Another New Subtitle

While I personally like the title (“Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog”) I posted yesterday, at least one blogger took personal offense, so I decided that I ought to take it down. Since I still wanted a subtitle that was more descriptive of this blog in particular–not one that could apply to any blog out there–I ended up choosing to go with one that is a hybrid of the old (which some like) and the new (which others like): “Beyond the Headlines: Positive Daily Commentary on Southern Gospel.”

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13 Letters to the Editor

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  1. I like this one better. While the “Southern Gospel’s Positive Blog” was not offensive to me, it did imply that other blogs were not positive. This title says exactly what it should. It is daily (hats off to you for that!!!) and it is always positive. Keep up the good work, Daniel.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Of the 2 new choices this one is better. But I still like the first one.

  4. Well, sometimes it’s good to compromise, and this is one of those times. I like it!

  5. I agree with Quaid. My vote is to reconsider and go with the original.

  6. I hope you don’t think I was the blogger who took personal offense at your first new title, Daniel, because I certainly did not. It takes a lot to personally offend me, and certainly what you want to call your OWN blog is not something that would bother me one bit.

    Like others who have chimed in, I don’t know why you felt it necessary to change anything. What is important in evaluating a blog is what’s posted inside of it(i.e., the content), NOT the title. Anyone can call their blog anything, but what keeps people coming back to view it is not the “sign on the door”, but what’s inside the room itself.

    My only suggestion is to keep concentrate on what you post about, and not so much about what you call it.

  7. I hate this one…way too long

    Are you going to take it down too, or do you like John more than me??? :o)

  8. Ouch. 😳

    Well, I prefer the one I had yesterday, but I guess he did have a point in that it could be perceived as offensive. 😕

  9. Personally, I liked the original title best so far….If you keep this title you MUST blog DAILY (note the title! lol)

  10. I like “Positive Southern Gospel Commentary” or “Positive Insights on Southern Gospel Music”…yeh, I like both of those. JMO.

  11. Bottom line: you got a great blog going here!

    I will get back to posting at my site soon. Holiday activities have had me running. Between, family, church and choir…wow!
    Anyway, luv your site by any name you choose.

    PJ / The Prophets

  12. Daniel – I’ll say it again – do what YOU want and quit worrying about what everyone else thinks.

  13. Chris,
    Watching him worry about what everyone else thinks is 50% of the fun in reading his blog…take that away, and you diminish the appeal. Maybe what he wants is to worry about what others think… :o)

    Sorry…can’t resist when it’s 2:30 AM… :o)