Concert Review: Gold City (Washington Court House, OH)

Last Friday, I went to see Gold City at Washington Court House, Ohio. Since I’d not seen them since Josh Cobb and Roy Webb joined the group, I thought it might be worth the drive across Ohio to catch the concert. It was worth the driveā€”in fact, it was even worth standing in the back in an outdoor fairgrounds structure on a hot day.

Song list:

  • Cast Your Bread Upon the Water
  • By Your Grace, For Your Glory
  • When He Blessed My Soul – (at least) partial standing ovation.
  • He Still Calms the Storm
  • I’m Rich – standing ovation.
  • Satisfied – this is a song that tenor Josh Cobb has been doing as a solo number, with no track (just Roy Webb on piano). Easily the strongest response of the night. Prolonged standing ovation.
  • I’m Not Giving Up
  • I Love This Land – patriotic song, thus, naturally, a standing ovation.
  • When I Get Carried Away – (at least partial) standing ovation. Though the song started as a baritone solo, lead singer Bruce Taliaferro now takes the lead.
  • Under Control
  • Midnight Cry – standing ovation. Bruce Taliaferro has not one but two hard acts to follow on this song, but he delivers a creditable rendition. The power ending is even more powerful with Josh Cobb on tenor.

Although pianist Roy Webb had a microphone set up, I believe he remained silent throughout the concert; in fact, Danny Riley forgot to introduce him until the group had walked off the stage, at which point he came back and introduced him.

Between concert reports from friends and YouTube videos, I had been inclined to agree that Gold City’s third era of greatness has arrived. This proved it to me. You have to see them in person to fully appreciate the way they command the live stage.

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  1. Daniel… I think what you refer to as “He Still Calms The Storm” is actually “He’ll Do It Every Time”, a song written by Doug Riley from GC’s 1997 “What A Great Lifestyle” project.

    I saw Gold City a week and a half ago, and Roy was also silent during Gold City’s set. I believe when they have an abbreviated set, Roy’s comedy is the first thing they cut out of the program.

    • I’m sure you’re right – that was the one song whose title I didn’t immediately recognize. I do have that GC project, but have listened to other GC projects far more frequently.

      Interesting about Roy’s comedy being the first thing to go. I remember having recently read a review that mentioned that – I guess it was yours!

  2. Roy Webb remained *silent* throughout the entire concert? Now that surprises me. I remember him as the comic foil for Ernie Haase back in his EHSS days. He was never at a loss for words, that’s for sure!

    • I doubt he was this time, either – chances are he just knew their time was limited, and they had so many songs they wanted to get in.

      • I really miss Roy with EHSS. I know he had some heavy issues with his dad, but I never really understood why he didn’t come back to the group after that had run its course. Ah well, I’m really glad they’ve got Wayne now. Mr. jack-of-all-trades. That guy can play, produce, write, even sing!

  3. I definitely love the new GC line up. I think “Satisfied”is my favorite concert song right now. Josh nails it!

  4. The opening song is actually titled “I Cast My Bread Upon the Water.” As far as “When I Get Carried Away” goes, that switched to being a lead feature when David Hill recorded it on Classics.

  5. Gold City was my second favorite group before the Cathedrals retired, and they have been my favorite since 2000. That is in spite of all the changes they have endured during the past 10 years. However, I am more excited about them right now than I have been in a long time. I cannot wait for a chance to see the group with Josh and Roy.

  6. I am so looking forward to next year’s Great Western Southern Gospel Fan Fest! Gold City will be on the west coast for the first time in years (that I know of.) Gold City has been one of our favorites for a long time.


  7. Daniel, i’m just mad that you didn’t come up and pick me up first when you went to this concert! LOL. I wish i would have known ahead of time, i might have been able to make it. How long of a drive was that for you, from Mansfield?

    • Over 2 hours! That was pushing and really beyond my max, after standing in the back (and the heat to boot!) It was worth it to see Gold City, but counting an hour and a half detour each way to pick you up, both there and back – that would have added six hours to the trip, and I can guarantee I would have canceled and not gone myself if I had to add that on!