CD Review: Journey Through the Sky (HisSong)

HisSong was founded in 2001 by Dennis Humphries. They have maintained a stable lineup (Adam Elrod on tenor, Dennis Humphries on lead, and Adam Cannon on baritone) for several years, long enough to give them the freedom to refine their ensemble sound.

I won’t make the same mistake I made last time (review of On the Way Up) of saying the project doesn’t have a clear breakout hit—especially since “I Believe in Prayer” has already hit the Singing News top 10! Other particularly strong tracks on the project are “Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane” (penned by Bill & Gloria Gaither) and a new, lyrically unique track written by Dianne Wilkinson, “Can You Burn?”

Adam Elrod has a unique power tenor tone, but great control. He knows his limits, stays within them, and anchors the group’s vocal identity in the process. In a genre where vocal production techniques can make a number of groups sound just like other groups on their radio singles, HisSong has a key asset of a distinctive sound. And as their song selection keeps improving, this has become a group to watch.

Song list: Jesus is the Best Thing; Journey Through the Sky; When We Talk to the Father; Can You Burn; What a Difference a Day Makes; I Believe in Prayer; When God Moves a Stone; Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane; Just What I Needed; They’re Getting Ready in Glory. Personnel list: Adam Elrod, Adam Cannon, Dennis Humphries. Review copy provided.

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  1. I have this cd and I love it. As you said, they have a unique sound. You know immediately who’s singing. Love to hear their songs.

  2. I haven’t heard the whole project but I love the song “I believe in prayer”. I think Wayne Haun produces them, which was a awesome move on their part. He must know how to pull the good stuff out of people, because they are sounding better than ever.

  3. Adam Elrod is in my Top 5 tenors list. He is a very talented guy…

    • WOW Chris he must really impress you… It does surprise me that a more established or well known group has not tried to steal him away… Or maybe they have and he is not listening… 🙂

      I like Hissong I don’t actually have any of their albums yet… But I saw their performance online of “I Believe In Prayer” at the Absolutely Gospel awards show… It was very impressive…

      • Nate – I’m not sure he sings as high as some of the other groups, particularly quartets, want.

        But what he does sing, he sings well, and it works with HisSong’s group range preferences.

      • They have, but he’s quite content where he’s at. 😉

    • Is that Top 5 gospel tenors or top 5 tenors overall (including CCM)? My top 5 overall would probably look something like this (in order):

      Steve Green
      Matthew Ward
      Ernie Haase
      Jonathan Pierce
      Wes Hampton

      Yeah, everybody’s gonna say “Why in the world didn’t you put David Phelps on there??” Well…I can’t deny his huge talent, but…style just ain’t my thing so much. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but let’s just say that he looks and sounds a wee bit impressed with himself on stage. He may be more naturally gifted than somebody like Wes Hampton, but Wes has such a clear, straight-forward delivery, and he has 0 ego. Zilch, notta, nothing. I like that.