Gaither Vocal Band preview?

Reader JT sends this video of David Phelps’ recent live London performance. (Due to the eccentric introduction, I am posting just the link.)

After a singular rendition of “How Great Thou Art,” a dramatic excerpt from “It is Well With my Soul,” and a brief snippet of another song, the last four minutes of the video (from 6:01 on) are of Phelps performing “You Are My All in All.” Though most or all of the instrumentation is live, could this be a preview of the arrangement on the August Gaither Vocal Band release Greatly Blessed?

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  1. That’s really beautiful how the Pachelbel Canon in D is woven into the accompaniment.

    • It is – and that’s why I’m hoping this is the CD arrangement!

    • Pachelbel’s Canon is one of my all-time favorite classical pieces. I sure hope this is the GVB arrangement. It’s amazing!

  2. I would assume this is the arrangement…

  3. Sounding good for a guy with an infected vocal cord…pretty impressive!

    • [edited…] Sorry folks, I have trouble getting hyped about about a fiddle harmony on a CCM lyric whether David guests on the keyboards or not.

      My one reaction to the whole gamut of clips of this “glam-gos-pop” is, Thank God for Gaither Homecoming Gospel.

      Pardon my archaic christian tastes 🙂

      • I thought you liked David…? 🙂

      • I sure do!

        It’s just that sometimes anyone can go a little too far, and I sometimes err on the side of caution.

      • No, no, I was saying that I thought David (Mac) liked David (Phelps). Pardon the confusion!

      • Oh, I see!

      • Both apply – hopefully!?

        I do like David Phelps, and his gift, I was – no rude words – not appreciating the “setting” and “backing” at all at all.

        Sorry if anybody got upset!

      • David – Not a problem at all! It’s entirely possible to like a singer and still not quite appreciate a certain performance or venue. No hard feelings – I just didn’t want the conversation to go too far.

      • To be honest Daniel, the context of the YouTube video was not at all in harmony with much that is here, it didn’t help.

        “not quite appreciate” is kindly bro!

        I get heart sore at where this kind of stuff is taking young Christians, and no real gospel application going out to the audience either, sadly often the case.

      • On “not quite appreciate” – I have a habit of being diplomatic, sometimes more than I feel. 🙂

        I understand your concerns – I just thought the potential GVB preview was interesting enough that it was worth passing along, albeit with the disclaimers I made in the post and the comments.

  4. Not necessarily…
    During his solo Christmas concerts, David performs the O Holy Night version from One Wintry Night, but for the HC concerts, it’s the same arrangement as from the Gaither video.
    Also, in the Better Day dvd, Jason Crabb sang a different arrangement of Daystar (the traditional GVB version) than what is on his solo cd.

    The “snippet” is Just As I Am, from DP’s Revelation cd.

    • Good grief – I missed “Just as I Am”? Wow.

  5. Daniel, in this case Just As I Am is not the hymn, rather a very impressive ccm tune from his Word Records debut. So unless your familiar with the song, I’d imagine you wouldn’t recognize it from the clip.

    • Whew. I feel better now! 🙂

      • That’s okay…in my opinion, the hymn is much better anyway!

  6. I will admit, knowing the CCM Praise and Worship version of “You Are My All in All” as well as I do, I was highly anticipating what direction a GVB cut of the song would sound like. I think this is absolutely stunning with Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D woven throughout it. I hope this is the arrangement! I cannot wait to hear the full GVB vocals on it1

    • Yeah, David Mac can grump all he likes about it, but I agree, that was very tastefully done. 🙂

      • I thought my ‘grumping’ WAS tastefully done, Daniel obviously didn’t think so! 🙂

        I actually liked the “You are my all in all” piece and the violin harmony.

        Getting there on the clip was not at all to my taste. Grumph, grumph…

      • David,

        Actually, I think I pretty much agree with you – the violin harmony on “You are My All in All” was the part of the video I like.

        I have a perhaps unusual comment policy: Sometimes I edit something not because of the comment itself, but because I know it would/could prompt replies, and the replies would be over the line. Does that make sense?

      • Aargh bro, no need to grovel 🙂

        As I said before, it is Daniel’s Den.

        You know your, potential, bloggers better than I do.

        If a wee bit of robust editing keeps the comment form getting too robust, I for one don’t mind.

        God bless!

      • Great – thanks!

  7. Hey guys, i wanna say i love praise and worship, i also love southern Gospel and i love David Phelps, but [edited]. I agree with David mac 100%…

    for the record i love davids voice!

    • David’s blog ‘voice’ you mean? 😉

      Seriously bros, I don’t think this kind of parallel CCM solo career has done David [P] any good.

      It is maybe indicative, as in other cases, of how good WG is at ‘mentoring’.

      David Phelps has far too good a voice to need to compete with a rock percussion sound-track to be heard, never mind the negative impact on the gospel.

      I suppose it is a credit to David’s talent that in such and similar settings he can still articulate the lyrics. Not always the case in CCM!

      • Says you. There are 4 total videos here, posted by a woman whose daughter, son, their father, & the son’s girlfriend went to the concert (the daughter shot the footage). The daughter commented at one point about how they felt the Spirit of God there while David was singing. She was thankful that he has allowed God to use his talent as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit.
        So…where’s the so-called negative impact on the Gospel there, huh?
        If you have a problem with CCM, fine. Don’t listen to it. It’s not my cup of tea, either – most of the time. But, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Besides, I never read where Jesus said, “There is no way to the Father but by…southern gospel.”


    I think that the band in the background lowers the quality of the words being sung, as seen in the link i posted the instruments can help if used properly, i admire Bills efforts to keep true gospel singing alive. Dont get me wrong David Phelps has a great voice and one of the best, if not the best ever. But his previous concert was more of a rock concert.

  9. Well, to be honest, I’m not a fan of David’s solo stuff either. I felt like he couldn’t make up his mind what kind of a singer he wanted to be, so his stuff ended up being an awkward mish-mash of different things. I feel like he really belonged with the GVB. Welcome back, David!

    And for the record D-Mac, I understand you feel strongly about the message that’s being communicated through the “edgier” style DP is doing sometimes. Myself, I don’t think it’s doing any serious harm to young Christians spiritually speaking. The only way in which it might do harm is in the area of musical taste…

  10. Daniel:

    I wonder how many have actually taken the time to listen to DP’s solo albums all the way through. I would argue that most of these opinions are based on what “snippets” are heard on YouTube or based on others opinions. While I must admit that he does go a little overboard and may suffer from genre confusion at times, each of his albums are a testament to his talent and musicality. Not trying to start anything, I’m just saying it would pay a million times over to hear the material you’re commenting on prior to forming an opinion. I’d advise all of ya to take a listen to his rendition of “Behold the Lamb” from Life is a Church and then hash it all out. No disrespect bros!! 😉

  11. Preach on, Janet!!

    I’ve been to several of his live concerts and can report the same. Whether you prefer ccm or not, I can tell you this. When he selects a song for a concert, I guarantee that the song can stand on it’s own and doesn’t need a leaf singer or over enthusiastic bass singer yelling amen or c’mon in the middle of a song to “inject” spirituality. Just my opinion, I know. You shouldn’t have to help a song along…if it’s that much of a b-side, you really should leave it out of the set or cd list. CCM is guilty of it too…just a little more glaring coming from SG.

    • What’s a leaf singer? 😉

      • Lead tenor singing falsetto?

    • This couldn’t possibly refer to any late great bass singers, beyond retort?

      I think the sincerity of the “Amen” should be judged by the Amen Himself.

      On reflection, maybe that applies to a lot of what we have postulated.

      [A wee Edit might have been in order hereabouts Dan bro!] 😉

      • Well, if the comment criticized any bass singer by name, I would certainly edit. I’m less prone to edit overgeneralizations that aren’t about one in particular. Does that make sense?

      • Well, Amen then.

        Just not so happy at an “Amen” getting a dig.

        Most Sunday’s a few more – sincerely – would do no harm!

      • You’re totally cracking me up! 😀

      • Reminds me of the running gag several groups do – someone says “Amen” during the introductions, and the emcee says, “First time in 15 years he’s said Amen, and it’s in the wrong place!”

  12. Lol ok. Well…you could probably engineer a pretty good leaf blower using all the hot air most SG leads generate ;-)~

    Just saying. Lol

    • Nick bro,

      Regardless of orientation in gospel music genre….

      When you put your foot in your mouth, or your mouse, whatever; better to remove it and say,

      “Sorry bro”. Don’t turn a misprint into an uncalled for comment, the excuse offense with a ;-)!

      Maybe Michael Booth is reading this thread? You could think a “lead singer’s hot air” had a gospel flavour?

      Trust not. No Offense bro!

  13. Well…I think probably had I noticed the “leaf” misprint the first time, I probably would have changed it. May not care for my opinion but I find interesting is it’s completely cool for my grammatical oversight to be commented on but because you disagree with my point and opinion, it’s cool to ask Daniel to censor me. I’m just saying that I didn’t call anybody out by name and your apparent taken offense is a little uncalled for. Perhaps maybe you should monitor your retorts to make sure their not pointed as well? I certainly didn’t call another artist out by name but you were quick to call me out by name, eh? I’m fairly sure I’m entitled to my opinion and whether or not the amen is sincere or to sell a song is irrelevant. The music should stand for itself. Actually, while I’m at it, I think my leaf comment was in response to a different commentator. Why are you so quick to make a big deal out of nothing, David Mac? I’m fairly sure I don’t owe you an apology for there is no offense to be laid at my feet…or do I need to add a IMO/IMHO to make sure everyone can be get along in the sandbox? Daniel said so himself, if I had specifically called someone out, he’d have moderated. Let him run his blog. I’m sure he doesn’t need a second lieutenant banhammer.

    • Nick – actually, the reason he asked me about editing was I edited his comment above, when he went too far in the other direction, and I think he was essentially asking if I was going to be fair and go both ways!

      But your comment was general enough that I left it alone.:)

    • Hi Nick bro,

      Not totally called for!

      I was actually having a wee dig at Daniel, as he understood. The ‘hot air’ comment was not so kindly, i thought, which is what I was refering to.

      Typo’s we all do! Lets agree on what is important and disagree nicely away from the vital elements.

      No offense meant, none taken, and definitely no apology required bro!

      • David’s a good brotha Nick, really. We all know him around here, and he’s a little corny sometimes, but real friendly and personable. Any jokes he cracks are all in good fun. 😉

      • “Corny?”

        Thanks bro!

        As long as we don’t tread on other’s corns!!

        Glad of the commendation anyway!

  14. Speaking of the Vocal Band, does anyone know if Jonathan Pierce ever spoke on any of the Homecoming Videos? I’m just curious as I’ve never seen one where he spoke.

  15. I am glad that I ran across this post. First of all, I found this neat. 🙂 I am younger, and since I have been at college and have experienced other genres of Christian music that I really had not listened to before, I have come to appreciate so, so much more than I used to. 🙂 Listening to this made me think of one thing. Rearranging hymns like David does (and also like Casting Crowns has done as of late) is awesome! I heard a song once and played it for my mom. She started singing it. I was surprised that she picked it up so quickly, but as it turned out, it was also a hymn. In my opinion, when people can take older songs and can make them sound new and refreshing, that’s great. Why? Because the lyrics are still getting out there.

    Now for a question not related to this. I cannot find anything concerning David’s new Christmas CD just released. I snagged a couple songs off iTunes and am wondering who the woman singing “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” is. Unfortunately, the CD information doesn’t give me this information, though I imagine the DVD would.

  16. Carly Fair is singing on “O Little Town…” — along with David, Jack Daniels and Sherri Proctor.

  17. I am amazed at this particular blog! I am a huge David Phan and some of these posts amaze me. One thing I so appreciate and love about his solo stuff is that it is different – just how many same old SG singers DO we need? David mixes many genres for a unique and wonderful sound. The feeling, soul, and creativity that he exerts into those songs is fantastic! Have any of you really taken time to listen to Just As I Am? No More Night? That’s What Love Is? PLEASE!!! Realize what a treasure we have right here at our fingertips! One day everyone will – shouldn’t we recognize it now and enjoy it?!

    • We could… or we could just amicably agree to disagree. 🙂

  18. We could! Although I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would want to. On another note, I wish GVB would let Wes shine a little more – especially on stage. He is such a background guy but he’s awesome, just not as well known and publicized. By the way, NewSoGoFan – thanks for the link to the concert where Kevin Williams answers his mom’s ‘phone call’. Great stuff.

    • Oh my goodness, did you find that because of me? That’s great! I’ve had a little communication with Kevin, and he is a good guy. 🙂

  19. And I guess I am obsessed – if you didn’t notice the time stamp on my post….:-?


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