Open Thread #5: A New Sub-title for this Blog?

Since my posting over the Thanksgiving holiday will be light, I thought I’d start this open thread to carry discussion forward until next Monday.

Here is a question to get things started. The current subtitle for this blog is “Beyond the Headlines: Southern Gospel News and Analysis.”  For most of a year, I’ve been wondering if that was the best possible subtitle. Any suggestions?

As always, since this is an open thread, feel free to comment on other topics as well!

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  1. How about – “NOT Averyfineline!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. How about “Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog” or “Daniel Mount: Southern Gospel’s Positive Blogger?”

  3. Southern Gossip? 😉

  4. I like that idea, Amerigrandpa!

    Kyle, thanks for your idea, too. 🙂

  5. I think the current subtitle is too long. Maybe SG News and Analysis, or some other concise title.

  6. I actually like your subtitle very much.

  7. Daniel, I think your title is fine. People come here not because of what you call your blog, but because of what’s here. Keep doing your best, and you’ll never have to be concerned about what you call this place.

  8. I also like the one you have now, Daniel.
    Since this is an open thread, has anyone heard what Jason Jackson (former baritone with Karen Peck & New River) is doing now? He joined KP&NR after John Rowsey left, and was on the release “For His Glory”, copyrighted 2003.

  9. My current one?

    And if that’s what you’re thinking of, what would you think of a combination: “Beyond the Headlines: Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog”?

  10. I don’t think of your blog as a “news blog” really. “SG News And Analysis” really doesn’t describe what you do, to my way of thinking. For example, when you publish one of your lists, that has nothing to do with news or headlines.

    “Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog” is simple and to the point.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving one and all!
    …you too DBM.

  12. it’s only 11:42pm where I am…I didn’t eat that much Turkey!

  13. gospelHog,
    Thanks…I thought “one and all” would have covered me, but I guess not! :o)

  14. I didn’t catch that at first, but now that you point it out, that is pretty funny.

  15. I think you should just be who YOU want to be and stop worrying whether or not everyone approves.

    I think your current headlines suits you just fine.

  16. Southern Gospel Blog – Fair and Balanced 😉

    • Thanks! Wow, you found this one back in the archives! I don’t even have a tagline anymore!

      • It was listed as a “related post” when you click on the latest Saturday News Roundup. I read this yesterday, just didn’t make a comment.

      • Oh, OK! Interesting!


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