Robbie Hiner and Nick Bruno leave Song Garden

Robbie Hiner and Nick Bruno have left the label they co-founded, Song Garden. Song Garden has sold its recording studio and has moved its non-creative departments to Chesapeake, Virginia.

Dale, Lynn and Marilyn Keefer, Mennonite siblings who were formerly limited-executive partners, will step into active management of the label. David Staton, lead singer for the Mike LeFevre Quartet, will continue to handle radio promotions and will also assume other responsibilities. Nick Bruno and Robbie Hiner have left the label, Nick to his own company (“Nick Bruno Productions”) and Robbie Hiner “to pursue other interests.”

I have enjoyed the projects Song Garden released while Nick and Robbie were with them. I’m sorry to see them go, but wish the new management the best.

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  1. Why was Robbie Hiner not on the stage at Jerry Falwell’s funeral earliert this year. I emailed the church, Thomas Road Baptist, and was told he “was in the audience.” Does anyone know?