Singing News to restrict website access

Singing News announced last week that effective December 31, they will be restricting access to some areas of their website to current subscribers. I believe this will be the third time (at least since I’ve been watching) that they try doing this. A large part of whether the move will succeed will depend on whether they post enough content to make it worthwhile subscribing just to gain access to the website.

Freely available Southern Gospel websites have changed the way Southern Gospel news is reported. One no longer has to subscribe to the Singing News to know what’s happening in the genre. Different people have different reasons for continuing to subscribe; I, for one, subscribe mainly to have a vote in the Fan Awards and receive Ed O’Neal’s column every month.

Singing News has tried implementing a few things. Danny Jones does have interesting blog posts, and seeing the radio airplay charts in advance of their publication is also interesting. But I’m not sure those two alone would provide a compelling reason to subscribe to the magazine just to get website access. It will be interesting to see what they will add to their website in the coming months.

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  1. This wording…”Singing News announced last week that effective December 31, they will be restricting access to their website to current subscribers”…is a little confusing to me. Current subscribers will have access to the site, by logging in. Those that don’t subscribe will not have total access.

  2. Is it a little clearer now?

  3. Add a live feed of the National Quartet Convention to the subscribers only website would be a good reason to subscribe to the Singing News.
    Concert listings, in itself, is a very good reason to subscribe to the website.
    One thing Singing News has that most other website does not have is the archives and hundred of years of experience in southern gospel music news that the staff has as its foundation.
    I love the Singing News as an organization but do not like everything they do some of the time.
    That what makes it intresting reading.

  4. Current subscribers will be able to access the entire Singing News website. It is the folks that don’t subscribe that won’t have access to everything.

  5. I used to love Singing News, (and still do) but with subscription price at $80
    and the fact that the truck I live in is already overweight , I have to take care with my $$$ and kilos, seems a bit unfair that we forigners wwwould pay 4 times as much for the website.
    My s-l-o-w (mobile ) internet is my only connection to SGM news.
    Can’t do streaming at (less than) dial up speeds.
    On a slightly different note, I can’t understand why there seem to be no SGM NEWS podcasts. – not asking for free music, just news , interviews, prayer requests and the like…….

  6. Yes thanks Dan. I usually start the download when I go to bed, and its (usually) ready for me in the morning. 2 nights. sometimes I have to try 2 or 3 times when it terminates after 20 or so minutes realtime – download takes 4 or 5 hours, still Im very greatful to Paul and Alan.

  7. David,

    Have you tried The Gospel Greats? It is available on demand here: