New Subtitle: “Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog”

After reading and taking into consideration all the comments in last week’s open thread, I changed the subtitle of this blog for the first time since it was launched. For the last 14 months, it’s been “Beyond the Headlines: Southern Gospel News and Analysis.”

I liked the idea of naming the blog “Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog,” but didn’t want to go ahead with it unless I saw that the other leading bloggers were okay with it. Once David Bruce Murray posted his comment that indicated he didn’t really mind the idea, I decided to go ahead with it.

Just to be perfectly clear, I don’t mean this as a criticism of other blogs. They choose to take a critical/analytical approach to commenting on this genre. I choose to approach this genre as a fan first and a commentator afterwards. I enjoy this music, and I hope some of that gets reflected in my posts. Other blogs do what they do, and do it well; while this subtitle does reflect how this blog is different, it’s not to say that it is better, just that it is aiming for a different target.

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  1. Short, sweet, and to the point. I like it!

  2. I don’t. Short and sweet it may be, but there was nothing wrong with “Beyond The Headlines”…since you often posted analyses and other things beyond mere headline news stories.

    This new subtitle infers that you are separating yourself from the rest of us by , as the old song says, “ac-centuating the positive”, which I don’t think you mean to do. Certainly other bloggers post “positive” observations…you’re not the only one.

    I just feel that there was no need for a change…”Beyond The Headlines” was more descriptive of what this blog normally is than “Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog”, not that you’re not positive(you are generally), but you’re not the only blog that is. To me it sells you short, because that’s not all you are and do.

  3. I agree with Inquirer.

  4. So, basically, NOT Averyfineline!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  5. Kyle and Aaron make excellent points. Many blog commenters equate any idea that is remotely constructive (and that covers a wide range of topics) with negativity, an unfortunate side effect to the Polka Dots and Moonbeams-flavored Kool-Aid that is consumed by large numbers of devoted SG performers and fans each year.

    I certainly would affirm that yours is a nice, safe place to visit. Just don’t get discouraged if someone takes you to task over any little thing that, to them, might warrant a de-classification of your blog as “positive.”

  6. Honestly, I think the original is best!

  7. Well, folks, as far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out. I’m not dead-set on this. How’s this for an alternate?

    “Beyond the Headlines: Positive Daily Commentary on Southern Gospel”


    “Beyond the Headlines: Constructive Commentary on Southern Gospel”

    To all of you who don’t like the current subtitle, feel free to suggest alternatives. 🙂

  8. Ya know Daniel sometimes your original first impression is the best. However, the name really means nothing to me, I will read it regardless of the name over the door.

  9. How about – Need I say more?

  10. I really don’t like the use of the word “positive”. Mainly because then I’ll feel bad if I have to comment something that isn’t so “positive”. haha.

  11. The word “positive” tends to lad to a reactionary tone although it might not be intent in this case.
    Looking at it from another prospective, it is very close to guerrila marketing as some might think it is feeding off other factors in any given setting.
    Since I am judging this situation, I have to offer something in its place.
    How about
    “Southern Gospel Fresher Look”
    The word “blog” doesn’t have to be in the subtitle as I would hope every one would know its a blog plus the spiders and crawlers of the internet are alot smarter than all of us.

  12. Well, I don’t really have any alternatives. As I(and now several others)have stated though, I saw no reason for you to change the subtitle…the original is just fine!

    And I, like Ben, will keep reading no matter what you call it.:-)

  13. I vote for: “Beyond the Headlines: Positive Daily Commentary on Southern Gospel”