Question of the Week: Josh Cobb

At a Gold City concert last weekend, I had the chance to talk with Josh Cobb and Danny Riley about the upcoming Gold City CD. Here’s what Josh said:

[audio:/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Josh-Cobb.mp3|titles=Josh Cobb]

(Known bug: The audio player might not work if you recently upgraded to Flash 10.1. This should eventually be resolved, but until then, here’s a direct link.)Daniel: Any songs on the upcoming CD that you’re particularly looking forward to?

Josh: Well, yes, there are. As a matter of fact, there’s two. Every night, at our concerts at the table, people walk up to me and they say, “Josh, are you gonna do ‘I Stand Redeemed’ tonight?” It’s really funny how that song has stuck with me for so long. I get emails from people all the time that say that they heard it sung by their choir at church . . . I’ve gotten Facebook friends from the Phillipines that have sent me clips of them singing it! It’s just three little Filipino – little guys that have the hand movements down just like I used to do! So that song has really been a part of my life for a third of my life. So I’m really looking forward to singing that with these guys, with this group of singers. The new arrangement – Gordon Mote, he’s awesome!

I’m also really looking forward personally to singing Michael English’s song “Heaven,” from his 1990 album. He produced it [the Gold City album], and he said that this is the way that he had always hoped it would be. I think he really likes my performance – he got a lot out of me.

It’s really exciting to be a part of Gold City right now! We’re really looking forward to the new album and the next year. It’s been wonderful!

Daniel: Thank you!

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  1. That’s awesome! I’ll forward to great things from GC! -as always 😛

  2. Yes, i can’t wait for any new Gold City projects. They are long overdue! Plus, getting the new Gold City lineup will be great!

  3. “Heaven” is one of my all-time favorite songs, and I’ve always wanted to hear it done by a quartet…and what better group to do it than Gold City 2010??

    Also, I’m just a tad bit surprised to hear that they’re going to do “I Stand Redeemed,” after Legacy Five just started restaging it recently, but as much as L5 is associated with that song, it will always be Josh’s song. I can’t wait!!!

  4. OH MY WORD!! Heaven?? I LOVE that song… one of my top 2 or 3 songs OF ALL TIME! I cannot believe Gold City is covering it. This is too good to be true…. Michael English had Brooklyn Tab back him up back in the day… I wonder if Gold City will have some sorta “choir” as well?? I can’t wait for this new CD.

    • If you’re Gold City, you don’t need a choir!

      • Well they used one on “Preach the Word”.

      • But they didn’t have Tim Riley with them at the time!

        Let me re-phrase that: If you’re Gold City, and you’ve got Tim Riley and Josh Cobb standing there on stage, don’t need a choir!

      • The only thing I’ve heard of the new lineup is a bunch of clips on Youtube…. nothing live. I can only imagine how good they are!! 🙂

      • Now that I can agree with. Steve and Aaron were no slouch though, but it sure is good to have Tim back with GC and Josh back on the road.

      • I didn’t mean to suggest that, either! But it is great to have them back.

  5. What ever happened to the Band of Gold? They had it a couple years ago and then took it off the road.

  6. I can’t wait to hear Gold City do “I Stand Redeemed” and “Heaven” sung by Josh should be something to behold…

  7. Yeah, Josh told me that they were doing the “Favorites” cd & their regular label cd & that the live cd/dvd didn’t work. But I just want some new Gold City stuff soon!!

    • What did it mean for the live CD/DVD to “not work?” That they tried to record it but ran into a road-block? That they gave the concert and it flopped?

      • Word is that the group delivered but the crew didn’t – that the concert was great, but from a lighting standpoint, and perhaps other technical issues, the quality wasn’t acceptable.

      • Ugh. I’m not a huge fan of Gold City, but to have a big project sink like that because somebody else screwed up really stinks.

      • You’re right, Daniel. The concert was great but I could tell that the lighting and the set just weren’t going to be sufficient. I’m not sure how successful they’ve been trying to capture videos for other groups in that location.

  8. Can’t wait to hear GC do “I Stand Redeemed!” Bring it!

  9. My wish for this project is a couple Dianne or Kyla cuts. I long for another Gold City album in the vein of those from 1996 to 2003.

    • You’re not the only one Brian.

  10. On a trivial note, this will be the third different song Gold City has recorded simply entitled “Heaven”.

    The first one (“…so much talk about Heaven…”) they recorded twice: way back in 1981, on We Believe, and as the title track to their 2005 table project.

    The second one is the mid-tempo song that starts out with acoustic guitar run, from Pressed Down. MTT also recorded that, with the same track I believe.

    • I admit not knowing this “Heaven”. From a Michael English solo album? From that I assume it’s got a relatively progressive feel, maybe a “pop”-oriented ballad?

      • Here’s a music video that Michael English shot of that song:

        I have a feeling that it may become another “signature” for Josh; with the original singer producing it, he can bring out all the right things in it, from performance to arrangement.

  11. If I remember right, the first “Heaven” was written by Gaither. The best arrangement of it by far is the Oak Ridge Boys on their Performance lp. They may not have “known it too loud yet”, but it was great. Tommy Fairchild did some great arranging and keyboard playing on it.

    • On the liner notes I have, it is arranged by Gaither, but they don’t give a songwriter.

      • Thanks, I remembered Gaither connected somehow. I wonder who wrote it or is it an old spiritual?

    • q-man, I agree, the Oaks cut of that song is fantastic, and Fairchild’s playing on it is incredible. Some great piano licks on that one!!!

      • You are exactly right, Wes! Amen!

      • After reading the post about Gaither arranging it and taxing my memory, I confirmed that is is Andrae Crouch who wrote the song. Besides the Oaks and Gaither Trio (and of course Gold City who wasn’t listed) it appears that the Blackwoods did it. I presume Tommy took it to them. I would like to hear the other versions. It is hard to imagine the Gaither Trio doing it and definitely hard to imagine Gaither trying to do piano Fairchild style. 😉 I am sure that was all Fairchild no matter who arranged it.

  12. i just saw this group this past weekend!! WOW! WOW! HANDS-DOWN THE BEST QUARTET GOING RIGHT NOW! No offense to any other groups, I am a HUGE Booth Brothers fan, L5 Fan, GV fan, like the Kingsmen, Brian Free, but, wow. I do think that they need a little more stage interaction, but, if that happens, wow. just. wow. Great job to the Rileys for rebuilding an awesome quartet!!! THANK YOU!


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