Southern Gospel dominates Amazon’s Christian music videos bestsellers list

I was browsing Amazon the other day and noticed that one of the Gaither Homecoming videos placed in the top 25 on Amazon’s list of top sellers in Christian & Gospel music videos. That piqued my curiosity, so I decided to check out the list. I couldn’t help but find it interesting that Southern Gospel titles composed roughly half the list, including holding the #1 and #3 spots. Here’s the current list:

  1. Together (Gaither Vocal Band / Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
  2. Men Cry in the Dark (Allen Payne)
  3. How Great Thou Art (Gaither Homecoming)
  4. Gospel Music of Johnny Cash (Johnny Cash)
  5. Praise Baby Collection – My Father’s World
  6. The Gospel Road (June Carter Cash)
  7. Amazing Grace (Gaither Homecoming)
  8. Friends and Lovers (Amez J)
  9. He Touched Me, Vol. 1-2 (Elvis Presley)
  10. 1975-1981 Rolling Thunder and the Gospel Years (Bob Dylan)
  11. Gaither Homecoming Classics Vol. 1 (Gaither Homecoming)
  12. Gaither Homecoming Classics Vol. 2 (Gaither Homecoming)
  13. Santo Subito (Pope John Paul II)
  14. Jerusalem (Gaither Homecoming)
  15. The Maintenance Man (Darius McCrary)
  16. Love Can Turn the World (Gaither Homecoming)
  17. South African Homecoming (Gaither Homecoming)
  18. Mark Lowry Goes to Hollywood (Mark Lowry)
  19. So Much to be Thankful For (Lee Williams)
  20. Israel Homecoming (Gaither Homecoming)
  21. Time Again (Amy Grant)
  22. Live in Concert: A 20 Year Celebration (Michael W. Smith)
  23. The Gospel (Omar Gooding)
  24. Live (MercyMe)
  25. Best of Mark Lowry, Vol. 1 (Mark Lowry)

Of course, the Southern Gospel titles in the top 25 are all by Bill Gaither or artists who have been connected with him. Even if you may not necessarily agree with every decision Gaither has made, is is due in large part to his efforts that Southern Gospel is still one of the top Christian music genres. We may never see this again, so let’s just enjoy the spotlight on our genre while we have it.

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  1. Daniel, I didn’t know if you realized it or not, but #3 The Gospel Music of Johnny Cash is a Gaither produced DVD.

  2. No, I hadn’t realized that–thanks for pointing it out. I edited the post (put the Cash video in bold) accordingly.

  3. Isn’t He Touched Me also a Gaither product?


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