The Thousand Comment Contest

When I find duplicate Southern Gospel recordings in my collection, I set them aside for the next contest. I’ve accumulated enough that it’s time for a new contest.

This one is pretty simple: The top 5 most active commenters on this site between now (7 AM ET on Monday, June 21) and a week from today (7 AM ET on Monday, June 28) will win one of the following prizes:

  • Booth Brothers, Declaration (CD)
  • Dave, Duane, and Neil (original Couriers), Changing World…Unchanging Christ…Changeless Sound (CD)
  • Various Artists, Sunday In the Country (CD) (Keith Urban, Trace Adkins, Diamond Rio, Josh Turner, Vince Gill etc.)
  • Hoppers, Never Thirst Again (tape plus mp3 if desired)
  • McKameys, With His Power (tape plus mp3 if desired)
  • Spencers, The Unseen Hand (tape plus mp3 if desired)
  • Spencers, I’d Like to Go Home Again (tape plus mp3 if desired)

So why is it called the Thousand Comment Contest? If this site receives more than 1,000 comments during these seven days, I will personally purchase the winner a single CD of their choice from or

A thousand comments is easily attainable; we’ve had a number of weeks where there have been several hundred comments. Crunch the numbers: If just 20 people actively comment this week, it would only take 7.1 comments per person per day to reach 1,000 total.

Of course, make comments of some substance; comments that are completely off-topic, repetitive (copy and paste), or very short (fewer than 5 words) won’t count toward winners’ totals.

Comments on older posts count. Here are a number that could still prompt relevant discussion:

This site is a few posts away from 1,800 posts, so there should be plenty to talk about!

For anyone who may be obsessive enough to count how many comments someone else has, here’s the comment feed.

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  1. Sounds like a fun plan bro Dan!

    I would like the Booth Bros “Declaration”, speaking personally.

    Scripturally, ‘the first shall be last’, but Prov 16v33 says, “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is form the Lord’ (NKJV).

    • Go for it, and find a lot of old posts that could still use some discussion! 🙂

      Remember that if the winner wants to pick a CD of his/her choice from Springside or Crossroads, then the second-place winner might be able to pick Declaration.

      Of course, if you end up at #1, then you’re assured of getting the one you want!

      • The postage might hit you for a few dollars more Daniel!

        Was that a SGM title? Not sure! LOL.

      • I know. But I have had so much fun with the various contests I’ve run here that I don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on postage.

        Though I must say that I wouldn’t be the slightest bit disappointed if you picked a CD from Crossroads that was available via mp3, and I could purchase the mp3s and email them to you!

      • Stingy bro!

        We won’t even see Booth Bros CD’s in the shops here – latest offering is “Nashville Homecoming” just arrived.

        If you want “Hillsong”, not a problem, but Hoppers, Booths, Legacy 5; “Who are they?”

        Be nice to have a CD that we can’t buy!!

      • Oh, I’m willing to pay to mail a CD. But if you’re willing to go for the sound files, I sure wouldn’t mind! 🙂

        This is assuming you win, of course!

      • The music shops here are full of the good the bad and the ugly!

        [I never mentioned CCM]

        we are flooded with “Twilight” DVD’s and games as well as books – and they all come from your side of the lake!

        Decency or morality doesn’t big sellers make.

      • Ugh! I haven’t heard a single good thing about that series!

      • Hey, seriously Dan, I know this is not music, but that can’t far away either!

        That stuff is seriously messing with the minds of believer’s kids. The subtlety is astonishing – they are being promoted as morality allegories…

        Whereas the series is as dark as midnight and totally anti-christian in essense. Sadly this kind of stuff has made bigger in-roads here than it has in say UK or Europe.

        we are flooded with it. I thought “The Shack” was bad!

      • I hate to hear that! 🙁

        Now since you’ve already labeled me as stingy, I’m tempted to actually be stingy and say that to win the grand prize you have to make more comments than I do!

        But I think I won’t be stingy – and thus won’t count myself! 🙂

      • Actually, it did cross my mind that you might award the First Prize to DJM, if he blogged the most! LOL.

    • Woops! Before Nick comes in a beats me up, again, the ‘form’ should read ‘from’.

      mild dsylexai in my fingers! 🙂

      Sorry bros!

  2. Hmmm … So this is obviously another week that I’m going to be unable to keep up with comments. Wish you all luck; I’m afraid I’m not that wordy myself!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if you could at least place in the top 5. 🙂

      • I don’t think I’ve been commenting that much lately. But maybe if I just keep checking back… I’m guessing, though, that it will be NewSoGoFan or David Mac. You know, the shipping could set you back a little there!

      • I’m guessing the same!

        I’ve been planning on this for a few weeks now, so I planned ahead for shipping expenses!

        Remember there will be a top 5, and each will get to pick a project from that list. 🙂

      • Well we must be the only two bloggers who don’t live below the Mason Dixon line!

        Be good if we got rewarded for supporting SGM / DJM from outside the heartland!

        Daniel is trying sob stuff about mp3 files! maybe I’ll get edited off. Ha.

        Speaking of SoGoBro, he must be on holidays to Alaska or wherever! Maybe he only comments on serious threads. Ahemm.

      • I’m actually from KS. Daniel’s from Ohio, which I guess you knew. As to shipping, I was only referring to you – in South Africa, right?

      • Ha! SoGo Bro only just now found this thread is what happened brotha David. You’re gonna have a little competition here… 🙂

        Daniel, I was hoping you’d say a CD of my choice from Amazon so I could purchase something old from a seller! Ah well…I’ll start browsing now. 😛

        By the way, do comments on this thread count? 😉

      • Yes, comments from this thread count, so long as they’re reasonably pertinent to the discussion at hand.

        If you win, I’d consider Amazon, so long as the price range for the title of choice was in the same ballpark as a new CD. (Sorry, but my budget for this project doesn’t extend to that rare $150 early Gold City CD! 😛 )

      • Oh no, I didn’t mean *that* rare! I was thinking of the $25 rarish EHSS or Ernie Haase solo CD…

        This is really generous of you BTW. As one of your most active commenters, I’m looking forward to the following week! (Cackles evilly.)

      • “cackles evilly”

        Should I be scared? 😮

      • That’s a good question. I was sort of thinking of my fellow commenters, but since you’re the one who would have to spend money… but I suppose you’re planning to do that in any event.

      • Ah Ha!

        But this is the nonsense thread.

        Bro Daniel kindly put up a list of back-topics which never generated a big discussion.

        Before your time maybe? LOL.

        So, the thing is, you gotta see which of them can be revived and turned into a sensible vehicle for further discussion, like over the 100 comment mark again!

        Seek and ye shall find!

  3. It looks like I’m already behind. 😉

    • These guys sleep some time. I think. You’ll have a chance to catch up. 🙂

      • He’ll have a chance to catch up…only if he doesn’t sleep while we do! Ha!

      • Actually I’m awake when you guys SUPPOSED to be asleep, and vice versa:

        which means we may need to stay up all week just to play fair.

        Actually, to be fair, stupid comments about commenting should not count.

        Proper discussion only, my dear brothers. Let the wisest man win, not the most verbose!

        Ahem, maybe even Amen.

        But was that sincere bros?

      • Harrumph. I pride myself on being at once wise *and* verbose. I’m like a little kid in a candy store…going around reviving old threads galore. I might even pick some Daniel hasn’t suggested!

        By the way, exactly what time would it be in your neck of the woods bro?

      • 1700 hours as my Central African bros say!

        ‘five o’clock’, not far off “half-time” in some noisy game in a lousy euro competition which they have imported to RSA, and you guys sent over a team of no-hand-ball exponents who, strangly enough, are as good as anybody else here!

        Good street outreach opportunity though.

        You guys also sent over a lot of southern baptist guys as well, who doing the US proud with their evangelism on the streets.

        Sadly the refusal percentages are all led northern europeans.

      • Actually SoGoBro,

        you only wanted to know when we sleep!

        and I should have split up the last comment so it made two,

        so I threw in this one instead!

      • Actually SoGoBro,

        you only wanted to know when we sleep…

        and I should have split up the last post, so it counted as two.

      • So I sent this one extra, just to keep you on your toes. 🙂

      • Ha!

        I confused myself and WordPress, and got more bang for my buck as well!

        I think that is the equivalent of hand-ball!

      • Somehow I doubt Daniel is counting duplicates…

        That’s really cool about the young southern Baptist fellows! I didn’t even know we had sent them. Bless their hearts.

      • I think “So I sent this one extra, just to keep you on your toes” is not going to count! But it is funny! 😀 :p

      • Actually Mr Daniel’s Den,

        I would have ruled out the duplicate comment,

        not the ‘on your toes’ one.

        Thst’s what you get for being honest,

        maybe now you’ll scratch them both….

      • OK. Well, since you’ve been honest, I’ll only scratch the comment or two if it comes down to a virtual tie for first between you and someone else!

      • Actually, though I am blessed to work mostly from my desk, and also at work of a spiritual nature…

        I do have real work to do as well as virtual…

        [Not sure if SoGoBro works at all!! ;-)]

  4. I think you’ll get a lot of useless comments on here Daniel. Kind of like mine.

    • True – but if you get enough useful comments, and win the contest, I’d be happy to purchase you the winner’s prize. Say, if you didn’t already have one in mind, there’s this great young group called Voices Won. I’d recommend their CD. 😛

      • I think I saw a clip of them. Phil in North Ireland put up their rendition of “Heavenly Parade.” Very nice!

      • New SoGo Fan — that was Paid In Full not Voices Won!! Voices Won is also a trio and they are from here in Georgia!! We’re very proud of them!

      • 😳 Sorry! Well then, I’m very impressed by Paid in Full and need to actually check out Voices Won! (Actually, I think I really do remember a rendition of “Because He Lives” that they did for Easter Sunday earlier this year. Very nice.)

      • And I should’ve also said, in case you didn’t know, that Staclynn that made the comment that Daniel was replying to is their lead singer (the baby brother!!)

      • LOL! Okay, I think I get it now… 😉

      • True. 🙂

  5. How can you have a duplicate of the Booth Brothers “Declaration” when I can’t even find one copy? I thought it was released June 1st but I can’t find it in any stores or on Springside’s website.

    • They have it on their table.

      • I thought you said YOU have it. 😉

      • I do. 🙂

      • “they have it on their table” “you have it” make up your mind (or do you guys just keep trading it back and forth?” 😉

      • For goodness sakes, the two aren’t mutually exclusive! 😮 😀

      • He’s just pulling your chain Danny Boy. Pay him no mind… 😉

  6. Well, I never! 😉

  7. The Booth Brothers’ “Declaration” CD is EXCELLENT. I have my copy. Wish you men had yours too. I guess it all depends on who you know, huh? But keep looking; it’s worth the search.

  8. Having it on their table doesn’t do me any good unless they come somewhere close enough for me to go see them.

    • Well, it would if you win Daniel’s contest and choose it. 😉

      • Precisely!

        To anyone who wants the CD but hasn’t had a chance to get it . . . make the most comments this week, or come in second and pray that #1 picks something else!

  9. Hey Daniel, how come I can’t click on to another page in the comments feed? Everything is going by so fast I think I’m missing some…

    • I actually don’t know, but I *think* it’s a browser-based limitation. If you added the comment feed to a reader, like Google Reader, it could go back indefinitely.

      • You can get the comment feed? How?

      • Daniel gives a link in the “thousand comments” post. Unfortunately, it looks like it only goes up to the last 10, 15, 20 comments. I haven’t bothered to hook it up to a reader yet like he’s saying to get more, but it looks like that’s what you’d have to do.

      • I did it – where it gives you the options to subscribe, use Google, then use “Google Reader.” You probably have to have a Google account.

        It is a little slow in picking up new comments when you refresh it, and it doesn’t seem to me that it picked up, for instance, all the comments between my leaving last night and coming back this morning. But it does have more than the last 10.

      • Google probably doesn’t crawl comment RSS feeds as frequently as post feeds.

  10. How we coming Daniel? (By the way, anybody notice how quiet it gets around here while David Mac is asleep? 😉 )

    • Ha! Actually we had other things to do – surprise surprise!

      But “a little slumber, a little sleep” does one no harm in moderation.

      I was hoping for Daniel to put up a new meaty topic we could get our teeth into.

      I think we have swelled Ernie’s cerebellum sufficiently for one week.

      Any other weighty topics in SGM, other than EHSS & GVB, Together or not?

      • It’s just that whenever I try to put up a comment on something else, it dies…seems like nobody wants to talk about anything but!

      • I think everybody’s at lunch right now. Only thing is, that’s just in my time zone, not sure about the rest of you.

        I’m leaving work in 45 minutes.

      • I’m on ET, so lunch would be wrapping about now…

      • We talked a lot about the Cathedrals this morning!

      • True! But we managed to find a way to say positive stuff about Ernie in there too, so David would probably say we’re still swelling his head… 😉

      • (whispering) The truth of the matter is that you two have a serious Ernie obsession. J/K

      • You’ll never catch David admitting that he has one. He’d say it’s us two! 😀

      • Actually my daughter is starry-eyed on Dougie, another one likes D Phelps.

        I am a Timmy fan, as the young George Pretender.

        My son favours Mark Lowry and my wife, musically, admires Ivan Parker.

        My other son is a Casting Crowns fan – we can’t be perfect, but we not Ernie fanatics after all!!

      • I love Timmy too. Honestly, I think he tops George. I think I would compare him to Armond Morales instead. Pecan-pie rich, impact hits like a ton of bricks—in a good way of course.

      • Yeah, Dougie certainly is the type I could see girls getting starry-eyed over. But shucks, what a sweetheart. If I had a daughter, honestly, I’d be happy if she fell in love with a stud like that.

      • Interesting – I would never have thought of comparing Tim Duncan to Armond Morales! (?)

        Is there any song on which you particularly see a resemblance?

      • It’s a general feeling—not so much one particular song. For me, it’s that simultaneous combination of extreme power *and* extreme smoothness. And I certainly can hear Timmy on some old Imperials songs like “Heed the Call” and “Sail On.” I could also hear him doing a great job on “My Mind Forgets A Million Things.” Really I guess bascially all Armond’s features I feel like would have a similar feel if you replaced them with Timmy. That’s part of the reason why I’m curious EHSS hasn’t covered more Imperials stuff.

      • Very interesting – I would venture to say most people wouldn’t make that comparison, which is why I find it intriguing.

      • Yes! As a matter of fact, I hadn’t discovered the Cats yet when I found EHSS, so my first thought when I saw Tim was “He’s the greatest bass ever since Armond Morales!”

        I think part of what I’m feeling is that George tended to growl just a little bit in the lower register. Not a whole lot (certainly not as much as J. D., LOL), but some. Armond never growled. Neither does Timmy—hardly at all anyway. Granted, he’s more of a traditional gospel bass than Armond, but that’s just my impression anyway.

  11. “We not Ernie fanatics after all!” Ha! And this from the guy who was just saying that Ernie is the tenor equivalent of George Younce… 😉

  12. Hey Daniel, what happened to the recent posts section at the bottom right of the page?

  13. Ooops, never mind, they appear to be back.

    • Don’t know why that happened. I didn’t do anything; for whatever reason, they must not have loaded (or displayed properly on your computer) this time.


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