Saturday News Roundup #53

I went to see Gold City last night and am planning to post a review some time in the next few days. Meanwhile, in the news:

  • The Dove Brothers will top the August 2010 Singing News radio charts with “Hold On.” While McCray Dove has had his voice on numerous Singing News radio hits, this the first song he penned to make it to the top.
  • Signature Sound's new bus

    Greater Vision is recording studio cuts of songs from their 20th Anniversary recording, and re-cutting tenor solos of songs from You’re Not Alone, for a project set to be out by NQC.

  • Signature Sound has a new bus (see photo on right).
  • Former Legacy Five / Greenes bus driver Roger Menees has set a Guiness Book of World Records record for hitting the lowest note ever recorded, at 0.393 Hertz. (That’s lower than human ears can hear.)
  • Jeremy, Jennifer, and Rachel Peace

    Jeremy, Jennifer, and Rachel Peace

    Jeremy and Jennifer Peace announced the birth of their daughter, Rachel, on Tuesday. She was born five weeks early and weighed in at 4 pounds 15 ounces, but was doing fine. Peace sings tenor for the Old Paths and previously sang with the Kingsmen.

  • Amber Nelon Thompson, soprano singer for the Nelons, has a “golden ticket” to the next season of American Idol. Now I don’t have time to bother with TV shows, so I’m unfamiliar with the term in this context, but other bloggers are taking this to mean that she will be performing, and not just in the audience. [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken link removed.]Β American Idol’s rules stipulate that singers cannot currently be under a recording contract. Assuming this applies to groups the singers are members of, either Thompson will need to leave the Nelons during the course of her time on the show, or they will need to / have perhaps already ended their Vine Records contract. However, nothing I’ve seen discussed so far indicates that she must stop performing with the Nelons during the show, so long as the Nelons aren’t under a recording contract at the time of the show.

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  1. Ernie sold the old bus to the Collingsworth family, if I’m not mistaken. I think Phil said that in your interview. And didn’t Bill sell them a piano too? It’s all about who ya know… πŸ˜‰

    • I think it might have been the previous bus. (?)

  2. By the way, regarding Amber…does that mean she auditioned and won? Is there a video somewhere of her audition?

    Personally, I’m not crazy over the whole Idol thing. I hope Amber can maintain her values and be a good Christian example. But in that kind of atmosphere, anything can happen. I personally wouldn’t advise young Christian people to do it, but it’s their choice.

    • Maybe “golden ticket” means she gets to skip the auditions process.

      • I believe that means she just got to the next stage of the competition. The first stage is where thousands and thousands of people in one day sing for about 15 seconds in front of the judges. They give some of the the “golden ticket” to go to the next round, in which they will sing a whole song in front of the judges in Hollywood.

        The golden ticket probably pares down the field from like 50,000 to 100 or so. I haven’t watched the show in several years, but that’s how I remember it.

      • I see!

      • I guess in Orlando they do a singing competition and the winner goes straight to Hollywood. Amber won!

  3. I think Amber has a GREAT opportunity to not only represent the KING OF KINGS but bring a small spotlight to the Southern Gospel genre.

    We always assume the “world” will take away our young people when in reality they don’t have to be on the American Idol stage for that to happen.

    They have just as much opportunity to fall into the hands of the enemy by staying at home and hanging out with friends on Saturday night. (it’s just not as publicized)

    I say WAY TO GO AMBER! Do us proud but also do your Heavenly Father proud. I will be praying and voting for you!

    • I wonder if Amber will have to sing the same secular material that everyone else is singing. Hope not.

      • That’s sort of my point. While Mickey is completely right that there are plenty of opportunities for our young people to fall at home, AI is something else again. It can be a rather brutal and potentially corrupting kind of thing. You’re thrown together with other singers whom you might not want to pass the time of day with (but might be forced to do a duet with), and you’re forced to sing material some of which may be flatly contradictory to your values. And it’s almost worse if you win. Amber has said she doesn’t want to seek fame this way, and I completely believe and support her in that. But she’s talented enough that she might not have a choice if she makes it big. And that may be more of a curse than a blessing.

        Reminds me of a remark a family friend once made about lottery tickets. He walked into the store, and the lady asked if he wanted to buy one. To which he replied, “Oh no. If I won, it would ruin my life.”

      • No, there will be no Christian or gospel music involved. All secular, all the time.

      • Oh yeah, as far as that’s concerned, no Christian music. There’s a different category each week—country, inspo, even a Michael Jackson week (oh, wonderful…)

        I’m not sure how much of a hand the contestants have in choosing their material. I seem to recall that Kris Allen (a Christian contestant) was able to perform material that was clean at least, even though some of the messages were hardly uplifting.

        I do know there’s a week where you have to sing what one of the judges picks for you. So no choice there unless you flat-out refuse to perform it, in which case your chances of advancing would be nixed (I would think).

      • Ouch. Don’t care for the sound of that!

        (There can be a place for music that does’t specifically have the Gospel in it if it’s strongly rooted in a Biblical worldview – i.e., say a song about family heritage. But most of what passes for secular music these days wouldn’t count!)

      • I remember one time Mandisa (I think) sang “Shackles” by Mary,Mary

        Yup, found it:

        Not sure if its changed since then, but I believe they do get some freedom in song choice

      • The difficulty with Ai for Christian Artists, is that the audiance does not respond well to “Faith Based” songs. After Mandisa performed that song, I believe Simon ripped her apart for singing nonsence, and the next week she was voted out. It normally doesn’t go well for those thying to hold tight to CCM or Christian music in any form. Amber’s best bet would be to stick with Contry songs due to the fact that the majority of the country enjoys that kind of music and the messages are as close to SG as you can get with secular music.

      • Regarding the message in country, some yes and some no. There’s plenty of unsavory stuff in country as well. But I agree that on the whole it’s one of the more decent genres out there. I could see Amber going a Carrie Underwood-type route.

  4. So two things about Amber Thompson:

    1) No disrespect for Daniel Britt, but the auditions haven’t even been held yet, so how could she already have a ticket to Hollywood?

    2) I don’t see the issue with her singing non-gospel songs (FYI: the show isn’t really all that familiar with the all-inclusive cannon of SG material, so I’d not expect that from her come January if she is indeed on the show). Not to get overly philosophical here, but all truth is God’s truth. If something is true, it’s our mandate to reclaim it. Just because Rodney Griffen didn’t write it, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. I think it’s preposterous to say because it’s not a gospel song, it’s obviously of the devil. As long as it’s not an overtly vulgar or blasphemous we should be supportive.

    • I will support a song if it either

      (a) contains the Gospel message (without any false doctrine mixed in), or

      (b) clearly reflects a Biblical worldview.

      All truth is God’s truth. Therefore, if a song does not contain God’s truth (i.e., the Gospel message or addressing another area of life from a Biblical worldview) – it does not contain truth.

      • I’m probably a bit more comfortable than you are with non-Christian stuff. For example, I wouldn’t have a problem with a Christian contestant performing a song like “Mandolin Rain,” which is a love song, but beautifully done and thoughtful. Songs that are just about life can be tastefully done too, even if they’re not particularly written from a biblical perspective. Unfortunately, even that much appears to be too much to ask, and there’s a lot of filth that gets performed on the Idol stage and in secular music in general. Plus, it just isn’t very good music.

      • Well . . . a song doesn’t have to be written by a Christian, necessarily, to reflect a Biblical worldview. So long as it reflects a Biblical worldview, I don’t really have a problem with it, whether or not it was written by a Christian.

        On the other hand, if a song is rooted in an unbiblical worldview – and, may I add, some songs written by Christians unfortunately are – that’s where I have a problem with it.

      • Here’s another consideration, which is that some songs are written by non-Christians who are searching for something more, even if they don’t know exactly what. For example, there’s a beautiful song called “The Riddle” by a pop group called Five for Fighting. It’s about a father who’s wrestling with some big questions from his son about life, purpose, and meaning. In the end, all he knows is that he loves his son, so he can’t come up with anything better than, “There’s a reason for the world…you and I.” Now you and I know that’s not the reason for the world. But that doesn’t make the song any less poignant and beautiful. This writer is missing the most important piece, but he’s searching, and you can tell that he feels something is missing.

      • I can definitely respect someone who’s honestly searching. It doesn’t really bother me that an unsaved individual would sing that lyric.

        The only thing that would bother me is if a Christian would sing the lyric.

      • Just a thought,

        If some of the stuff on previous AI and similar ‘talent’ shows were too low to hear, it would be no bat thing! πŸ™‚

        The inevitable association with some of the unsavoury stuff therein is not a helpful environment for a young believer, even if we postulate the excuse of “shining your light in the darkness” to justify participation.

        My grandaddy often said, “If in doubt, don’t.” – and he never even saw a television.

      • Yeah, believe me, I’m all for being a light in the darkness, but the Bible also says we’re supposed to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. There’s also that verse about bad company corrupting good manners. As Christians, I think we should be both bold and cautious.

    • To answer your first question there is a singing competition held in Orlando where the winner goes to Hollywood.

  5. I would think that if the bass note is lower than human audibility, it would be hard to prove by just listening. Most of us don’t carry around a frequency tester to prove such a claim. Congratulations to Roger Menees on his inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records, and I’m sure his accomplishment has been authenticated, but subsonic is more for elephants than us mere mortals.

    • Interesting – can elephants hear frequencies that low?

      • Where we live, I can often hear the elephant’s low notes.

        Don’t know how low they can hear though! Local advise it “Don’t Hoot!” – I don’t think it matters how low your hooter is, but a 4×4 trodden on by a family of elephants is VERY low indeed. Trust me. πŸ™‚

  6. I guess Tim Storms isn’t the man anymore.

    • πŸ™‚ He’s still a man, of that I have no doubt!

      Having the second lowest voice in the world is no small feat!

  7. I didn’t recognize the name at all. I certainly didn’t guess that he’d been an SG bus driver. (But why on earth didn’t I?) J.D. might have had a hard time with this! (Just joking.)

    It’s just funny that it showed up in the odd news of my hometown newspaper.

  8. It would not be good to perform on a night,when someone like LADY GA GA performed.

  9. Daniel,

    I wanted to give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Amber did win a “Golden” ticket to Hollywood. She went to MGM Hollywood studios and entered the American Idol Experience in Orlando. They give out one everyday. There are 2 different kinds of “Golden” tickets that are given, and until you register(which she hasn’t yet)you don’t know what kind of ticket you have. It was really all just for fun,and she won the whole thing. Anyone can go and tryout. The “Golden” ticket is like a fast pass to the real judges. On her ticket it states when auditions are held (it says July and August) and who she is to contact. Amber is 21 and can make her own decisions and I know whatever she does, it will come thru a lot of prayer and counsel. Do I voice my opinion yes, but I will not say what that is. As far as the Vine thing, I am not sure about that and will have to investigate should she decide to go. She is not technically signed, The Nelons are signed. Wayne Haun is a great guy and friend and we appreciate his support. We really haven’t put much thought to it. I think other people have made it a bigger issue than it has been for us. On another note, Do I think she could win??? ABSOLUTELY haha I am her mother!

    • While I’ve never watched AI, from everything people have told me, she has far more talent than a lot of the people who pass through the show!

      I wish your family the best, and I’ll admit I’m hoping that whatever happens won’t keep her from being a part of the Nelons!

  10. The Amber Thompson story has been clarified on other websites. She participated in and won the “American Idol Experience” at Disneyworld. I’ve actually been to this. Anybody that goes to the park can participate. All they do if you win is give you a guaranteed ticket to audition in front of the judges at one of the regional auditions. Basically it means you don’t have to stand behind 10,000 people in line for your 10 seconds of singing.

    Someone wins one of these tickets every day at Disneyworld I think. The one that won the day I watched was a decent karaoke singer, but not close to being good enough to get to advancing on the show.

    • Boy, I wish I had looked three inches up on my computer screen there.

      Oh well, got my comment count up. πŸ˜‰

    • I was about to ask you if you’d read the official word on the topic!

  11. The EHSS new bus looks fantastic ! a long, long, sleek Limo! – I wish they woul give a tour of the inside… I LOOOVE EH!