Concert Review: Mark Trammell Quartet / Danny Funderburk (Hartsville, OH)

On Saturday, I drove out to Hartsville to see a concert featuring Danny Funderburk and the Mark Trammell Quartet. Time does not permit a full review, but here are a few highlights:

  • In his first set, Danny Funderburk brought the house down with “Somebody Touched Me.” There were four or five rounds of applause at different points, and a standing ovation at the end.
  • The Mark Trammell Quartet did their set with virtually no soundtracks; I think there may have been three on the first set, and I was having too much fun in the second to pay attention to such minutiae. More on that momentarily.
  • Highlights of their first set were (to nobody’s surprise!) Pat Barker’s rendition of “How Big is God” and Mark Trammell’s rendition of “Loving the Lamb.” Even though only two of the four vocalists on stage are on the studio version, I venture to say this lineup is in line to be the one the song is remembered for.
  • In Danny Funderburk’s second set, he delivered a spot-on rendition of “For What Earthly Reason.” It sounded like he was using the original Goss / Symphony of Praise trackโ€”no transpositions down on this oneโ€”and the soft falsetto ending (technically, head voice) was a moment of sheer beauty.
  • After Danny sang a few songs, the Mark Trammell Quartet came back on stage and only did another song or two before calling Danny back for twenty minutes of the closest thing to Heaven on earth for a Cathedrals fan. Joel took a break for a song, and Danny sang “Master Builder” with the rest of the quartet. That got things rolling, and before it was over, they did “Plan of Salvation,” “I’ve Just Started Living,” “I’ll Have a New Life / Everybody Will Be Happy,” and perhaps one more.
  • As all five singers were together for “I’ve Just Started Living,” it hit me:ย  This quintet is actually better than the Gaither Vocal Band. Sure, part for part, on range and control you might have to give Phelps an edge over Joel Wood (though Wood’s no slacker!), but on the other end take Bill Gaither vs. the good-looking Pat Barker. Comparisons aside, this quintet was vocal dynamite.

If you enjoy the music of the Cathedrals, and these two artists are appearing together anywhere within a few hours of your house, don’t miss it.

And if you don’t enjoy the music of the Cathedrals, go anyhow. You’ll love the Cathedrals’ music before the night’s up.

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  1. Enjoyed the highlights! Can’t wait to see the entire review!

  2. Great review! I hope to get to see them sometime soon. It sounds like it is a wonderful concert! Glad you had a nice time!

  3. Boy, you nailed that one, Daniel. I was much too enthralled to even begin taking notes (although I did take lots of pictures!). Their renditions of the Cathedral classics were ever bit as good as an actual ‘Remember the Music’ concert that I attended a year ago. All of the other songs were pure bonus-quality and the blessings just over-flowed. What a dynamite evening! PTL

  4. Daniel, i hated to miss that one, but work comes first unfortunately!.

  5. Comparing the MTQT and Funderburk to the GVB is much like comparing a old Chevette to a 2011 Chevy Camaro…there’s not a comparison. IMO there isn’t a guy listed in your review that could hold a candle to any one member of the GVB. For my money, I’d rather hear Bill Gaither sing for 2 hours than Pat Barker for 5 minutes. I’m just saying. Glad you enjoyed the concert though!

    • Sentiment covers a multitude of miles, You can shine an old Chevy but you won’t rub the miles off the clock.

      Trouble is, I think the same applies to the current GVB as well.

      Score draw then. Studio albums don’t count, anything is possible technically. Live is where the rubber hits the road. One or two motors slow to warm this weather. hmmm.

  6. So basically you got to listen to the best baritone of all time, my favorite tenor of all time, and, in my opinion, the best bass currently singing in a gospel quartet, sing at the same time. I’m not jealous, no…

    • Hey Brian, I like you. Nice comments on the Averyfineline thread. The snark factor on that blog is almost palpable. That’s why I hang out here instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Was… maybe… you can’t be serious bro?

      • What can’t he be serious about? That Mark is the best baritone or Danny the best tenor?

      • Ha! foot-in-mouth moment bro!

        I was reading the thread backwards, I interpreted the comment as referring to GVB! Sorry ’bout that ๐Ÿ™‚

        Glad you called called me to account. Still not sure if ‘best’ applies to Mark of Danny either though….

      • Happens to the best of us! ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually agree with you though. I would give best tenor and baritone to Ernie Haase and Doug Anderson myself, but then again maybe I’m biased…;-)

      • REf below, SoGoBro,

        Curious why you withhold the “Best Tenor” from David Phelps?

        I love Ernie for what he has done with his Dad-in-Law’s Legacy [oops careful here!]and his vision for the future of SGM, outside the traditional strongholds of Tennessee and Alabama.

        Also I admire him as the undoubted driving force behind EHSS, BUT bro; as a tenor he is past his peak.

        I DO rate Dougie highly though, I think Marsh carries a baritone lead better among living exponents of the part, but Doug is under utilized. I spoke to Wayne about it actually, he said he was impressed by the number of EHSS fans who asked for ”
        more Doug lead parts”!

        On the subject of our beloved boys, I still rate Ryan above Declin. in fact I rate Ryan as one of the top lead tenors in SGM. He is NOT a solo artist by nature or calling.

        Give the Boy a home!

      • Well…Ernie vs. David is a tricky thing. Bottom line is, I just like Ernie’s style better. David has this prima donna way about his voice sometimes. Heavy vibrato, “LOOK AT ME!” kind of thing. It begs for parody. Ernie’s voice you absolutely cannot make fun of. Another thing is that David seems to have a bit of trouble finding his style. I mean, if you listen to him sing “Nessun Dorma…” I think it’s pretty funny actually. You want to go, “Well David, is it pop or is it opera? I know! We’ll call it popera!” Ernie has one style and sticks with it. So yeah, it’s a style thing for me.

      • Oh yeah, and agree about Ryan and Devin too (BTW, it’s Devin, not Declin.) Devin has a nice voice, but come to think of it he also needs to watch the contemporary stylings. I think once he gets into a song and starts singing naturally he does fine. Prefer Ryan though. Purer delivery and a little more power. Hated to see him go. Agree, he’s definitely not a soloist. But like I said on another thread, give it 5, 10 years, and I’ll bet he’ll show up in another group.

      • “Popera”!! You’ll get struck off man!

        Tend to agree though.

        As for making fun of Ernie, I thought Brian Free did it all the time??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Sorry, Devin McGlamerous.

        BTW. What about “Gospop”? Covers most of CCM. Or “Bluegos” or “Gostry”?

        Sensible Gospel Ministry, that’s where it’s at bro!

      • Hmmm…”Gospop.” I like it. ‘Cept I’m not seeing the gospel part in a lot of the CCM I’m seeing. How do we classify Toby-Mac? I know! “Hip-pop.”

        Now, now, Devin is a really sweet guy. No need to be calling him “McGlamerous.” I save that sort of thing for people who really are full of themselves…you know, like “The Anointed One” or “His Royal Pompousness” for our current President…

        I didn’t know Brian Free made fun of Ernie…talk about the pot calling the kettle black, man! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Never could really get into Brian’s voice myself…

      • I live in Africa. Can’t talk about ‘kettles’ here bro!

        It’s hard to get into Brian’s voice when it’s mostly in his nasal passages. I know Ernie can smooth up into “head voice” too, but he still sounds like he is singing, not boiling a kettle! ๐Ÿ™

      • That’s kind of what I meant…people complain that Ernie sounds shrill. They should listen to Brian Free! Reminds me of Mickey Mouse sometimes…Ernie sings like a man, even in falsetto! (Man vs. mouse, that is, LOL.)

      • ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        I’ve let this go on for a while. But while man vs. mouse is kind of funny – I have to admit that despite myself, while trying to look stern – we’d really better cut it there, and not take the Haase/Free debate any farther! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • No problem…just having a little fun. You should know that I would never, ever descend into the kind of mean-spirited, personally pejorative talk I’ve seen elsewhere (even on this very topic). For the record, I really like Brian personally even though his voice isn’t my thing. He seems like a class act. Really like Ernie personally too. So no harm meant here.

      • Great – glad to hear it. I was 99% sure you didn’t mean harm, but every now and then someone comes on who does.

      • Absolutely. And can I just take the opportunity here to say that I really appreciate what you’ve done to keep the atmosphere of this blog clean and professional? I know it takes a lot more work than most of us know…in fact I think I even recall your saying somewhere else that you get just as many trolls as Averyfineline—they just don’t make it past your filter. We *really* appreciate that! Thank you!

      • You’re welcome!

        I think there was a point when I had a similar number of negative commenters. However, I think that number has gone down, as they have figured out that they’re not welcome here!

      • Great! Let Avery have them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ha! I warned you bro!

        This is Daniel’s Den, even the mice must behave!

        Actually I think those who stick around here mostly do so for the reasons stated.

        Daniel does a good job, and by the look of things nigh on 24/7.

        A wee Editorial word now and again does no harm.

        Actually Daniel you were very quiet on this thread, we need your input as well as management. Really enjoyed this ‘chat’ though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ No problem. The reason I haven’t been on more is that I’ve been on the road, catching up at weird hours instead of my usual schedule.

  7. Opinions, opinions…I’ve never heard this group, and I’m not crazy over the new GVB, so I guess I don’t have a dog in this fight. I see Daniel’s also getting some flak for his comparison over on Averyfineline. People…lighten up! Everybody’s got their own favorite group. Mine is EHSS, somebody else’s might be the current GVB, MTQ is one of Daniel’s…different strokes, etc.

    Personally, I think Bill made a big mistake when he let go of Guy Penrod. Swapping out Marshall for Mark wasn’t a big deal for me, it was the loss of Guy that I couldn’t stomach. Essentially what he’s done is brought back Michael English to replace Guy. And a little Michael goes a long way, IMO. He’s just not Guy Penrod. David is back, and he’s a talented guy, but I think Wes is getting kind of over-shadowed now. With the previous blend, we could actually see and hear Wes. Now it seems like David and Michael are tossing the spotlight back and forth most of the time…

    Still, it says something good about Bill that he’s decided to keep Wes. If he lets go of Wes, I’ll explode. That kid is talented, and this job is a dream come true for him. Bless his heart, sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t even know how good he is…he thinks everybody else is doing him a huge favor by letting him sing with them. I won’t name names, but I’m thinking the opposite in certain cases.

    • SoGoBro, Maybe Guy wanted to walk, and maybe HE made the mistake, not Bill. Personally I think Bill was the anchor and Guy is going to spoil his own legacy by being pulled too country in his latter days. He’ll end up in the Oak Ridge if he slides far enough.

      Yeah I do rate them musically, BUT…

      Agree about Wes, though he can learn plenty in his present company, Mike and Mark are well over the hill and David, incredibly, has peaked. His vocal stamina is slipping, he is good enough to disguise it though. He may have been THE tenor of his generation though.

      As for Bill, a genius in HIS field, but hey Nick bro, it is a moot point. Bill couldn’t sing for 2 hours – whether you wanted him to or not!

      He is good enough to disguise that too! LOL.

      • True…could be Guy was the one wanting to leave. In that case I’d say he made a mistake. Liked his solo album all right, but it wasn’t quite the Guy I knew…I appreciated the messages in the lyrics, but the songs didn’t really stick with me for some reason.

        David sounds great…but don’t you ever get the feeling that he kind of knows it a little too much? But heck, when you’re that talented, who wouldn’t have a bit of an ego? Then again, Wes is really great and he has zero ego.


      • I can’t shake off the feeling the current GVB is the Gaither equivalent of “Old Friend’s Quartet”. The spare wheel – Wes – is actually the next generation. Musically 3/5 are well past their glory days, and I still David has peaked and knows it.

        It’s just that David is good enough to be a ‘power tenor’ on half throttle. Nobody else comes close – yet. He knows it.

      • I’d have to disagree with the “now power tenor-yet” Have you heard Danny Funderburk in his prime? He could easily rank up there with David, no doubt with the range and the power. Still, both are great tenors who are true tenors by singing at their top ranges, but still having power!

      • I have heard, and do like Danny Funderburk, but I do think he sung in “head voice” a lot, which quite a few tenors do as a norm.

        Where I would rate David slightly ahead is, he needs “head voice” less than most, and he has also as much power at the very top of his range as anywhere else.

        Plus, I do thnik David is a solo performer essentially.

        Danny was a top quality quartet first tenor. Not really a soloist.

      • Would have to agree David. I do like Danny, didn’t like him much at first because I was comparing him to Ernie, but it’s a good voice in its own right. Good strong, clear tone, good quartet tenor as you said. I think David is more balanced though. Like you said, he can hit the stratosphere in chest voice. Say what you like about his stage presence (and I’ve said plenty), but…the man’s got talent!

    • “Bless his heart, sometimes I wonder if he doesnโ€™t even know how good he isโ€ฆhe thinks everybody else is doing him a huge favor by letting him sing with them.”

      So true! That’s what makes him one of the most likable people in SG!

      • Exactly! He’s clean-cut, professional, yet incredibly humble. I really felt this on the duet he did with Steve Green singing “It Is Well With My Soul.” He just had this way about him, like “I can’t believe I’m singing with Steve Green!” But you and I both know he knocked that duet out of the park. That kind of class is just so refreshing, particularly in somebody that young.

        I think it’s great that he went around and collected everybody’s autographs at the GVB Reunion. I wonder if he signed it himself? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I suspect he didn’t!

      • Awwww…shucks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Just curious–what was the size of the crowd at last night’s MTQ concert? Was it a ticketed event or love offering?

    • I didn’t count, but probably 250 or so. Ticketed (and not cheap tickets, either – $15 or $18).

  9. I also attended the concert last night. What a great night! My first time to hear the new Mark Trammell Quartet, and I was not disappointed. They were fantastic. My first time to hear Danny in concert. He sure did a good job. It sure was great to hear those Cathedral songs when Danny & Mark sang with them. Sorry I didn’t see you there or I would have let you know how much I enjoy your website. You really do a great job. Thanks, Daniel.

    • Wow! I had a couple of readers there. How neat!

      • On the Blog!

        Is that all?

        I though half of SGM was enthralled by this thread.

        You got some serious analysis going on here Daniel. Lol. We might all get carried away, but two readers??

        Hold it, at the concert you mean?

        Phew! I thought the 4 of us were talking to ourselves! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • No, I meant at the concert. ๐Ÿ™‚

        This blog has 1500-2200 unique visits per day (many more hits – those are just the unique visits!)

      • There are a few ‘unique’ characters around here, no doubt of that! ha!

      • Btw Daniel, do me a favor next time you see Danny. Do an interview with him! It will be the best interview you’ve ever done. Such a fun guy, and he will tell you how it is!

      • That would be neat, but, of course, it’s not as simple as walking up and asking. I have to arrange it in advance, and it’s pending the singer’s schedule being open enough. So typically, I have to know the singer to one extent or another, and unfortunately that’s not true here. I wish, and maybe someday!

      • Well it would have to top the one with Dianne Wilkinson for it to be the best interview you’ve ever done Daniel. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • In that event, I’d better not try, since there’s no way I could top that!

      • I doubt it…though I really loved the one you did with Kim Collingsworth. The one with Wes Hampton was great too. But there’s nobody quite like Dianne…

  10. Trammell is one of the best SG baritones of all time. Funderburk was one of the tenors as well. However, to me, a more appropriate comparison (but still wrong) would be to compare the Cathedrals of the Trammell / Funderburk era (maybe with Wolfe or Bennett) with the GVB. Those are very different, but both great. However, to compare like you did seems a big stretch to me. I wasn’t there, but I don’t see it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    With that said, Trammell goes after Loving the Lamb and other similar songs. THAT is the type of song and singing I want out of the group and him. Maybe not exclusively, but mostly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Agreed on the Cat’s comment, but which GVB to compare? Not the current line-up?

      As a QUARTET, I would rate the ‘Wes-Guy-Marsh-Bill’ GVB as one of the best, and ‘Ernie-Scott-Glen-George’ as the best Cat line-up. These two can go head to head in my head! The QUARTET is greater than any one member – which is why Geroge rated Mark Trammel so highly. He never dominated or Show-boated.

      Daivd Phelps, by comparison is a solo tenor singing in a quintet, as is Michael, which is why another comment referred to “passing the spotlight”.

      “Four flat-footed guys singing round a piano”. Glen Payne’s definition of a SG Quartet, defines the Cathedral’s, like no other group.

      • Hmmmm…interesting. I think I actually agree with you on both of those blends! They were my favorites for their respective groups. I do think the GVB blend is a wee bit tighter though. With the Ernie/Glen/Scott/George blend of the Cats, it was a great sound, but the extreme youth of the one half and the extreme age of the other did show a little at times. And while George may have been a greater singer than Bill (okay, don’t even need a “may” there), I think Bill blends much better.

        Now Wes/Guy/Marsh/Bill…perfect. Bill hit the blend just right. Very smooth and very tight. Like you said, David Phelps is a soloist in a quintet. Wes Hampton is a true quartet tenor. He can switch from leading to blending with understated class.

        Just for fun, let’s take those two groups individually for a moment (minus George and Bill, which I already did).

        Wes vs. Ernie: Honestly, I wouldn’t be without either of them. I really like them both. I think I’d have to give the edge to Ernie though. Wes is really good, but he needs to work on his lower range a little bit. Pure, pure tone, not a whole lot of body to the voice though. I think Ernie’s voice is just richer, and that’s why he’s aging so well. Wes needs to start developing more than just a clear tone if he wants to age that well.

        Scott vs. Marsh: I’ve always thought Scott was a tad underrated. It’s true that he “squeaked” somewhat with the Cats, but he’s been smoothing that out lately. Personally I think I prefer him to Marsh even in his Cats period. Marsh may be more talented, but I just like Scott’s style better. The thing about Marsh is that he’s so good, but he keeps changing it up and doing these little contemporary things with his voice. I want to say, “Marsh…just *sing*! You’ve got a good voice, just let it speak for itself sans bells and whistles.” But I’m probably alone there, because it seems like everybody loved Marsh when he got carried away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Glen vs. Guy: Tie! Impossible to give one the edge over the other. I think Guy’s tone is a bit clearer, but we really have to allow for the age factor here. I think if I had to pick a favorite from each group, I’d have to go with these two.

      • SoGoBro, We need a CAT/EHSS critique-blog all on it’s own! LOL.

        Ernie v Wes: Agreed. Wes has the edge for ‘pitch’, Ernie has it for ‘power’. If Wes bolts on a bigger turbo and works on his induction he will out drag Ernie in the long run.

        Scott v Marsh: Scott has matured like a good cheese, without getting ‘cheesy’ either. Agreed. Marsh needs to resist [like a lot of GOOD SGM leads] CCM type overtures. He out-staged Guy by miles on “Give it Away” DVD taping, a tour-de-force by Marsh.

        Slight egde to Marsh overall. IMHO.

        Glen v Guy: Score draw. “Haven of Rest” on Farewell Cat’s. Man I can’t split them. Glen lasted longer though…

        Somehow I don’t see ANY of the current crop singing power leads at ‘three score years and ten’.

        [Except Bill! He’s there already!! :-)]

      • “Glen lasted longer…” Well, we don’t know how long Guy is going to last! Let’s wait and see. Yeah, I was thinking of “Haven of Rest” myself…man, you can’t just choose one of them!

        “Wes has the edge for pitch.” You know, honestly, I think Ernie has beautiful pitch too. I know, I know, everybody makes fun of him for not singing on pitch. Honestly, I never got what that was all about. The purity and clarity of his voice just amazes me every time.

      • I think Guy is an excellent singer but Glen was by far (in my opinion) a better lead singer. Just my opinion. Glen never considered himself to be the best. In fact, he took voice lessons until he died. He was a class act.

      • Wow. I never knew that. Indeed, a true gentleman. I bawled like a baby when I watched that tribute video L5 put together for “Heroes of the Faith.” Worth a watch if you’ve never seen it and a second or third watch even if you have.

      • I agree and disagree on a lot of the comments here, but to compare George and Bill is a no-go in my book. George was one of the greatest bass singers to ever grace a stage. Bill is a baritone singing bass. Yes, he does a great job, but let’s not compare him to a true bass.

      • Yeah, Bill isn’t a “real bass”, but he does hit some low notes on occasion that baritones don’t normally hit (Bb’s etc.) He is sort of in the choir bass category, but lower than some basses in SG groups.

        My three favorite basses are George, Tim Riley and Richard Sterban. Aaron Mccune was my favorite younger bass, but Chris West has impressed me too.

    • quartet-man – You would have had to have been there. Pat, especially, was thrilled to no end to be singing with Danny – from his comments afterwards, I think it might have been for the first time. So Pat, Joel, and Dustin were inspired and sang their hearts out, and Mark and Danny are Mark and Danny and couldn’t sing a bad song if they tried.

  11. Sounds like it was a great night, Daniel. Would have loved to be a part of that. I think it’s worth mentioning that the engine that really helps that kind of event and enables MTQ to do what they are doing now is Dustin Sweatman, in addition to being a fine lead singer, is a fantastic quartet piano player and seems to know every popular SG song ever. Gives them lots of flexibility.

  12. GVB is great, no doubt. However, give me MTQ and anyone else in a live setting over GVB. GVB is always going to have the finest orchestration – but the setting of 250-300 people with MTQ and Danny Funderburk, NO CONTEST! They win out 99 times out of a hundred. This fan would pay for that and I do not pay for GVB…


    • “anyone else in a live setting over GVB”

      That’s a bit steep, don’t you think?

      A lotta SGM punters would pay to see Mark and Bill talk, never mind sing!

      Come to think of it, I might myself. “The Best of Mark & Bill”, with Kevin on back-up, Rory on sound and Gordon on Keyboard, with a mic each.

      Maybe Roy Webb could guest on piano.

      Fill the Ryman with that bro!!

      • LOL, what an idea!

      • It would be better than “Mark on Boradway”. Not my fave baritone’s best nite! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. So much to comment on, not sure I will get to it right now. The Wes / Marsh version of GVB did have a great blend (one of the best), but it was one of my least favorite versions overall. Don’t get me wrong, songs like When I Cry and I Will Go On were great. Maybe part of it was the material. I think the Franklin / English version of the GVB also had a good blend too, but I prefer big power harmony with different textures of voices. I think some of the groups of theirs that had both were the McSpadden / Harris / Mohr version, the Mcspadden / English / Harris version, the Lowry / Murray / English vesion and the Penrod / Phelps / Lowry versions.

    As far as the Cats, my favorite is the Funderburk / Trammell version followed by the Haase / Trammell version and then the last would probably be next. Although I have respect for most previous versions, and there is great talent there, those are my preferences. I guess I should disclose that I discovered the Cats during the Funderburk years. I later evermore appreciated Trammell, Payne and Younce, but Funderburk was the initial draw. He was the first tenor (other than Bonsall, Larnelle, Murray and maybe Trammell (with the Stamps if I discovered them first) that didn’t sound like a chipmunk on helium. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do say though that I might have discovered Gold City prior and Free on “Robe of White” had a great sound. I never heard him sound quite the same way though. Later, I discovered Baize (another good one.)
    I guess I should also say that as a teen my parents had a Masters V tape of hymns and Warren’s sound on that was pretty good. However, Funderburk had such power and pathos as well as soul, I was smitten. ๐Ÿ™‚ Phelps is a class unto himself, but when I first heard him (on the Grand Ole Opry) he sounded good, but I appreciated him more when he was with them for a while and got material that was better.

    Yes, Bill blends better than George (so much you can’t much hear him at times ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Bill does some great things with them (some that others would have trouble doing if they could), but I also know how much better Hide Thou Me sounded with McDonald on it and Bill on the piano.

    • “A chipmunk on helium.” ๐Ÿ˜† Unfortunately, that’s an apt description for all too many gospel tenors…

      • Yeah and Brian was in the next sentence!

        “Long as I got King Jesus” is about all the things I don’t care for in SGM wrapped up in one song! ๐Ÿ™

    • By the way, did the Cats ever actually make a record with Haase on tenor and Trammell on baritone? My impression was that Ernie and Scott came on board at right around the same time.

      • Yes they did, the Climbing Higher and Higher CD is the only one with that combo. Haase was there around 6-8 months as I recall before Trammell left. They also did a DVD for the album with that combo.

      • My bad, I meant VHS, it was never on DVD. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I guess none of those videos were on DVD were they? What a shame! To think of all those great live videos…Campmeeting Live, Deep In the Heart of Texas, etc. all gathering dust in VHS somewhere. I wonder who has the rights, if anybody, to re-distribute some of this stuff in digital form?

      • The video I mentioned was called Live In Nashville. They taped the two songs featuring Mark (The Lamb Has Prevailed and Read The Book) after the concert was over.

        As far as the videos, Gaither put the Cathedrals stuff of his on DVD later. There have been compilations on DVD. Travelin’ Live has been too. However, great stuff like Can He Could He Would He, An Evening with the Cathedrals, I’ve Just Started Living and Alive Deep in the Heart of Texas, Reunion, faithful Live in Denver, along with Campmeeting Live and Twenty Fifth Anniversary that have not been. I wish they were. There is some great stuff on them.

      • I figured I forgot at least one, add Live at Shadow Mountain to the list.

      • Yeah, I know Gaither has pulled together some stuff (e.g. for the Best of the Cathedrals), but like you said, there’s still a lot that’s never been digitized. Sad.

        Yeah, don’t forget Live at Shadow Mountain! That was when they were touring High and Lifted Up—amazing record.

        All I can say is thank God for Youtube. A lot of these performances can be found on there even if the videos they came from are out of print. Sometimes the quality is a little fuzzy (like the ones from Live at Shadow Mountain), and sometimes only a few songs have been uploaded (like Faithful Live in Denver), but I’ll take whatever I can get.

    • Respect to Old Bill, but you can’t talk about George and Gene as bass singers in the same sentence as W Gaither.

      “Blend” Bill may well do. “Bass” he does not! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • To be sure. He’s hardly one of the great bass singers of all time…and let’s not forget he started as a baritone! Still, I think he’s a little better than people give him credit for. But he’s not a “true bass” like George or Timmy Duncan (even better, IMO).

      • I think Timmy is shy! If you watch him after a concert it’s like he is embarrassed by all the attention…

        [actually some of the fan-mobbing is getting out of hand!]

        It’s like the ‘bass voice’ makes him an exhibit. I would put his vocal ability way up there near the top.

        Ernie was biased in what he was looking for in a bass – rightly so!

        In Timmy he got as close to the icon as he could. Actually, if you compare George at the same stage/age, Timmy is better. if he matures as well as George did, he will be the bass of all bass’s some day.

      • Completely agree! (Boy, is there *anything* we disagree on, LOL!) Not only can Timmy knock those low “power-notes” to kingdom come, but he just has a naturally beautiful voice. He was the initial draw for me when I first got into EHSS. The first two songs I saw by them were “Glory, Glory Clear the Road” and “Heavenly Parade” on the GVB’s Give It Away DVD. My first reaction literally was like, “Well the other guys are okay, but WOW that bass!” I hadn’t discovered the Cathedrals yet at that point so I was mentally comparing Timmy to Armond Morales. (Speaking of which, there’s another fantastic bass who definitely deserves a mention here!)

      • Oh yeah, and I agree, he does seem shy! Have you seen the video Ernie uploaded on their Youtube channel of the old lady coming up stage to hug him? He’s literally backing away from her and pointing to Ernie…Then Ernie had superimposed on the vid, “Give me a hug, Timmy! Don’t be afraid Timmy!” Too funny! Of course he did, but I believe he escaped… ๐Ÿ˜†

        I really like Timmy though. It’s a shame that the fans make him uncomfortable because he sure does have a lot of them! I think he’s a really sweet guy though—real gentle, great heart. It’s just that he’s, well, on the opposite side of the personality pole from somebody like Ernie! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • SoGoBro,

        Who you calling “boy”?

        Man, I sure hope that’s excitement, not incitement! LOL. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        First we get ‘black kettles’, now ‘Boy’. What next?

        This is the Rainbow Nation over here brother!

  14. I do want to say that although I am still not one hundred percent sold on a five member GVB (although there are times it certainly pays off), this version of the GVB should go down as one of the greatest (if not greatest.) Phelps is in a class all by himself. I loved Murray’s smooth sound, Larnelle had a good sound, Franklin is very talented, Pierce had his moments, Wes has a combo of sounds and is very flexible, Phelps can blend, has a smooth sound with high notes that don’t quit and power too. English is one of my favorite GVB leads and if I were pressed probably my favorite. I loved McSpadden and there are things he did that English couldn’t duplicate as well (he had a nice, trained, full voice), Penrod is very talented with a great range, and Mullins who appears to be a sweetheart and great voice, but in the end I would have to go with English. Bill did respectable on baritone in the early years (but maybe not as good a blender at times and definitely not the solo voice of later ones), McSpadden did well (especially with English and Larnelle), and I loved some of Russ’ solo stuff and stuff with the Imperials (and I guess even with the GVB), but didn’t care for his time with the GVB as much as previous versions. Marsh was kind of a mix of Lowry and Russ. He had the soul and some solo capabilities of Russ while blending better (closer to Mark.) In some ways, Marsh blended even better, but Mark’s voice is more smooth which gave him an edge on their sound. So, with that said, Lowry is probably my favorite baritone of the GVB overall. So, with three of my favorite members of all time in one group, how could they miss? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I forgot to mention with the Cats, that Talley blended better until he hit say a G or A, but when he got up to the higher notes (C’s or so) got squeaky and stuck out more.

    • Actually it is a pity the camera angles are so awful on “Reunion”, musically it was a very different experiment from the Cat’s “Reunion”. [Would LOVE that on digital DVD!!]

      Where George did a chronological tour, which was fascinating, [BTW Mack Taunton hasn’t had a mention in this thread, a great tenor!] Bill just mixed it up.

      The quality shone in some of the unrehearsed, never done before line-ups: which still carried off a great song!

      “He Touched Me” a case in point!

      • I thought the camera angles were fine. My beef was with the songs…some were must-includes of course, like “He Touched Me” and “He Came Down To My Level,” but how could you leave out classics like “Because He Lives,” “These Are They,” “I Believe In a Hill Called Mt. Calvary?” While they included… “Make It Real?” “The Really Big News?” “Loving God, Loving Each Other?” Don’t get me wrong, it was a great idea, and I love the atmosphere in the videos, just thought the song selection could have been better.

        Plus, it seemed like every other song featured Michael English. At a certain point it just got kind of irritating…I wanted to hear more Guy, more Wes, more Steve for that matter. Steve was easily the best vocalist in the room that day, my opinion. He knocked “No Other Name But Jesus” and “Find Us Faithful” OUT OF THE PARK.

        Yeah, that impromptu quartet on “He Touched Me” rocked the house. Brilliant. Leave it to Bill to come up with something like that at the last minute…Just one more bit of evidence that he’s a genius when it comes to good ideas…for other singers of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Man I saw more bald spots than bass singers in those videos!

        Never mind camera jocks and cables in the frame every second shot!

        I think Bill wanted the ‘log cabin’ feel of the early ‘Home Coming’ stuff, but his troupe didn’t behave so tamely.

        I still think the Cat’s Reunion video is a classic, GVB’s is not.

      • I’ve heard Mack Taunton’s name whispered around as a great tenor of yester-year. If he’s the guy I think he is, he did a great lead on an old clip of the Cathedrals doing “Rise Again” I saw on Youtube. Anybody else seen that one? Is that a different tenor, or is it in fact Mack?

      • I’m thinking that might have been Roy Tremble. He’s the only one I can think of who recorded it with them. I’m not sure it was even written till Mack left the group.

      • As I recall Rise Again was recorded either 1976 or 1977, but I might be wrong. I don’t think it was earlier than that.

        I loved the GVB Reunion, but agree on some song selections. There are times I don’t get choices. I think the He Touched Me impromptu quartet was one of the best performances, but was eclipsed by I’m Free. I suspect the then current group wasn’t featured as much because the members were still in the group and they wanted more time with people who weren’t. They did the same thing on the Cats reunion and things weren’t quite chronological on it. One of my favorites from that was “Yesterday” that was awesome.

      • That was Roy Tremble.

        Put in “Cathedral’s Reunion” in YouTube, not “Farewell”. You will get Mack fronting on a whole set, with George Amon Webster on piano AND vocals.

        Mighty stuff. Incredible to think it was 20+ years ago. the sound is really “modern” SGM!

      • Yeah, I am quite familiar with Roy Tremble (he was baritone before he changed to tenor) and George Amon. Although I didn’t listen to the Cats when that stuff was out, I have gotten most (if not all) of the Cathedrals albums in my collection in the past several years.

  15. I think Mark should just hire Danny as his tenor and bust it for a few years.

    • He probably would!

  16. Don’t think Mr. Funderburk’s voice is up to singing 200+ concerts a year…


    • Here’s a thought. What if Dustin played the piano primarily and moved to a fifth part on the big songs – and Danny and Joel traded out tenor and lead? Danny’s a power lead singer’s power lead singer, and he can still hammer the tenor notes.

      This is hypothetical, as far as I know . . .

      • Just a thought – Take the LEGACY of the Cathedral’s and the HISTORY of the GVB out of this thread and it comes to naught.

        The bridge been the SGM poineer groups, like the Blackwood’s etc, and the modern generation, is built largely on the back of these two groups and their respective alumni.

        Master’s of their art, and true servants of The Master.

      • You know what, I would add the Imperials to that list. They were something different again, IMO—sort of a “lite rockspel” group(While we’re coming up with clever names. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Certainly very different from the Cats, and older than the GVB. They’ve definitely left a legacy of their own, and now you have groups like EHSS who actually have a strikingly similar sound at times.

      • Agreed that Jake was a pioneer and introduced a significant ‘shift’ in SG.

        Where I see a wee difference is in the personnel that flowed out from the other two. It is like two ‘Singing School’s’ in competition, complete with Reunions!

        Maybe The Stamps, to a degree, fit that mould as well?

        In relation to Jake and the Imperial’s, I would see Hovie Lister, where Jake cut his teeth, as possibly as big an influence in his day as Bill has been in his.

        Begs a question:

        Hovie – Jake – Bill – ?

        I think ‘Who next?’ is as big a question as ‘Where next?’

      • True…the Imperials were influential, but you don’t get the “Singing School” feel like with George Younce or Bill Gaither. Actually, I grew up on a post-Jake incarnation of the Imperials—Jim Murray, Russ Taff, Armond Morales, and that other guy whose name I can’t remember…was it David Kendall? Anyway, songs like “Bread On the Water” (shred that electric guitar, baby!) “Trumpet of Jesus,” “One More Song for You,” “Heed the Call…” By that time, they’d evolved into something rather different from the “Jake Hess & the Imperials” era. Maybe Jake was still involved to some extent and I just didn’t realize it, but he wasn’t singing anymore, that’s for sure.

      • You know, I think that when the whole generation has passed on to glory, Lord willing, if the rest of us are still here…

        We will realise that God used two men, possibly above all the rest, to keep the GOSPEL in southern gospel Music.

        Different, interconnected, yet both massively influential.

        George Yonce and William Gaither.

        The baton is there to be seized, if the King has not come. ‘We shall see Jesus’, that’s for sure.

        I hope we ‘see Him’ in gospel music, ‘until that day’.

      • Amen, amen, and amen!

      • BTW, who’s gonna catch the mantle do you think when Ole Bill makes it to the other side? Ernie Haase? Mark Lowry perhaps? In any case, I don’t think you can really replace Ole Bill…but somebody’s gonna have to try anyway.

      • Probably should include the Statesmen, and Florida Boys in there, too.

  17. Wow! 85 Comments! I forgot the topic!

    • “This old caravan keeps on rolling along…”

      • I think this might be a record for a post not having to do with Guy Penrod.

        Push it to 100 comments and I’d say almost definitely!

      • Bahahaha! Nice one, Daniel. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I kinda wish we’d talked more about the MTQ and Danny.

      • It’s far from too late!

      • “It’s far from too late!” LOL, Daniel’s just trying to push the thread over 100 comments—blogger bliss! ๐Ÿ˜†

      • Sure. Go ahead! I don’t really know anything about MTQ so of course I started talking about everybody else…I think I’m the main one responsible for getting some of these snowballs rolling here, LOL!

      • Snowballs is better than black kettles, Boy!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • You are a goof! My kind of man… ๐Ÿ˜†

      • “This quintet is actually better than the Gaither Vocal Band”

        That is what kicked off the debate, rather than just a concert review.

        “BTW, whoโ€™s gonna catch the mantle do you think when Ole Bill makes it to the other side?”

        That is where the debate has gotten to…

        Actually the two tabled motions are not so far apart, nostalgia provides a reference point and we are all, as interested parties, asking the same question:

        Where is mainstream SGM going? &

        Who is going to take us there?

        Time was I thought maybe Guy could take the mantle, perhaps Mark?

        Not sure about either. Maybe Ernie?

        It would be good to see potential for leadership and acceptance of the responsibility coming over the horizon.

        Any impartial suggestions?

      • Good point…it’s not like we were rambling *completely* purposelessly!

        I think there are three simple requirements for somebody to even come close to filling Bill’s shoes. He must (a) love the music, (b) be a natural mentor and (c) be a warm, likable person. A couple quotes from GVB members to prove my point:

        Mark Lowry (to Bill): “You’re the best teacher I ever had…you are! Just receive it!”

        John Mohr (to Bill): “People hang around you because they like you.”

        Russ Taff (to Bill): “There would be times in my life where I would be confused and…the phone would ring, and it would be you, and you’d say ‘How’re you doing? Are you hanging in there? Are you okay?'”

        I don’t think anybody paid those guys to say that. They meant every word of what they said there. I think those are some good indications of what we’re looking for.

  18. Are we there yet?

    • One comment away. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can see the comment count for yourself by scrolling to the top and looking right above the first comment.

    • One more to go!

      • No, yours put us there, and mine puts us over the top. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Wahoo! Literally typed mine in before Daniel’s. That’s awesome! (Okay, I guess this makes it 101.)

        A record. (You can thank me later, Daniel…)

      • Uh, okay, that was 102 I guess because Daniel did another…now this is 103! “Roll on, roll on…”

      • SoGoBro,

        I thought you were a serious brother!

        Soo over the top after all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Such triviality my dear brethren!

        Tush. Tsk Tsk.

  19. Will this never end?

    • “When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound”

      • “And the dead shall be raised incorruptible…”

      • Maybe the living are incorrigible!

        “we shall be changed”


      • Can’t believe I got the last word.

        Not a common scenario ๐Ÿ™‚

        Praise ye the Lord!

      • Yeah, that’s because I was too busy making a serious (ahem) reply to your question above to waste my time goofing off down here! ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

      • Makes up for the goofy comments above bro! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Enjoy the chat!

        Will review it all in glory-land,

        “In the Sweet Bye and Bye”, “Look for Me at Jesus Feet”, “When the Roll is Caled up Yonder I’ll be There”, “We shall See Jesus, Just as He Is”.

        [not “wanting to”!!]

        “Praise Ye the Lord”

  20. As far as on the stage (emcee), Lowry is a good choice in some ways, but he is so good at being funny too, we would need a straight man to balance out the humor aspect. Mark also seems very spiritual. A friend of mine that went with me to Indy said that although Phelps had a lot of the vocal moments of the night, Lowry had the “special” moments. One that I think he was referring to was after a Homecoming choir song, Mark just started singing Make It Real. Bill stopped him early on and told him to start again, so he did. It seemed to me to be unrehearsed and unexpected. He then went into the audience while signing and went into I Believe, Help Thou My Unbelief. Mary Did You Know was also a highlight.

    As far as arranging and such, Guy would have been great, but Michael should be great as well. As far as being a mentor like Bill, perhaps Gloria (she is younger than Bill), but I don’t think she would want the job. As far as the business end, maybe Bill’s son-in-law. It goes to show you that Bill does so much and doesn’t see the appreciation from many he deserves. He is also genuine and unassuming from what I see. And I think there are some songs that he sings with them that sound better with him than with a “real” bass. So, ideally Bill would be around to sing some of the songs and all that he does, and have someone like Gene around to sing the ones that needed a full bass and to help out with endurance.

    • What we are saying is a) Bill wears about 5 hats and, hair apart, does so quite unobtrusively:

      So, it would take 3 or 4 guys to replace him – just to provide continuity and succession on the “Homecoming” theme, which kind if the glue for SGM.

      Maybe SGM needs a new glue for a new generation? As Bill & Gloria ‘invented’ Homecoming and saw it grow and develop bringing a whole new generation of artists along as well as regenerating old ones…

      So maybe wht is needed is a ‘new’ idea for 2010+

      [We could then see Bill & Gloria become the grandparents of that movement – Howard & Vestal like!

      That’s not so far away, humanly speaking 5+ years max.

      • “Bill wears about 5 hats.” Exactly. When you think about it, you can name a good replacement—for each aspect of what Bill does. Frankly, I’m having trouble thinking of somebody who could replace him across the board. I think Mark Lowry comes closest.

      • As Quartet-bro says above, Mark is too good at the ‘fun’ he needs a ‘straight’ man to balance out.

        Mark probably could do the job, he has the ability, but he would have to sacrifice some of his slap-stick, maybe then he wouldn’t be Mark?

        Strange thing is, I keep thinking Ernie could do it, and catch the 21st Century vibe, without losing the solid foundation. He would have to sacrifice a bit and promote ERNIE less…

        Funny though, he has the global vision, the “Homecoming” links, and is a bridge between the two “Schools” – Cat’s and GVB.

        Has he the humility and the personal popularity? Mark & Ernie? EHSS could be the new GVB, the other guys could go to the seniors seats and Wes could make it a quintet.

        We would have a real Bass as well, for a bonus.

        Ernie – come back to the fold!

      • Mark would have to tone it down. Then again, Ernie is something of a comic as well.

        Frankly, I think Ernie gets some needless grief for his supposed “egotism.” Honestly, I don’t see anything particularly egotistical about him. The changing of the name from SSQ to EHSS was a business move, nothing more, and he personally made sure the guys were okay with it before making the change. (And notice nobody squawks about Brian Free & Assurance on the same grounds.) Honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous when the accusations are on the level of “Well, y’know, I’m not the kind of person to go around saying nasty things about people, but, uh (lowers voice to a whisper) I know somebody who knows Ernie and I hear he has a really big ego.” C’mon!

        Like you said, he’s a generation-bridger with the music in his blood to boot. He’s already been doing some mentoring a la Bill, and I could see him doing more in the future. I think he has more humility than people give him credit for. Personal popularity? Even with all the unfair unpopularity he has, I suspect enough people love him for an Ernie/Mark team to be successful. I like your idea of EHSS becoming the next GVB.

  21. Mark Lowry is about the only guy I could think of to replace Bill. Give GVB a bass singer like Mike Allen and make Lowry the emcee – and the Gaither Vocal Band lives on.

    The Homecomings could get back to a more traditional angle by bringing on an artist like the Booth Brothers too. Michael would be a great guy to promote the living legends.

    EHSS would have to come back too.

    If they stacked the deck with popular artists, it would minimize the impact of losing Bill.

  22. I just came across this blog today, and am responding; but maybe no one will read it, as it took place in June. Anyhow, the parts about some people believing Ernie has too much ego, is a misconception. I think people mistake ego for personality, which he has a lot of. He has made several statement on stage about all his “dumb ideas” and needing someone to set him straight. Talks about his wife “raising” him instead of children. But have you ever been to a concert and notice the children who flock to him? He’s like the Pied Piper in SG! I think he would be a great replacement for Bill some day. He’s very smooth and natural narrating on stage. He also has a very large heart. Maybe some of you have heard my story about Ernie on his old message board, but if not here goes: At my very first concert (Rockford), we had tickets for 6. The week before the event, one of the gentlemen was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had surgery, with them only opening and closing, as the cancer was too far gone. But he still wanted to go to the concert. We brought along pillows and a blanket for him. Before the concert, Ernie’s wife made a point of talking to him, and he so wanted to meet Ernie. By the time the concert was over, he was so exhausted, that we wheeled him to the van to get him more comfortable. I went “up the hill” (the outdoor amphitheater in on a rise) and spoke to Ernie about him. Ernie came “down the hill” to the van and personally met with Chuck. He asked Ernie to pray for him, and Ernie said “OK, how about right now?” And Ernie, with no preparation gave the most beautiful prayer I’d ever heard. Chuck’s wife told Ernie that he should be a minister. Ernie responded that he was reaching more people with his music ministry. He endured himself to me and everyone in that van for his unselfish visit to the parking lot, all the while many fans were still waiting for him “up the hill”. I will never believe Ernie is all ego. He’s a very precious soul.

    • Don’t worry Deanna, all recent comments appear in a sidebar, so people (like me) can read it even if it’s on an old post. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Kudos Daniel, awesome feature!)

      I had never heard that story and am so grateful you chose to share it here. I’m not sure of all the reasons for why people have behaved so spitefully towards Ernie through the years, but I wholly agree with you that it’s completely un-called for and untrue. I’ve heard other stories like yours about Ernie, and he clearly has a great heart for the Lord and for his fans—especially the kiddos who, as you say, are always flocking to him.

      We won’t make the slightest difference to those who are determined to be jerks about this, but you know what? That’s okay. Ernie knows who his true friends are, and he’s taken exactly the right approach to those who are not by completely ignoring them. God will reward him in the end.

      • Thank you. I guess I should have finished the story to tell you that Chuck did die 6 months later. I was so happy that he had his fondest wish of meeting Ernie. I took pictures of Ernie & Chuck at the van; sent one to Ernie; and after Chuck’s death, we were at a concert, and he said that he had that picture posted in their bus. It’s not just kids who flock to see Ernie, but lots & lots of people. I’ve seen him spend time with the kids, and then turn around and hug an elderly woman in a wheel chair, making her feel so important & special.

      • Deanna…do you happen to have copies of those photos digitally? Is there any way you could put them on EHSS’s facebook page? There’s a place for folks to do that: “photos by others.”

        What a sad and beautiful story. And you’re right, everybody loves Ernie (everybody who matters anyway). I think it’s because they know he loves them too.

      • OK, I did post 4 pix on the Ernie Haase & Signature Sound facebook page, NOT the Ernie Haase page. There’s two different sites.
        Thanks for asking.

      • Thank you! And I meant the Ernie Haase & Signature Sound page.

  23. Haha, just came upon this post. What a classic!

    • The concert was, the post was, or the discussion was? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Discussion. This was clearly before the rule about keeping on topic. My thoughts just to add to it:

        -Not a big fan of Funderburk, but I think I’d lean to MTQ+DF as the better quintet.
        -Wes is one of the most underrated tenors in SG.

        As far as who will replace Bill, obviously you could never replace a Bill Gaither. Lowry and Haase are the two names most commonly linked to having the torch passed to them.

        NewSoGoYankeeGospelGirlFan said that the person needs to love the music, be a natural mentor, and be a warm & likeable person. He’s a great person and I love him to death, but I’m not sure about Mark’s mentoring ability. And while there are many who love Ernie once they meet him, I wonder if he would be too polarizing of a figure.

        One person who seems to fly under the radar is Gary Casto. Anyone associated with Steve Hurst School of Music could probably tell of his mentoring, and you can look at the vocal development of Riley Clark and Anthony Davis as proof as well. I guess Gary was getting in a little practice here:

        No, the name Gary Casto doesn’t carry the same clout as Ernie Haase or Mark Lowry. But at first, there wasn’t much clout around the name Bill Gaither either…

      • Ah, well, given that you’ve just really discovered Mark and his group’s music, give him some time. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I think Joel Wood is the best case in point; of any current or past MTT/MTQ member, he’s easily the one who came to the group the greenest. During his first 6-12 months on the road, he had a number of vocal slip-ups. Some were big enough and/or in prominent enough venues that other quartet managers may have even replaced him. But Mark and Dustin Sweatman – Dustin deserves equal credit here, I think – worked with him until he got where he is now, which is a far more consistently capable tenor.

      • Give who some time?

      • Oh, you give him some time to realize what he’s done with assorted individuals he’s brought alongside. ๐Ÿ™‚ As you see where some of them, especially the one I mentioned, started out, and where they were at the end of their time with him, you’ll see what I mean! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ah, I finally figured out what you were talking about!

        The Mark I was referring to with the mentoring was Lowry, not Trammell. I can see how you got them confused.

        By the way, my opinions of Funderburk may be changing…look for why in a possible upcoming blog post.

      • Ah – and given that the paragraph in question was discussing Mark and Ernie, and it was in a Cathedrals-related thread, I had assumed you were rolling over to talking about Mark Trammell at that point!