featured on this song, penned by Mark Bishop.
  • “Where No One Stands Alone.” Glenn Dustin is featured on this classic. Oddly enough, this is a song also currently being sung by Randy Byrd of the Blackwood Brothers. Like track 2, the bass solo on Legacy Five’s arrangement is in the same key and tempo as the Blackwood Brothers’ rendition. Despite the similarities, though, Legacy Five’s rendition of this song is hardly a copy, since it adds a tasteful orchestration.
  • “I Stand Redeemed.” This arrangement is almost as good as the original, recorded by original Legacy Five tenor Josh Cobb on Strong in the Strength (1999). It was taken down a step (from F-G to Eb-F) to allow for Frank Seamans’ slightly lower range.

The nature of a table project–re-recording familiar songs–almost necessitates comparison to previous renditions of the songs included. Leaving aside those comparisons and taking the songs on their own merits, the album is a pleasant representation of what Legacy Five can do without a label’s backing.

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  1. Great review Daniel. I agree with most of it.
    “Know So Salvation” is a great tune. It will be a crowd-favorite for many years. My son loves it. It 2nd favorite song, behind “I’ve Been Changed”.
    “O! Say but I’m Glad” is a good song as well. Glenn did a wonderful job with it.
    “I’m Glad That I Know Him” is my new favorite quartet-style song.
    “Go Right Out” is good, but can’t compare to the ’80s Cathedral version. The L5 version is a little rough. On the 3rd time through the chorus, George would mirror the melody an octave low, where as Glenn as a lot of inverted intervals that I find to disorienting.
    “There Is Hope” is a nice song that is just nice to listen to. Since this project was under development before the death of Roger, I wonder if Mr. Bennett was going to sing this song. Scott did a great job.
    “I Go To The Rock” is fun. My wife had me make a section of this as her ring tone. I did not know that this was a Dottie Rambo song, although I thought it sounded like a song The Hoppers would do.
    “Why” is another pleasant song. It sounds like an old Johnson Sisters tune.
    “Heaven’s Jubilee” is another fun song. I think this is the fastest I’ve ever heard this song sung.
    “I’m So Glad I Found Jesus” is the weak link on this project. The lyrics on the verses are choppy and I think Scott puts a little too much “Southern” on his pronunciation.
    “Where No One Stands Alone” another example if Glenn’s growth as a great bass singer. Glenn is on his way to being a well-round bass singer.
    “I Stand Redeemed” IMHO, is BETTER than the original. It has a better orchestration and Frank sings it with more feeling and has made it his own. I like it in the lower key. Some songs don’t sound good when lowered, but this one handles it rather well. It also gives local groups, who may not have a “screaming” tenor, a chance to sing it.

  2. Nice review!

    One note on “I’m So Glad I Found Jesus:” That song is not new. It was recorded on the Bishops project “Stories.”

    I don’t think that song is a “weak link” though – it’s really quite good.

  3. They say if you have perfect pitch, you can hear differences in tonal quality between different notes. I can’t really, at least not consistently, but I can hear differences in tonal quality between different chords.

    The chord of G-major has a magnificent feel to it that E-flat and (to an extent) F cannot capture. That is part of why I prefer the soundtrack from the first version.

  4. Daniel,

    The “I Go To The Rock” that I’ve seen L5 perform on YouTube is not the Dottie Rambo song. I would imagine this is the same song on the CD. The version by Legacy 5 was written by Squire Parsons and was originally popularized by the Kingdom Heirs on their “Forever Gold” album from circa 1995.

    The SP song starts with the lyrics “When the billows are raging…”

  5. You’re right. Sometimes my mind skips a beat. Sorry for the mistake! I’ll edit the post accordingly.

  6. All right–I edited that, and–Tyler–pulled the “new” on “I’m so Glad I Found Jesus.”

    Thank you for catching those!

  7. Great review Daniel.

    I love the CD.

  8. Just a quick comment about “Know So” Salvation. I’m very glad that groups like Legacy Five are actually singing about “Salvation”. Whether choppy or otherwise… the gospel is getting out! When I first heard it I loved it! I wish more groups would start singing about salvation instead of just “elluding” to it by talking about “Hope” and not giving the full story! BRAVO Legacy Five!

  9. I’ll just put my thoughts on here, since I’ve definitely had a while to form an opinion … I got this CD not too long after it came out, I think. It has really grown on me over time. I liked it quite a bit better after six months plus than when I was knew.

    “I’m So Glad I Found Jesus” is a really great song, in my opinion. I actually find the message pretty serious. It took a while for me to start liking the way they changed the timing on “O! Say But I’m Glad,” but know I don’t really like the original timing!

    An important test on an album for me is “staying power”; how long will I want to keep listening to it? There are three or four songs I don’t play much, but the others quite outweigh that for me. This probably is one of my favorite L5 albums. Oh, OK, along with Strong in the Strength, Heritage I, II, & II, …. 😀

  10. Umm … read that “when it was new.” Don’t know what happened there. 😳

    • I wondered if that was what you meant!


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