Randy Crawford rejoins Kingsmen

Kingsmen owner / manager Ray Dean Reese announced that former lead singer Randy Crawford is returning to the baritone/lead position vacated by Phillip Hughes’ April departure. Crawford, who had sung with the Kingsmen from 2001-2003, has also sung at two different points with Brian Free & Assurance. He filled in with the Kingsmen for about a month before Reese decided to hire him on a permanent basis.

Crawford will be relocating to Asheville, North Carolina, and the announcement states that Crawford “has an earnest heart for ministry and a passionate desire to see souls won for Christ” and is looking forward to “seeing his many friends and fans across America.”

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  1. I was wondering why everyone wa reporting that just now. I had no I.D. that it was interim.

  2. That’s the way the Kingsmen have been promoting it in their publicity and on the platform

  3. The Kingsmen ought to have a dynamic sound now that Crawford and Hutson are going to be taking turns singing lead. I enjoyed them separately when they sang lead before, and I’m looking forward to hearing what sort of blend they can generate now that they’re sharing the center positions.

  4. I went to see Brian Free and Assuance
    last night in Lexington expecting
    to see Randy Crawford singing. I was
    so disappointed that he was not with
    them. [EDIT!]

    • Ouch.

      (filler, filler, filler…)

      • It would have been much worse than ouch before the edit!

      • 😯 Well yes, that would be what is known as an understatement Danny Boy…

      • Who were you talking to?


        I don’t go by Danny – in the Bible, Daniel was a good guy and Dan was a rogue, so when people say Dan or Danny it typically doesn’t even cross my mind at first that they mean me!

      • Didn’t we hash this all out in a different thread…? 😉 Mr. Daniel J. Mount, sir. There we go… 😀

      • Yes, and that’s why I was surprised to see it pop up again!

        No need to get too formal – Daniel or, if you’re uncomfortable with that, Mr. Daniel, will work just fine!

      • I know I know, just pulling your leg. 😉 One thing’s for sure…with me and David around here, you’ll never be bored!

      • ‘Tis true!