Gold City offers e-Tracks

Gold City recently announced (hat tip, MP) that they were offering their soundtracks as downloads from their website. Several groups (Kingdom Heirs, Greenes, Dove Brothers, etc.) have offered tracks from albums for download from their websites, and most Southern Gospel groups can be found on either iTunes or eMusic. But this is a new and encouraging move.

Currently, the only track available is “I Have Seen the Light,” from their most recent Christmas project. But they state that their plans include out-of-print and hard-to-find soundtracks: “So many have requested certain soundtracks that have long been out of production. Now you will be able to download many of these tracks from our store.

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  1. I’m hoping “Under Control” becomes available! Of course, there are so many titles I would love to have!

  2. I know they have a lot of their original “greatest hits” tracks on a cassette, maybe those will make it to download.

    I bought the original cassette (titled “Classics”) a couple years back. It actually includes the original tracks for “John Saw,” “Midnight Cry,” “I Think I’ll Read It Again,” and several others from the “glory days”). From what I understand, it was designed to accompany the “Classics” project, where the “new” GC (David Hill, Mark Trammell, Jay Parrack, and Tim) redid the “old” GC (Brian, Ivan, Mike) material. Essentially, they just replaced the vocals on the old tracks, and these are the tracks they used.

    I just hope they offer “complete album” packages for download. Otherwise, a 10-song album download will get rather expensive compared to it’s “hard copy” counterpart on CD….

  3. Thanks Gold City!

  4. Maybe they will post the soundtracks for the “Acapella Gold” (sic) CD as well.

  5. Gold City released cassette tapes containing the complete soundtracks to at least six of their projects.

    1. Pillars Of Faith
    2. Renewed
    3. Classics (did not include “When I Get Carried Away”)
    4. Standing In The Gap
    5. Preparing The Way
    6. What A Great Lifestyle

    And Bryce, several years ago, Daywind released a “Southern Gospel Acapella” project. It had classic songs performed by various artists (off the top of my head, Anthony Facello was featured on Daystar” and Jason Crabb was featured on “Midnight Cry”). You can purchase soundtracks to seven of the songs on the project from Daywind if you search their website for “a cappella”. So, you can purchase soundtracks to acapella songs.

  6. I have the Preparing the Way and Classics cassettes. “When I Get Carried Away” never had an official track for it, since it was originally from a live album.

  7. Bryce, I have a copy of the soundtrack to the “Acapella Gold” project I can sell you. It’s actually a blank Memorex tape but it’s the same thing.

  8. I want it WITH background vocals…..

  9. Hello,
    Back in the 1980’s, two songs stand out to me that meant so much. I may not have the title’s correct and I do not know who they were made popular by but I think the title’s were:
    His Touch (brought me back to the old rugged cross where His blood cleansed me from my sins. His touch brought me to the joy of living, and His touch brought me peace within.)
    Also: I believe (there is power in the blood of the lamb and I believe there is healing in the touch of His hands, but the greatest of all miracles was when He save me.)
    The last one: I’ve made it thank God I’ve made it ( my feet have touched the streets of gold.

    If you have information on any of these three songs or how I can locate them and possibly an accompiment music to sing by to any of these I really would be most appreciative.

    • Did anyone say they know where I can find the accompanient CD or tape to “His Touch brought me back to an old rugged cross? We use to have the tape and when we moved lost it. It’s my husbands favorite song that we use to sing in church.
      Thanks for any help.

    • Hello, I have been trying to find this song for so long. It has the lyrics “His touch brought me to the joy of living”, and I see that you’re saying the name of the song is “His Touch”. If there is any other info you have on that song, I would love to have it. I heard this song many years ago and would love to hear it again. Do you know who wrote it or anything that would help me find me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless!

    • I just heard for the first time (if you can believe it!) the song lyrics “I’ve made it, thank God I’ve made it! My feet have reached the streets of gold.” Since I got in on the last few stanzas, I missed the title and author. Did you ever receive a response to your question as to the name of the author? If so, would you share it with me? I have tried every combination I can think of on the web. Thanks

    • We have this accompaniment tape somewhere… A great and vital song!

  10. Also: I believe (there is power in the blood of the lamb and I believe there is healing in the touch of His hands, but the greatest of all miracles was when He save me.)

    Brian sang that with Gold City…. It is actually called “The Greatest of All Miracles” I am almost 100% positive he sang it TWICE on the album “Double Take Live” 1986ish???(I am at work unfortunately and cannot verify this 100%, but I am about 95% sure of my information) He sings it once, then tells the audience about getting saved THAT year, and getting a heart knowledge of Jesus, and not just a head knowledge. Then sings it again. I actually have the album at home, and know all the words of that song by heart… very beautiful song.

  11. Isn’t that one on Glimpse of Gold with BF&A as well? I’m just mentioning it because it’s more recent and probably more available now.

    • Hmmm… now that you say it…. probably. I have that one as well.


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