CD Review: The Message (Browders)

The Browders are a family group; father Tommy Browder, his sons Matthew and David, and Matthew’s wife Sonya make up the group. All four play instruments in their live programs—Tommy plays lead guitar, Matthew plays rhythm guitar, David plays bass, and Sonya plays piano. (On the project, though, they utilized studio musicians).

On The Message, every song was written by a member of the group (most written or co-written by Matthew). Though there are a few piano-led songs, most feature acoustic or electric guitars prominently in the mix. Project highlights include the big ballad “Message of the Cross” and the closing track “Fall on My Knees” (featuring a nice cello part from legendary Christian cellist John Catchings).

Song list: Dream; Message of the Cross; Cast the First Stone; I Am So Blessed; Man I Am Today; Stepping Stones; Land of No Goodbyes; Praise You in This Valley; I’ve Got a Friend; King’s Kid; I’m Not My Own; Fall on my Knees. Review copy provided.

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  1. The Browders deserve a whole lot more recognition. “Message of the Cross” is currently number 3 on the SN charts yet their name is still unfamiliar to many. Just read down the current list:

    1. Perrys
    2. Doves Brothers
    3. Browders
    4. Greater Vision
    5. Kingdom Heirs
    6. Greenes
    7. Talley Trio
    8. Kingsmen
    9. Ivan Parker
    10 Booth Brothers

    Over they past several years The Browders have charted many times. I have them every year at our church and they are among our favorites.

    • That song is easily the best on the project.

      There are always more talented groups out there than any one person has time or money to follow. This could be perceived as unfortunate, but on the flip side, better that there are so many willing to carry the Gospel through song than that there are too few.

  2. I became familiar with the Browders back in the early part of 2009. We have had them as part of our trio’s Homecoming concerts a couple of times and the phrase that best describes them is “true class”. They took time before and after the concert to minister, pray, and encourage each member of our regional group and seemed happy to do so. I believe God has great things in store for this family group from Hiltons, VA. because of their faithfulness to the call. What an annointed group.

  3. As a D.J. I hear more records than I care to admit. This one stands out. So pleased to see the next generation owning the mantle of Southern Gospel music and making it their own. Look to the Browders for many future hits. They’re here to stay 😉

  4. Met the Browders on recent singing in the sea cruise. What great folks, And they sing great too. Not to mention their wonderful music. I love waiting on my change. Hope they continue to have number one songs. They deserve it.