Christian Davis leaves Mercy’s Mark

Garry Jones has announced that Christian Davis has left Mercy’s Mark Quartet. [EDIT, 11/9/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

While I hate to see him go, I can understand; he lives in North Carolina, and Mercy’s Mark is based in Columbus, Ohio. Even though I understand the group meets south of Ohio–I believe it may have been Nashville, Tennessee–it’s still quite a commute. If he had the opportunity to sing with a group closer to his home, and there are plenty in North Carolina, I could see how he would take the offer.

Recently, he has been criticized mercilessly in comments on various websites. Sometimes I think people who post negative comments forget that singers are real people–people who sometimes read what they say. Sure, everyone has off nights, and even on their best night any performer might hit a few notes slightly off (tempo or pitch). But compared to the average bass singer, or even the average professional Southern Gospel bass singer, Christian’s abilities are far above average; he has perfect pitch, a massive range with four usable octaves (G above middle C to the lowest F/G on the piano), and the ability to sing anything from subwoofer bass to a baritone-range lead to occasional high tenor notes.

Christian is one of the most talented young performers in Southern Gospel, and I hope he will stay active in the genre. I look forward to hearing his future plans.

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  1. Yes, Christian is an extremely talented, wonderful young man. I’ll be watching very closely to see what he does next.

  2. Same goes for me.

  3. To tell you that truth I had forgotten that he had joined Mercy’s Mark.

    I think I remember reading it on your blog though.

  4. The commute had to be a killer. At least 10-12 hours from the area where his father’s business is (assuming Christian lives near there) – and difficult and expensive to fly from that area.

    It works for a short time – but never long-term. People like Funderburk, Bennett, Trammell etc. eventually moved to the Stow, Ohio area. But then, the Cathedrals rehearsed. Some groups probably rehearse more on the bus.

    I am amazed how effectively Frank Seamans commutes for Legacy Five.


  5. I appreciate the supportive comments that you make about Christian. He is a very fine young man and has tremendous talent. I haven’t seen the blogs that have “criticized [him] mercilessly”. Which are they?

  6. It was actually comments in blogs and on a certain message board.

  7. I don’t think he meant blogs as much as forums. I do recall a thread on the Singing News forums in which some bashing was taking place…

  8. lol Didnt see Daniel’s answer to the question. Sorry about that.

  9. Yea, some people were overly rough on him. That said, I doubt that has 1% to do with this move.

  10. Then again, we all must watch what we say about others. We never know how much our words can hurt people.

    Christian is a great singer and a great young man.

  11. Amen.

  12. I agree, Tyler. There are a LOT more folks who don’t frequent message boards who are fans of Christian and admire his talent. Sure, we’re all entitled to our opinion. I get it. But it’s not always fruitful. Just reminds me not to pass up the opportunity to bless and encourage with my words when given the chance. I am a Christian Davis fan and hope (selfishly :)) that I have the chance to hear him sing with a group again sooner rather than later.


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