Open Letter from Scott & Tessa Thomas

Scott & Tessa Thomas, until recently of Ricky Atkinson & Compassion, sent out this open letter last night:

It has been a joy and a pleasure to be able to travel the last seven months and sing on the Southern Gospel stages. So many people have commented on how glad they were to see Tessa and I together on stage. It was a joy to see people I (Scott) had not seen in so many years, and we were thankful that we caught up with a lot of past friends, including those in the industry as well as fans.

In December 2006, Ricky Atkinson asked us to help him in his ministry; however, we were reluctant to accept the positions due to our own ministry and family situation. Although we were a little disappointed and surprised when Ricky decided to make a change in his ministry this past November 2007, we totally feel it is God’s will. We have known Ricky, Loren Harris, and Greg Cook for many years, and we wish them well.

The main point we wanted to make clear is that our ministry continues and we have not stopped serving the Lord. Tess and I sing together in revivals, camp meetings, special Sundays, and even special singings. We are still recording, and we still just get around the piano and sing old-fashioned powerful Southern Gospel songs. Most of all, we see people get help from the Lord through our ministry. Also, the Lord called me to preach in 1986, and as long as I am healthy and alive, I will never stop preaching against sin and for the Savior. A ministry’s value should never be measured by numbers or publicity; God is able and capable of doing the measuring because he is keeping the records. We are simply honored to have been blessed with so many opportunities to serve God and encourage our fellow Christians. We are anxiously looking forward to another great year of ministry starting in January and cannot wait to see what God has planned for 2008!

We feel God is using us more than ever before, and we ask you to pray for us and stay in touch. If you or your pastor is interested in making use of our ministry, please contact us at 770 363-9649. Also, you can keep up with what we are doing at, and please call if you want to order any CDs.

Scott & Tessa Thomas

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  1. I have always enjoyed Scott’s singing (from Tony Gore & Majesty in the late ’90’s) and I heard him and his wife with Ricky a couple of times. I did not really feel that Ricky fit well with them, but they will definitely be missed. They are wonderful people and fantastic singers! I’m glad they are still going to have a ministry. God has truly blessed them with an humble spirit, touch of God, and great talent!