Cathedrals’ Farewell video posted online this week

Since most of the interesting features of are only available to paid members of the website, I must admit I don’t stop by that often. But I happened by today while looking for a CD cover image, and noticed that they they have a one-hour version of the Cathedrals’ Farewell concert video posted here. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] It is supposed to be up through next Monday. (Either this is publicly viewable or I happened upon a glitch in the website; I’ll update this post with developments if applicable.)

For anyone who has not yet had the chance to view this video, here is your chance to witness the Cathedrals shortly before they came off the road. There’s no question, they went out on top.

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  1. “There’s no question, they went out on top.”

    If you are talking of popularity, I agree.

    If you are talking vocally, there is definitely a question.

    • I have the Cathedral Farewell, in fact, I have 2 of them somehow. This is a priceless CD. You get to see the real last performance of Glen Payne(who died 2 months later of cirrhosis? 2 months later), almost the last performance of George Younce, and definitely Roger Bennet. We also see Legacy Five’s Scott Fowler, and Ernie Haas of Signature Sound. This is where these 2 got they’re start. And where Ernie meets Lisa Younce and the rest there is history. But you can’t get better Southern Gospel History than this. We have a group in KC, in fact, that’s patterned themselves after the Cathedrals. I think they’re called 4 His Love, or something like that. (Anyone who wants to book them, post it on here and I’ll get back with you. They are good!!!) They have appeared for our church group Prime Timers several times.
      Dottie Rambo CD is one of the other few “history CD’s” I call them. But you can’t miss with this one!!!! I guarantee that!

  2. Great Vocals. Great Popularity!

  3. I intentionally worded that so that both people who think like you and people who think like me could agree with the statement. 🙂

  4. LOL

    Daniel, you never fail to live up to your “positive daily commentary” subheader.

  5. I don’t know if I always succeed, but at least I try. 🙂

  6. I don’t see anything. Oh well….

  7. Agreeded, Brandon.

    • Aagh guys, suspend the cynicism and ctiticism for half an hour:-)

      If my house was burning and I had one DVD to lift [among other valuables!] – it would be The Cathedral’s Farewell.

      A generation’s worth of SGM wrapped up in two hours of George’s totally threadbare stories – all retold like new!!

      Glen, Roger, George – and half the front row all gone home to glory. Guy, Harold & the Statlers [priceless video editing],Joey [when the Oak’s looked sensible]…

      We wore out the Video and are well on the way to wearing out the DVD. Two copies and a box of EH&SS tissues are a minimum requirement.

      They went out at the top. Period. “Well, Glory!”

  8. Truly, an outstanding video.