Video: Scott Fowler takes a wrong number

Scott Fowler was in the Solid Gospel studios recently, answering the phones for their Singing News day. Here he picks up the phone, only to find that it’s a wrong number:

I can’t make up my mind if this is for real or if it’s staged. Your take?

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  1. Looks real to me! At least she didn’t say her least favorite group was Legacy Five.

  2. LOL! Great laugh to start my morning. So is the idea that she didn’t mean to call them, but she actually is a SG fan?

    “Who’s your least favorite? Yeah, mine too (Greater Vision).” :rofl:

  3. Haha! It got me curious as to who the caller actually said their least favorite was! Scott said, “Yeah, mine too.” (and I’m sure it wasn’t Greater Vision). An Inspirations fan that doesn’t know Archie left the group would most likely be a traditional fan who doesn’t like progressive or flashly groups. Makes your mind wonder. lol

  4. HAHA!!! Fake or not, that was pretty funny! If it was fake, all I can say is that Fowler sure plays his part well!!

    • That is so true!

  5. Haha…somebody get Gerald on the phone.

    • Maybe it was Michael Booth!! lol.

  6. The only part that made me think it might be a spoof was the least favorite / Greater Vision part.

    • Me too. I said that, then erased it for some reason. 😀 It could merely be a coincidence… No tellin!

      • Hmmm! Bit fishy, methinks it was preplanned, maybe a wee script sheet off camera too?

        Still, good clean fun. I’m sure some of the Cat’s Singing School will get their own back on Scott.

        BTW: Kevin Williams does it even better on the cell phone, live in concert!

      • Hmmm thats a good point with the KW comedy routine…

        At first I thought it was fake, then I thought it was real, now I got no clue..

      • Yay my gravatar works…

      • Great! Welcome to the world of the faceful! 🙂

  7. Aw, shucks, I guess there isn’t a ROFL emoticon. 🙁

    Yeah, the Greater Vision bit made me wonder…

  8. It wasn’t Greater Vision. I just don’t believe that an Inspirations fan that didn’t know Archie left would name “Greater Vision” as their least favorite group.

    So, either:

    (a) Fowler was kidding that the caller said Greater Vision (think about it, he couldn’t have named another artist without sounding mean)
    (b) It was all a joke

    Either is possible at this point. 🙂

  9. Here is another video from that same day of him interviewing with Les Butler of the Singing News. He reveals a new song on the upcoming Jubilee II album… They are covering the ORB song “Jesus Is Coming Soon”!v=RrZ7aSXXFu4&feature=related

      • Well this is rather embarrassing my links won’t work… But you can access the interview, by clicking on the watch on Youtube link on the bottom right of of the above video and you will see the interview with Fowler linked on the Singing News Subscriptions video uploads… Hope this helps… The interview is worth your time…

  10. I already found that video actually! Fun stuff. Love Scott. So boyish-looking (still) and just a great guy.

  11. See if this one works—funny little clip from the same day. Scott goes to hang up the phone and drops it…

  12. That is funny!!!
    Not sure on the real or staged factor. If it was staged I suspect Michael Booth or Tim Parton on the other end.

  13. I think it’s for real. He was still talking when they cut him off.

    It’s obviously a Solid Gospel listener, since they put in a request, so it’s not so wild that an SG fan would have dialled the number accidentally. The bit about GV is too good to be true, though. Not sure!

    Anyone else notice that he seemed to be reading something, with his eyes moving back and forth? Or was he just bored.

    • Hmmmm…a script perhaps? Actually, I agree with you. I think it was real and Scott just made it up as he went along.

      • I agree and Scott is really good at that. I think he is a great MC now for Legacy Five. He worked with the best when he travelled with George, Glen and Roger.

      • Indeed! Some people call it the “Younce School” of entertainment/MCing. Ernie’s learned some lessons there as well.

      • Agree about Scott and his progression as an MC. I have been to quite a few Legacy Five concerts over the past four years since Scott took over MC duties…He has really come a long way in just a short amount of time… I think he may be a natural born stageman/politician :)… Like Ernie and Gerald and Mark and Danny, they all learned from the best… I think Roger learned the best though…(considering he was with the Cats much longer than the other guys!) I still miss him very much!

        As for the Video… I think it is staged personally… But who knows! I will have to ask Scott when I see them again…

      • Yeah, I love it when Scott does one of those things where he’ll talk about something he watched on Fox News or the Discovery Channel that got under his skin…Then he goes, “Now if they would let *me* get on [wherever]” and breaks out the Bible…I love it!

        I said this in a different thread, but I’ll say it again here: A lot of Christian singers and groups are very apolitical, which isn’t by itself a bad thing. Their attitude is “Let’s focus on the music,” and there’s nothing wrong with that.

        But it is really refreshing to me when I see somebody like Scott get up there and unapologetically demonstrate that religion and politics really do go hand-in-hand. There’s a reason why we cast our votes one way and not another, and our values are rooted in our faith. Thank God for guys like Scott who remind us of that truth.

  14. Thanks guys for all the kind words. This call was indeed legitimate thru the words…”we’ll sure do it, ok..thank you.” After that, it was on the fly make it up as you go. I saw my opportunity to get a jab in on someone. My only delimna was who to choose….GV or the BB! BB will be next!

    • Ahh…Mystery explained! Thanks! Keep having fun … I’m looking forward to Jubilee 2.

    • Thanks Scott, that phone call made my day! I guess that means the person must have hung up at that point…GV or BB…A deadly dilemma indeed!

      Stay awesome, looking forward to Jubilee 2 too!

    • Thanks! That explains the mystery!

      Everything sounded great until that point. 🙂

      • Ah I see… 🙂 Well I am sure that Gerald or Michael would have done the same to L5 lol… 🙂

        Can’t wait to hear Jubilee II, and your take take on “Jesus Is Coming Soon” September can’t get here fast enough! Already got my ticket for the Sunday night Jubilee II concert at NQC! 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!