Take a deep breath

It has been a whirlwind, roller-coaster two weeks in Southern Gospel. In these two weeks, the following stories have come out:

  • Christian Davis (bass) leaves Mercy’s Mark Quartet
  • Dallas Rogers (tenor) leaves the Dixie Echoes
  • Scott McDowell (pianist) leaves Brian Free & Assurance
  • Nick Succi (pianist) leaves the Kingsmen
  • Grant Barker (bass guitarist) leaves the Kingsmen
  • The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet disbands
  • Mercy’s Mark disbands, at least for the rest of the year

Take a deep breath. Let’s hope this is it, for now!

Of course, Singing News also just announced a major story–that they are moving their Fan Awards to Saturday evening at the National Quartet Convention. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] I think it will have a beneficial effect on Saturday turnout, but it could also heavily impact Thursday and Friday attendance, as people who came in large part to catch the Fan Awards and then happen to stay until the end could feasibly end up coming just Saturday, or just Friday and Saturday.

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  1. On the fan awards: I’d rather have a smaller crowd on Thursday and have a big finale at the end to keep all the (running-away-happy) artists there than having a big Thursday night and a deserted exhibit hall Friday and Saturday.

  2. I think that the Singing News Fan Awards should have stayed where it was.It will probably get more people to stay the whole week through but doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be more staying.I understand NQC and Singing News’s motives in their making this decision.Only time will tell,though,if it will completely work out.About Mercy’s Mark-I saw on Dominion Agency’s site that Michael Allen(not sure if that’s the right name),Christian Davis,and Josh Feemster were touring together at the end of this year….Garry wasn’t listed….something seems fishy…LoL…

  3. I don’t see that info on the agency’s site…where did you see it?

  4. (It was Scott Allen)

    The info was up yesterday.