Rick Hendrix on Singing News chart changes

There has recently been some controversy over changes to the Singing News chart method. During this controversy, it was questioned whether Rick Hendrix’s aggressive and successful promotion methods helped prompt the change, and how he felt about not being included. His comments on the topic were sent to me this evening:

I would like to clarify some things. Contrary to what some are saying, I have not and will not discuss the Singing News changes. I feel there is a lot of integrity amongst the board and advisory committee. I spoke to Jim Cumbee in length over several months ago when a record executive first solicited his office for this committee. I felt then and now-my artist and company are in good hands. Many of my friends are on this board. I do miss the stations that have been removed; I do love the stations that have been added. I feel my job as a promoter is to focus on just that, promoting. I feel my company has its ear to the ground. I feel Singing News and my fellow promoters are looking out for everyone. And contrary to some of the disgruntled promoters and labels excluded from the advisory panel, Rick Hendrix Company was not the reason for these changes. The board and Singing News is not and was not on a witch hunt during this process. You can stop trying to use me to insure your attacks on this board and Singing News. My only reason for making this public statement is to ask others to stop involving my company in the changes. I have a job to do for my artist. I have a commitment to promote and market. The energy I take to enforce changes, just shorts my artist those hours on the phone promoting them. I have always felt losing something is a win. A win of knowledge. It teaches us how not to lose again. So, if labels and artist feel they have lost ground. Learn the new way. Embrace change. Take it as an exciting new way to do what God has called you to do. I do not have a hidden agenda. These changes should not affect a good radio promoter. My company works the Billboard BDS spins system (Josh Turner, Vince Gill, Johnny Cash), we work the Music Row (John Conlee, Ty Herndon, Luke and Olivia) and we work Singing News(Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Gaither Vocal Band, Young Harmony, Hoppers, Jason Crabb, Mike & Kelly Bowling, and about 45 others). So, any system will work for the new artist, older artist, established or the ones trying to build. Just go for airplay that results in chart positions. Not everyone can be included in change. Not everyone gets to make the decisions. But, being a good steward with what you have been given, is to abide by the rules and policies and doing “THE BEST” job you can for your artist.

Rick Hendrix

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  1. Good job Rick. Call me, we’ll do lunch, on me even!

  2. Who is the “artist” Hendrix mentions more than four times in his response? Did he mean to type “artists” instead?

  3. He seems to give his all to those he loves. I would hire him. I have heard you either love him or hate him. NO in between.

  4. I think we live in exciting times where artists that would not normally get a chance are being givern a chance getting passed the gatekeepers. I know it’s hard to make decisions in such a volitile changing market. I’m sure he’s doing the best he can.

    Vocal Instructor Ken