CD Review: Changeless Sound (Dave, Duane & Neil)

To get the obvious out of the way first, Changing World . . . Unchanging Christ . . . Changeless Sound has to be one of the longest CD titles in a number of years. It was too long to fit in the title of the post, hence the abbreviation.

Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson, and Neil Enloe started singing together fifty-five years ago as the Couriers. Though they went off the road twice since then—the first time in about 1980 after Duane Nicholson had some voice problems, and the second time when they retired early in the ’00s and handed the name to another generation—they started singing together again on a limited schedule several years ago.

In conversations with me and during concert dialog from stage, group members have indicated that this project will likely be their final release. But they aren’t going out solemnly or quietly. More on that in a moment.

The project mixes several Southern Gospel classics, several songs the Couriers cut before, and a handful of new songs. Dave Kyllonen wrote one new song for the project, “Jochebed,” and Neil Enloe contributed three new songs, “Euroclydon,” “Still Good News Today,” and “The Next Time I Get Married.”

“Euroclydon” is based on Acts 27:13. In the KJV, the mighty gale that caught the Apostle Paul’s ship is transliterated from the Greek, “euroclydon.” The song tells the story of the storm and offers a modern-day application. Its musical setting is as unique as the lyric; it’s set in a minor key, which Dave, Duane, and Neil sing in unison for the verses and portions of the chorus.

Back to the thought about going out with a bang. “The Next Time I Get Married” is probably the most unique song Neil Enloe has ever penned. The song is set up in live concerts with a comment that the song is directed to men, and that each of the members of the group have only been married once, each at or approaching fifty years of marriage. The song reminds Christian men that we will be part of the bride of Christ—and there is something irresistibly delightful about watching three men in their 70s, with twinkles in their eyes, sing “The Next Time I Get Married, boys, I’m gonna be the bride!”

Song list: It’s Such a Good Feelin’; I Stand Before Your Majesty; Happiness Is Following Jesus; He’ll Be There; Euroclydon; I Am the Word; Still Good News Today; The Next Time I Get Married; When it Hurts So Bad; Jochebed; Christ in Me; Dear Jesus, Abide With Me. Personnel list: Duane Nicholson, Neil Enloe, Dave Kyllonen. Review copy provided.

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  1. Nice review,’s clear that you’ve come to really appreciate the Couriers and what they’ve brought to gospel music…especially the southern genre.

    Just a little historical clarification on their career for you here.

    Dave, Duane, and Neil did not start singing together in 1955. The Couriers Quartet began in 1955 with Don Baldwin, Dave Kyllonen, Eddie Mosher, and Lem Boyles in the singing parts.

    Duane did not join the group until 1956, and Neil didn’t join until 1957. The Couriers name goes back to 1953…that quartet quit after a year and Baldwin reorganized them in 1955.

    And Dave was not part of the group in their second stint, which began in 1983(after Duane’s voice had completely recovered). A variety of singers shared the third part, and finally Phil Enloe became the permanent replacement for Dave midway through the 1980s.

    All of this information is available in DD&N’s autobiography, “The Final Quartet”, which came out last year.

    • I did read the autobiography (after all, I reviewed it, and it’s rather hard to review something you haven’t read!) but my mind was a little fuzzy on the details. I seem to think there was some reference to 1955 in the recent concert, but I probably misunderstood it.

      I did know that Dave wasn’t part of the group’s second stint. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear!

    • Oh: And if I may offer one minor quibble myself: The title’s “The Final Quarter,” not “The Final Quartet”! 😀

      • Thank you for pointing that out…I’m comforted that you care that much about my typos! 🙂 🙂

        Though it CAN be argued by some that what you pointed out was not a typo, but merely a Freudian slip! lol

      • I was wondering if you would portray it in that light! 😀 😀 😀

    • Hey John, you must have seen our appearance on the Jim Bakker Show last week. He also called our book, “Our Final Quartet.” But it’s actually entitled, “Our final Quarter.”

  2. Thanks for the review – there “is” something quite irresistably delightful to see these men in their 70’s still singing and ministering with excellence! I’ve been keeping up with these remarkable men and their ministry since ’64. They are the real thing and in my opinion, singing like they did when they started….the twinkles are still in their eyes…..! Neil is still one of the best writers and arrangers around, Dave’s “Jochebed” is a “dandy” in my book. Duane’s presentation on this project is really remarkable. I say Dave, Duane & Neil keep on singing!!!

  3. I sometimes feel like the saying a day late and a dollar short. But the fact is that “The Couriers”, have blessed an innumerable amount of people through the Holy Spirit throughout these many years. I have been richly blessed by their music and their ministry but I also realize Christians never retire we just go home!