Dallas Rogers leaving Dixie Echoes

Though I’ve heard it was coming for a while now, it is now official: Dallas Rogers is leaving the Dixie Echoes as of Christmas break this year. He is one of the best young tenors in Southern Gospel right now, and I look forward to hearing his future plans. Though it will be hard, I hope the Dixie Echoes manage to find someone else of his caliber.

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  1. I hate that for the D.E. Dallas is a very good singer.
    I hope he will continue singing.

  2. While it is unfortunate for the group, because I know they didn’t want to have another change quite so quickly, I think that in the long run it will be for the best.

    When Dallas first joined the group, he wasn’t the best sounding tenor. He’s improved greatly over the past couple years and is where he is right now because of hard work. I’m sure that whoever replaces him will do just fine. Even if the replacement isn’t knocking people’s socks off right in the beginning, he will more than likely improve and come into his position nicely.

    Randy, Scoot and Stewart aren’t going to hire someone to sing tenor who isn’t up to their standards. They just aren’t going to do it.

    Again, I really hate that another change is coming this quick, but I really do believe that great things are on the horizon for this group!

  3. I don’t mean to start wild speculation, but does this have anything to do with him purchasing his own bus a while back? Or was that the case?

  4. Dallas supposedly got a good deal on the bus and is planning on reselling it. I think any speculation on the matter is just that…pure speculation. Dallas and his family are moving to Tennessee so that Shelley can attend school.

  5. I had dinner with Dallas several months ago after a concert. He was trying to sell the bus at that time. It’s a steal from what I understand.

  6. You’ll be happy to know that Dallas has joined the Cross 4 Crowns. They are a quartet based in Mascot, TN (Knoxville). I was thrilled to hear him in concert tonight with the guys. He is a great addition to this group and I believe they will become one of the best quartets in the biz.


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