CD Review: “For Heaven’s Sake” (Southern Sound)

Southern Sound has seen more than its share of personnel changes over the past year or two; two bios on the group’s website introduce a member as the newest, while a third member is introduced as one of the newest. Yet with all the changes, lead singer and manager Ben Harris has managed to keep a solid lineup together and consistently produce good projects. The group has added a pianist (Barry Patrick) since releasing their current project, but the vocal lineup on For Heaven’s Sake is still the current lineup.

Baritone Trevor Haley (baritone/pianist at the time of the project’s release) wrote two of the songs on the project, “In the Book” and “Ain’t Worth Talkin’ About.” He has several (vocal) solos on the project, most notably “Before I Called Him Father.”

Mike Young, whose father was David Young of the Couriers, is Southern Sound’s new tenor. He is featured on “Can’t Stand Up Alone” and “House of Gold.”

Southern Sound’s new bass singer is Alan Brewster. He demonstrates his versatility on this project, showcasing the lower end of his range on “Look Down That Lonesome Road,” while turning in possibly the best performance of the project on the Rodney Griffin song “Grace Found a Place.” (The song was originally recorded by the Dixie Melody Boys on their 1999 project Headin’ Home.)

This project is a nice combination of familiar classics and new songs, and provides a good introduction for Alan Brewster and David Young to Southern Gospel audiences.

Rating: Recommended.

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  1. Another nice review! I don’t think I’ve heard these guys before but your review makes we want to!

  2. Good! 🙂

  3. Daniel-

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now but this is my first posted comment.

    It has not as yet been my pleasure to hear Southern Sound either in person or on recording. My introduction the group came through a phone call from Michael David Young. He was just joining the group and wanted to bounce the idea off me. His father, L. David Young (or L.D., affectionately known as “Little David”) played superb piano and often sang with our group, The Couriers, during the 1960s. David senior and I became fast friends and our friendship remains strong even now. The Youngs are like family to Ruth and me.

    There were five exciting and talented children born to L.D. and Colleen Young. All of them were girls except Michael David. He inherited his mother’s strong composure and his father’s gift of music and humor. The whole family is abundantly gifted in music. And because of a devout Christian upbringing they are all living for the Lord and raising Godly families.

    So it’s no surprise that Southern Sound would jump at the chance to have Michael David join their group. His voice range is somewhere up in the stratosphere and singing Gospel Music is second nature to him. While his humor is totally off the wall, he’s a man fully dedicated to the cause of Christ and he will be a blessing to any ministry to which he brings his huge talents.

    From what Michael David has intimated to me the men who comprise the personnel of Southern Sound are men of distinct Christian character and worthy of any confidence we can place in them.

    Daniel, you have whetted my appetite to hear them with your CD review. I can’t wait.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Mr. Enloe, I’m honored that you commented here. Thank you for both reading and sharing your thoughts!

  5. I have been a fan of Southern Sound for a good while and count Ben, Trevor and the others as friends. Anyone who knows Ben realizes that he is a perfectionist when it comes to the group’s music and also their character. For those who have never heard Southern Sound, do yourself a favor and purchase their product. If you are a fan of good, solid quartet singing, you’ll not be disappointed.

  6. I’m not only a fan of Southern Sound, but I’m honored to count them among my friends. This cd is without doubt one of the best released in 2007. I don’t see why Southern Sound shouldn’t be counted among the top quartets in the business today. They are superb.

  7. Daniel, for those who would like to hear Southern Sound, I see where they will be appearing the same night,Feb. 21,2008 ath R.S.Central High School the same night The Kingdom Heirs will be there. For anyone who lives close enough to go. I’m 65 miles away and I’ve been to see The KH for the past two years. I look foward to seeing SS also. Just thought I’d pass this info along.
    Larry Bedford

  8. Thanks guys for the great comments. Larry, we are not booked at the high school you mention. I don’t know where this information got out, but it is not correct. It maybe some other group with a similar name. But anyway, thanks guys for very kind commentary. Neil, you’re welcome to come ride along any time you wish. In fact we have met….years ago when the Couriers were at Southland Baptist Temple in Paducah, KY. After the service that evening I road on the bus with you guys to direct you to the resturant we were going to. First bus I was ever on that had an automatic transmission. I was impressed, with the Couriers and the bus. Yes MIke has an “off-the-wall” humor, but he is one fine tenor, and a great Christian. We love him, Thanks Daniel.

  9. Thank you! I’m thrilled that this little CD review has provided a place for these comments. 🙂

  10. This is an excellent CD by an excellent quartet. I can say very little that hasn’t already been said by Dean, ABK, and Neil but let me echo their statements.

    These gentlemen are first class singers who promote a genuine Christian lifestyle.

    Thank you, Daniel, for this fine review. I hope this will give those folks that have never had to opportunity to hear Southern Sound to add this fine project to their gospel music collections.

  11. I hope so, too; while we’re on that topic, I forgot to give a link to Southern Sound’s website. Let me remedy that here:

  12. Daniel, sorry about the wrong info about SS appearing with the Kingdom Heirs. I went to Carolina Gospel Association website and it says KH with special guests Southern Sounds I didn’t realize it may be another group.
    Larry Bedford

  13. No problem–I’m glad everything’s straightened out.

  14. The Southern Sounds (plural) Quartet is David Bruce Murrays group out of NC

  15. Thanks Phil, Maybe I’m not going crazy after all.