Saturday News Roundup #54

Thousand Comment Contest update

This week’s contest is going strong. The top 5 most active commenters will get a CD or tape as a prize; if we hit 1,000 comments, the most active commenter gets to pick a new CD from Springside or There are nearly 700 comments, certainly within striking distance of triggering the grand prize.

In the News

  • The Blackwood Brothers (Jimmy Blackwood’s group) will be on the cover of the September Singing News. Congratulations to a deserving quartet.
  • Word has it the Kingsmen recorded a live CD/DVD of new material last weekend, and that the taping went well.
  • The National Quartet Convention has a complete, final schedule up. (Of course, with occasional group changes, it isn’t ever completely final till it’s over, but it’s about as close as we’ll get in advance.)
  • Diana Brantley posted an excellent review of a recent concert by Freedom. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]
  • Wes Burke also posted an excellent concert review; his was of a recent Cathedrals Remembered concert.

Worth Watching

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  1. Interesting—I’m not real familiar with the NQC format, so I didn’t realize that certain artists got more than one slot. I’m thrilled that the Collingsworth family is performing on two evenings. I could listen to them all day. Looks like ditto for L5? Great!

    By the way, I know this has been a topic of some…well, conversation around the SG blogosphere, but does anybody know exactly what Sarah Palin is planning to talk about? I love Sarah, and I’m thrilled she’s making an appearance, but I’m just curious about how her speech will tie into the theme of the night. Will she talk about gospel music?

    • Probably not Gospel Music. Word has it it’s a talk about how faith influenced her life.

      Whether or not she’s made a firm decision to run for President in 2012, she wants votes if she does . . . and the NQC board wants the seats full. So it works out mutually for the board and for Palin.

      • Well that’s fine then. Like you said, it’s a win-win for both parties. If she runs, I’ll vote for her!

      • Nobody disputes that it’s for the best for Palin and the NQC board – the whole disagreement was over whether it was for the best for the fans.

      • Well…exactly what would be meant by that? Is the implication that either (a) the fans don’t really want to see Sarah Palin talk or (b) we somehow *shouldn’t* have invited her because it’s like shoe-horning politics into music, and that’s not fair to the fans?

      • Well, many SG fans wouldn’t mind seeing her. In fact, I dare say most wouldn’t mind seeing her at an event.

        The main point of contention was the very limited amount of slots for featured Freedom Hall showcases at NQC, and over featuring a political speaker ultimately seeking votes over numerous hardworking SG groups that could make better use of the slot.

        Just suppose . . . the Cathedrals’ Remember the Music showcase was repeated. Or that Greater Vision or the Booth Brothers did a Quartets showcase with guest performances by different bass singers. Or there was a Gold City reunion concert. Or a Greater Vision reunion concert. Or an extra hour for a Pianist showcase, featuring six or seven more who otherwise wouldn’t be featured. Et cetera, et cetera!

      • Ah, I see. So people are saying it wouldn’t be fair to some artists who might have gotten featured otherwise.

        Well in that case, it would be interesting to see what the artists themselves thought of her appearance. I would venture to say that at least many of them couldn’t be happier.

      • The artists who wish that the showcase could have been given to a Southern Gospel group are courteous and diplomatic enough to keep their mouth shut, at least publicly.

      • Of course. I assumed that. And I’m not naive enough to think that everybody is completely happy with the decision either. I just have a hunch that Sarah is really popular among artists as well as fans, and that at least some are genuinely glad she’s coming to speak.

      • Is et cetera an extra terrestrial Peter Cetera? 😉

    • Actually L5 has gotten multiple nights for quite awhile… You can have a maximum of 3 nights on the main stage during NQC…

  2. Really liked the National Anthem vid. Here’s an even better quality vid of him doing it at a basketball game:

    Still think he’s a quartet man, but he does have a strong voice! Favorite part would be “gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.” Very nice!

  3. Wait a minute, Liberty Quartet is still performing on main stage isn’t it? I couldn’t find Liberty on that list.

    • They’re listed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  4. Do the Browns have a slot? Maybe I just missed them.

  5. Loved Wes’s review of the Cats remembered concert. Wow, I don’t think I’d realized that Mark’s hair had gone *white*. That freaked me out a little bit…

  6. The Kingsmen taping was of new and old songs… They did two in one day… One is of songs from their most recent album (Missing People) and the other is of new songs…

    • I wished they had a live band again.