Southern Gospel singer jumps out of an airplane

I subscribe to the newsletters of several dozen Southern Gospel groups, since you never know when one of them will have a particularly interesting story. Last week’s Thanksgiving update from the Browns–written by daughter Michaela (who was a Singing News top 5 Horizon Individual nominee this year)–had this news item:

This past week we had some time off and we all went and spent some time with friends… I went to Washington D.C. where a friend of mine is nanny and the day before I came home I thought we should do something adventures.. I came up with the bright idea of going Skydiving!!! I’ve always wanted to do it and it was all I ever thought it would be and more!! You should have seen mom and dads faces when I got home and popped in the DVD!!! Here is the link if you want to watch me jump out of an airplane!

I didn’t really have any other news to post today; most of the newsmakers in our genre took an extended weekend off from making news, and this is the most interesting thing I came across over the weekend. (NOTE: Do not watch the clip if you have a fear of heights!)

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  1. Daniel, let me know when you go!! 🙂

    I never thought I’d be saying this, but that actually looked fun!

  2. I think it’s highly unlikely that I’d jump out of an airplane unless it was an emergency. 😕