Talley Trio in the studio

The Talley Trio is back in the recording process, working on their next mainline release. I had the incredible opportunity to sit in on a recent tracking session, and I’ve edited together a number of videos for their website. The first, “Good Things,” is up. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]

I probably won’t be putting up links here every time a video goes up, so if you’re a fan of their music, get the RSS feed or email newsletter from the site to keep up with the videos.

An off-topic note to those taking part in our thousand comment contest: At this moment, we’re at 433 comments. So a thousand is still within reach!

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  1. Hey Daniel, do we only get prizes if we reach 1000 comments? 😉

    • No – either way, the top 5 get their pick from the list. It’s just that the grand prize is only triggered if we hit 1000. 🙂

    • Of the 433, I think 420 are about EH&SS. 😉

      • Thats okay. Gives me more of a reason to chime in…

  2. Someone was asking about this Jason Webb guy they see on alot of liner notes. Well that’s him talking to Debra in the background of this video.

  3. That song will be a great fit for them. Tony Gore & Majesty did a cool version of it in 1997 when Daniel Riley and Greg Cook were in the group.

    • I am looking forward to the new Talley Trio release for sure! Thanks Daniel for keeping us informed!

  4. Lauren is so beautiful and such a pro. Sounds like a fun song! Honestly though, I think I wanted to hear a little more of it with just piano!

    • Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much people would want to hear – I was afraid that going through the whole song twice or more would have been overkill.

      • Of course. I was actually implying that just piano might have been neat for the final cut of the song.

      • This is going to be one of their uptempo, driving songs – there are other songs that they’re giving a simpler treatment.

      • That’s good—I especially like a stripped-down feel on ballads.

  5. I am happy The Talleys are bringing back this song. It was always a favorite of mine back when the Hemphills brought it out. Same thing with Gold City’s remake of I Cast My Bread Upon The Water. Joel Hemphill has written some wonderful songs and I’m glad today’s artists are going back and re-making some of them.

  6. The version I hear in my head is the Singing Americans’. 🙂

  7. I think I’ve probably heard the Hemphills version of this song, but it’s been a while.

    I’ve got a version by the Masters V from a low-budget cassette by the same title. It’s one of those situations where a well-written song comes across in a positive light even if the production quality isn’t so great.

    I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy the Talley Trio version at lot more, though, once it’s finished. Good songs can surpass poor production quality, but good production quality never hurts a good song!

  8. (Of course, by “good” production quality, I don’t mean over-production.)

    • Case in point, the vast majority of current CCM…