Two Up and Coming Bloggers

Fairly frequently, some fan of Southern Gospel starts a blog. All too often, he or she will make a few posts and decide that the level of effort required to write posts is more than they want to put forth.

Two blogs–Coomer Cove and Burke’s Brainwork–started in mid-September. Two months later, both bloggers are still keeping their blogs updated nearly every day. I think a little bit of recognition is due both of these bloggers. They are off to a great start, and if they can maintain the pace they’ve set for themselves, either or both could join the ranks of the Southern Gospel blogs most worth reading and watching on a daily basis.

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5 Letters to the Editor

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  1. I really do appreciate it when a blogger makes frequent updates and I’m checking both of these blog sites pretty often. There are several others that I check that have gone a month or longer between entries and I’m afraid that I loose interest and stop going to their sites.

    So, my thanks go to both of the writers you mentioned here!!!

  2. Thanks Daniel, my evenings and weekends are for my wife and two kids, but I do try my best to post at least 3-4 times per week, more if current events warrant it. I have enjoyed my entry into the SG blog world, it surely never has a dull moment!

  3. How would you rank all the blogs as compared to each other?

  4. I would step on a lot of toes if I did that!

    As far as blogs that have posted traffic statistics, I think Averyfineline, Musicscribe, and this blog seem to be three of the most read blogs.

  5. Thanks, Daniel! I try to post 5-6 days a week, but usually manage to make it 4-5 days. Like Wes, I have really enjoyed blogging and plan to continue.